So close, and yet so far…

I am boring the living daylights out of myself with the shawatch.
Now that I have mere inches to go, my Harlot nature is showing. It’s always like this. I like a challenge, and the minute that my knitting nature works out that I’ve won, my interest wanes and I’m starting to think about other yarns. I’m trying to stay focussed on the shawatch, I really am, but now that it’s not playing hard to get …
I’m trying not to repeat history. I love the shawatch, and hours have been spent coercing it. I’ve built our alliance with hard work, determination and gentle entreaties. I’ve adored the fine nature of her fibres, the delicate halo of the yarn. How best to coax it into a delicate shawl, what border? How to attach it? Do I honour her with I-cord? I’ve given her all of the offerings a knitter can give a yarn, just to glean her favour and persuade her to be the best darn shawl shawatch she can be. Finally, after so many hours together, so much graph paper, so many memories….the shawatch has finally relented and loves me as much as I love her. The moment that I realized that she was mine, that she would resist me no longer, that all I needed was to knit to her gracefully (already designed) corner and we could be together forever…
Forgive me.

12 thoughts on “So close, and yet so far…

  1. You can do it! Like I am, um, doing (not) with my dad’s sweater. Hmm. Maybe something like a knitters’ pact is needed — I’ll finish mine if you’ll finish yours!

  2. Sometimes in a relationship you need to back off and give each other breathing room. See others, so you can be sure the magic is real. After awhile, you can get together for some special quality time, get into unresolved issues, finish off loose threads of talk…..
    That’s what I tell myself anyway.
    Love the colour of your new love interest.
    Barb Brown

  3. You’re not a harlot.
    You’re a Gemini. (Aren’t you?)
    And, btw, that triple mohair shawl is high on my own list of lust-inspiring projects.

  4. You may be boring yourself with Shawatch, but I, for one, am thoroughly enjoying its creation! It’s so lovely. And your upcoming project looks like another winner. Myself — anything involving yarnovers and I run the risk of strangling myself. I am a Vicarious Lace Admirer.

  5. I want to be able to knit like you. Gorgeous stuff. And I’m sure the shawatch will forgive you for your shenanigans with the mohair. After all, you’re only living up to your maximum potential harlotry!

  6. To maul a famous quote:
    “Fickle, thy name is woman.”
    Glad to hear that being a Gemini is an excuse!

  7. But the shawatch is ALMOST DONE… and that mohair looked like no mere flirtation… there were MULTIPLE ROWS there… I suffer from the same problem, starting umpteen new projects instead of finishing the ones I’m working on. But I think I’ve finally learned to rein it in a bit… at least I *finished* the Muppet Scarf before returning to the baby sweater… *lol*

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