Got a superpower?

I am seriously excited. I’m just having the best time these last few days. (You know how that ends, don’t you? I’ve said it out loud and now there will be a plague of locusts in the basement by 3:30 this afternoon. ) Reasons why?

In my wildest dreams I had never imagined that you would all be so nice about the bookbookbook. The whole time I was writing it I kept imagining that there would be mocking and laughter and important people would tell me to go back to knitting and blogging and making muffins. I can’t tell you how happy I am that you are all either really genuinely pleased about the book or possess the kindness to lie to me. Either way, you’re all sweet as pie. If I was the type to blow air kisses, I would.

It is snowing. It is level three snow, though it may be level 4 by the end of the day. Level three snow not only stays on the ground, but requires the use of tools to manage it. I am looking for the shovel. (How do you misplace a snow shovel? Seriously, I mean how many places could it be? Shovels are huge, it’s not like it could be stashed in the back of a drawer somewhere.) Level three snow also makes you feel less stupid about hauling a tree into your house, which is something I’m thinking about doing later. (Thus beginnith “The Tree Thing” between Joe and I. It’s already started. Yesterday when we were at Rona Joe suggested that we look at the trees. I glanced at them and knew all I need to know. They only had like….40 trees. That’s really not enough of a tree pool to choose from. Joe rolled his eyes. It starts with eye rolling. )

I finished the first Latvian Mitten.


You know, the one that I innocently posted a picture of without realizing that there was a HUGE HONKING MISTAKE in the pattern? Yeah. That one. I had even yanked back the “are you smokin reefer while you’re knitting” style decreases and corrected them when the first of the comments gingerly pointing out the HUGE HONKING MISTAKE started to roll in. Once I got over having my soul crushed, I decided to fix it. Since I had already hit my daily quota for how many little tiny Latvian stitches I can frog without feeling nausea and rage, I decided to take a different approach. I would ladder down each stitch to the error, correct each one with a crochet hook and….well. That was the whole plan.

This is what I looked like while executing the plan.


Nobody said it didn’t take a little “focus”. How I look brings me to…

I labour under the delusion that I have Sarah Jessica Parkers hair, and that I just need to find the right hairdresser to release it. (I also need to accept that Sarah Jessica Parker probably spends more than $20 on a haircut and $1.29 on shampoo as well as having a personal stylist hanging around..but it’s my delusion and I’ll do it my way.) The last time I went to get a haircut I went to the little old Greek lady around the corner. I said ” I want Sarah Jessica Parker hair”. The lady said “Who?”

“Sarah Jessica Parker” I insist…”she’s from Sex in the City.”

“WHAT!” the little old lady says….The sex thing might have put her over the edge. I sputter for a while and try to explain that I’m really not watching porn or anything and that it’s a good show, and really not as morally corrupt as it sounds and besides that I’m really just talking about the hair and….She interrupts me, waving my words away.

“You sit down” she says. “I make it nice.”

Needless to say, while my hair was “nice” (see above) it wasn’t Sarah Jessica Parker hair.

Saturday I went to an actual Salon. I noticed several things.

-the stylist didn’t try to give me bridesmaid hair.

-she pretended to think that I was in my 20’s (bless her little heart)

-she washed my hair with some shampoo that didn’t smell like watermelon (ours does)

-when I said I wanted SJP hair…she said, “Oh yeah.”

I love it. I bought mousse. When a hairstyle drives me to purchase product you know it’s good. I’d show you…but I didn’t put the mousse in yet. (Do you think it matters that the mousse was $1.29?)

I knit a pair of clogs as Latvian mitten antidote. It took me 4 hours. Seriously, 4 hours. Who can do that? I mean, admittedly it’s big needles and doubled yarn and I’ve knit the pattern a hundred times and I didn’t sew them up yet, but 4 hours? That shocked even me.


It may be that my superpower is clog knitting. I was really hoping for something like flying, creating peace or growing massive foodcrops to relieve world hunger (oh wait! invisibility would be good too) …but no. Clogs. This is almost as surprising as discovering that the most useful thing I learned in University was how to make a really killer Caesar.


Ken is in the process of using some sort of technical computer thing to randomly generate a name. The winner of the thrum kit will be notified by email later today, and I’ll post the winner tomorrow, when I will also try to work up the nerve to put up the 100 things list.

Gifts for knitters: Day 6

Get your favourite knitter some cool Knitty stuff. Loving this hoodie.

Wanting you to think very seriously about your knitter before buying this. Be careful.