Too busy to blog

Hello this is Megan, Yarn Harlot’s lovely middle child. My Mum is to busy to blog. I know what all of you knitters are thinking, TOO BUSY TO BLOG! Yes well it is true, my mother can’t blog today so it’s up to me to save the day. It is five days until Christmas and every one is busy. I am knitting a scarf but I have a long way to go, I wish I was working on my blue shawl instead. Sammy is knitting a facecloth. Amanda is not knitting this year, she says she may have a temporary wool allergy. I think she is not making a big effort. Mummy is mopping the basement, cleaning like a frantic lunatic, knitting and baking. I have to do todays Gifts For Knitters. My mother tells me I have to do four gifts for knitters because she is behind, I think she is a slacker. I must talk about the basement first, its been flooded, a pipe broke or something I don’t know what happened so I am guessing. Mr.Washie is ok (Mum said you would all be very worried about him.) he lived through this experience. The basement, however, I don’t know if it’s going to survive. It’s very, very wet, along with our neighbours basement. Joe spent the morning vacuuming up all the water and I spent the morning with my sisters trying to find food. We asked mom for some food while she was mopping and she said, get this, “Do I look like I have food down here?” I think Mum might be a little pissed.

Now for gifts for knitters, since I am a kid young adult I think that all the presents for knitters should not just be for adults so here I have four presents for kids or young adult knitters so here it is.

Day 18: We have a knitting needle making kit. (Denny made these ones, but we have made lots)


All you need is some doweling and some beads and some wood glue and then you have a kit. It’s easy to make and its really fun. You cut the dowelling, glue the bead on the end, sharpen the point in a pencil sharpener, sand it smooth and rub it with wax paper to make it slidey. I think that they are cool, but this isn’t all about me. Most young knitters would love this.

Day 19. I think that the best thing you can get a young adult from ages 13 to what ever is a cell phone.


I know it has nothing to do with knitting but I got a phone and it is so totally awesome, I love it so much. Mum hates them. Don’t buy her a cell phone, she would trade it for wool.

Day 20: Well my little sister Samantha has come to help with the blog she says that the best gift for some one of any age is a Gameboy Advance SP.


Yes, yes… I know. Once again, nothing to do with knitting but the thing is so totally rad!

Day 21: Well I have gone back to stuff for knitting. What I have chosen for today is a little knitting ornament. They are fun to make and they are really really cute and I love them. All you need to make them is just tooth picks and some cute beads and just a little bit of wool. A knitter would like to get them I think.


Well that’s all I will talk about today, tomorrow my mom will go on and on and not me. I hope you liked my blog I thought it was great and well, that’s all.

Merry Holidays.