Day 3

Things are not good here. You would think they were, the children have been busily occupied, reading, sewing, knitting and spinning. I’ve been pleasantly surprised. I’ve even thought that I might survive March Break without becoming a gibbering idiot. Yesterday it got bitter cold out, the snow started, Joe came home late from work so I couldn’t go to spinning and be freed from my prison for the first time in days …and I really felt like it was the beginning of the end. Much to my surprise, the little lovie girls sat quietly with scissors and needles and thread, peacefully working.
This morning, I found what they were making.
Do you see what these are? Do you? These are freakin’ voodoo dolls and I think one of them looks like me. Somebody has to come get me out of here. All this time they are sewing and smiling at me and they even cleaned their rooms….lulling me into a false sense of security…all the while making voodoo dolls. There are five days left. Keep me in your thoughts.
In other news…
Does anybody recognize this yarn?
I think it’s lovely, it’s a garage sale find and has no labels. I’m virtually certain that it’s 100% wool…anybody have any idea about a brand name? I’m wondering if there is enough of it to make this. Not for me (how stupid would that look with a pair of yoga pants and a tee-shirt from 1987) but for my uber-hip hair lady. I knit, she cuts and styles. The barter system at it’s best. I’ve got to knit something for her soon or I won’t be able to take this hair out in public.
Happy St. Patrick’s day!