Little Pieces

Tuesdays are for spinning on this blog, and though I totally screw that up on a regular basis, I actually have a little product to show for yesterday.


This is a batt from the Sanguine Gryphon in beautiful reds and orange, with gold and sparkles. (It’s not nearly as violently coloured as the photo would lead you to believe.)


It spun up like butter, and although I’m usually anti-sparkle, the amount of glitz in this batt was charming rather than overwhelming, and the resulting yarn has become a skein that I may be able to use as a bribe to get one or two loads of laundry out of a sparkle loving teen or two. (I may hold it back until I see the action.)


The only bad thing about this wee skein is that it is a wee skein, (and that it’s rather underspun) not even enough for a pair of mittens, though it would make a pretty border on a hat or something. I’ve got to start spinning larger quantities of stuff, or find a better use for these wee ones. Their role as decorative skeins is charming, but sort of pointless.

Even though I’ve created another wee skein of pointlessness to kick around, it was good practice, since I’ve decided to take part in Katherine’s clever Tour de Fleece this year. By now some of you know that I’m for sure not doing the Knitting Olympics this year. The Knitting Olympics will remain a winter Olympic sport played every four years just like other sports in the Olympics. (I know this disappoints some of you, but keep in mind that things are more special if you don’t get them to often, and that waiting is more than half of the fun.) In addition, I’m not so keen on taking part in an Olympics hosted by China within the context of their current human rights issues. I know there’s a theory out there that when you boycott the Olympics the only people who suffer are the athletes, but knitters aren’t really real athletes in the Olympics and none of us will have a crushed career if we don’t compete this year (especially since it’s only been two years.) If the politics of it don’t bother you and you want to compete this year, can I suggest that you do what real athletes do if they want to compete in the Olympics every two years?

Get another sport. I’ve long suggested that the summer Olympics are the perfect time for the Crochet Olympics, and that having them separate would mean that people who don’t knit at all get something good too, instead of standing in the shadow of another craft, and besides it’s double fun and another opportunity for those of you who are bi-craftual, or would like to be.

Me? I don’t crochet (or I do, I mean, I know how, but don’t care for it and am rather terrible at it) and I’ve sort of got that little Tibet thing that’s bugging me, but your abilities and politics (or maybe your ability to understand that Tibet and fun with crochet are actually unrelated may be greater than mine) and this idea might be just your cup of tea.

Me? Tour de Fleece. I’m all over it. Now I just need to think of what my challenge will be.