Out with the old

I’m alone in the house. I haven’t been alone in the house for about 2 weeks now, and I’m grateful beyond all measure for a few moments of peace. The last few days I’ve had a house-full…which is good for happiness and family unity…but poor for blogging. The tail end of the year upon me, I’m ready for a rest. The last couple of days have run along this theme.


Big parties, big fun, all the time. Wayne and Garth would be proud. The Harlot family and it’s associates are a dancing kind of family. Really, unless you are a dancing kind of family, what this does to festive gatherings is difficult to explain. The expression of joy and togetherness through movement and rock classics is a McPhee family tradition, and it wouldn’t be Christmas without it. It turns out that there are two kinds of visitors to the McPhee clan… those who immediately understand this


and those who think that maybe we’re a little off. One guest was heard to remark this year, as a member of the Clan sailed past them, that they wondered if the family didn’t suffer from “a pathologic level of happiness”.


Personally, I think they are happy because of the knitted presents. See what my Mum got?


A Sophie bag, with beautiful glass bead handles made to match by the talented Kim.

Erin got this one…


The handles Kim made for me are so beautiful that I had trouble giving them away. She chose the loveliest beads to match the yarn. I’m thinking about making a thousand more purses just so I can see what beads Kim sends.


and Tupp? Tupper was this years knitting victim, receiving only a single mitten.


He took it well, even working out a solution in short order.


I’m working on the second one.


The very idea that when this mitten is done I’ll be able to embark on some sort of new knitting adventure that has no festive deadline is so exciting. I believe (however delusionally) that Monday I’ll be done Tupper’s mitten. What should I knit next? The world of possibility overwhelms me. (Seriously, if you have an idea, toss it in the comments. More mittens? Lace? Lace mittens?)

Happy New Year all. I’m going tobogganing by moonlight…