Eye of the Storm

It is very quiet in the house. Too quiet. If you were here, it would totally flip you out.

I know better than to think that this is the relaxing end to the holidays. No, no…we are in the exact centre. The quiet lull in the eye of the storm. The one where everyone thinks that the hurricane has gone over their house so they come out of the basement and WHAMMO. The other half of the storm whacks them. Except me, I’m staying in the basement, I’m not getting tricked this year. Besides, I’m still knitting.

I need this…


To be a pair of mittens by tomorrow when the second wave of Holiday merriment will sweep over us in a bewildering daze of relatives, presents and rich food. Two more gatherings to go. Then a dinner party, then new years. All that and a mitten by tomorrow. Yeah. I know. It’ll be a miracle. All this deadline knitting has me a little defeated. I’m completely fixated on the fact that when I finish these mittens I am released. I can knit whatever I want. I wonder how I’ll feel when I discover that what I really want to do is cast on a pair of mittens?

Since I really can’t come out of the basement, I’ll give you highlights.


Hank thought his mittens were exactly spiderman mittens. (You will note that his is also wearing spiderman slippers. He is smiling, which was not the case when he discovered that you cannot wear your spiderman slippers when you want to put on your spiderman roller skates.)

Speaking of slippers…


Superbrother Ian and his charming wife Ali have warm feet. (And a new spraying watering can. Yes, Ian is going to squirt Ali with it.)

The girls gave me fleece artist roving and a brilliant little Elegant Knitter gauge.


This one goes to 1.25mm, and none of my others do. (Remember Spinal Tap? “This one goes to eleven….”)

I gave Ken his Pablo Neruda Poem socks…


These are based on the poem “An Ode to my Socks”

and the writing on the socks reads, (In spanish)

beauty is beauty

twice over

and good things are doubly


when you’re talking about a pair of wool


in the dead of winter.

The top of the feet indicate the right and left feet (in spanish) so that Ken will always put the poem on in order.

I know…I know. What could a friend do to deserve these socks? My present from Ken was this.


Ken really, really deserves the socks.