Not Knitting

The claw is much, much better. I never really thought of crochet as a healing force, but it seems to have done the trick. Since knitting is my natural resting state, I keep finding myself trying to sneak a little in. (“C’mon, just a little…I’ll just cast on a sock, no?, ok dude…not four needles, just two man, just two.) I’ll post a picture of the Jessica Simpson thing later…it’s almost done. It has this enormous butt-ugly fringe that I’ve still got to put on, the one that Aubergine (of the comments) thinks looks like pasta.
Things I have done to avoid knitting.
1. Bugged Joe. Followed him around the house trying to get him to do stuff. Laundry, shopping, add a third floor to the house.
2. Bugged the children. Followed them around the house trying to get them to do stuff. Clean their rooms, put away laundry, I tried to get Sam to play scrabble with me, but she wouldn’t. I admit that I can be a little competitive, but it’s good for people to be challenged. If I’m a better speller than a 10 year old then maybe she needs to work harder.
3. Drank coffee. You don’t want to know how much.
4. Planned knitting. Joe spent a month on tour in China and brought me back this.
30 balls of fingering weight wool. Or I believe it’s wool. It says 100% on the front of the label, but on the side, something is 10%. Is there anybody out there who this label means anything too?
It’s very pretty wool, I think the cream should be a baby layette from a vintage pattern I have upstairs, the green should be a shawl…I’m taking suggestions…. and the blue? The blue looks self-striping doesn’t it? That’s what I thought. That would be a lot of socks, but what else could you do with 10 balls of striping yarn?
Finally, Bonita asks if crochet is really that bad.’s not that crochet is “bad”. It is that it has the potential to be used for great evil. If you don’t believe me, just think about barbies in big debutante skirts for hiding the toilet paper. (If anyone who happens to be reading this happens to have a barbie in a debutante crochet skirt hiding your very own toilet paper right now…I’m sure that you possess the only elegant one ever created.)