Really? Walls?

Well, it would seem that I was right about the universe seeking balance again. Why would I be surprised about that? I had such a honking good time reading all your comments yesterday (though, seriously…Who would have thought that there were so many of you that want a lowly little thrummed mitten kit? Stunning) that late last night the universe decided to exact a little “balance”. See the mitten?


Looks good eh? LIES. This photo is, as Hank would say, a “Lying, liar, bad guy”. I could pretend that it was fine. The picture would let me get away with it, but the guilt of misleading a bunch of fine knitters who think me an honest and honourable knitter would eat me alive. I have started the decreases for the pointy mitten top, placing them with great enthusiasm, commitment and finesse. It would appear that there are two decreases, separated by a stripe of elegant green running up each side of the mitten. That would be the lie.

I have somehow placed all of the decreases in the wrong spot.(s) All four of the slinky little devils are on the BACK of the mitten. The worst part is how long I continued to knit them up the wrong spots, knowing deep in my heart that they were in the wrong spots. I just kept going. I couldn’t help myself. My desire to avoid frogging this mitten top was so strong that I couldn’t let myself see the truth. Today? Buh-bye.

Almost making up for the crushing mitten defeat balance?


I have a roof and a door. I also have my brother Ian and his buddy Rich who are here with tools, attitude and promises of something mystic they call “walls”. The current effort appears to consist of standing around looking macho and using phrases like “hammer drill” “2X4 framing” and some sort of incredible thing called a “vapour barrier”. This “vapour barrier” is being afforded the highest possible regard, since I hear tell of it stopping the back room from having it’s own weather forecast. My attractive, clean, handy brother Ian is posing here with the alleged location of the “walls” and


His wedding ring. Sorry ladies.

Gifts for Knitters: Day 2

Yarn. I know, my friendly little non-knitter. I hear you. You are telling me that your esteemed knitter already has yarn. You are thinking about getting them an appliance instead. There are a few myths you need to let go of.

1. My Knitter already has a lot of yarn. Untrue. I don’t know how much yarn your knitter has. I don’t need to know. They can use more.

2. My Knitter wouldn’t want more yarn because they have “too much”. I don’t know who told you this…perhaps your knitter has said that they had “too much” yarn. They were lying. Sometimes we knitters say things like that to make you think that we are aware and sympathetic to your perception that there is “too much” yarn. Your knitters does not really believe that they have “too much” yarn. They may not have enough time to knit….but they do not have “too much” yarn. There is no such thing as too much yarn.

3. I’m afraid that I will get my knitter bad yarn.

I can’t even respond to that.