Mystery object

I posted a picture yesterday of a wee obsession, and most of you guessed it, and some of you were rightly hesitant to make a guess, especially since I am fickle as the wind and just about as consistent.

Carol observed:

It’s the Baby Mine sweater! Gotta be.


She’s totally right. Two points to anyone who remembered that while I’m spinning up more and more things and fussing about twists per inch, Megan of Lettuce Knit is getting bigger and closer by the minute. (I’m remembering to add “from Lettuce Knit”, since someone said they were thinking it was my Megan my SIXTEEN YEAR OLD DAUGHTER who was about to have a baby and even the suggestion of that gave me palpitations and may have ruptured something in my brain. Lucky for us Joe talked me into that chastity belt for daytimes and the cage at night, so I don’t have to worry.) it was starting to feel reckless to not knit this little gift.

Jennie says:

It looks like the cuff from Lenore to me (but maybe I’m just seeing things now I’m so far behind with the Rockin Sock Club?)

Nope Jennie, you’re bang on the money. (Very observant knitter there.) Months and months ago I designed a sock for the Rockin’ Sock Club. It was a gothic sort of sock called “Lenore” (because it was in a Raven colourway – get it?) and from the moment I charted this little bit of business I knew it would make a perfect sweater pattern as well. I’ve been thinking about it ever since. The pattern for the sock isn’t widely available yet, but if you’re in the sock club, this probably did ring some bells for you. I can’t wait to show you (and sort of me) what this looks like as a baby sweater. I’m pretty seriously psyched up for it. If I didn’t have to eat, sleep, parent, talk to Joe and work for a living, this would be done. Maybe also a bonnet. With a cream coloured satin ribbon. Not that I’m thinking about it much.

CTJen enquires:

Is that the lovely soft pink STR you had especially dyed for your friend who’s oven timer is about to go off? Lovely. I would be obsessed, too.


Good call. This is Quilla, one of the two colours that I had Tina at Blue Moon invent in honour of Megan’s new baby. (The other one was Nyame.) I’ve had lots of people ask if these are just skeins in that Tina dyed for me or if they are going to be made available to knitterdom at large, and if you follow those links by clicking on the names you can see that they’re already available. I’m making the sweaters out of STR mediumweight, but the colours are available in all her yarns. (I think. Mostly. A lot for sure.)

Kit says:

Ah yes, sometimes I get like that too. We’ll send in reinforcements to make sure you get your hydration. Would you like an IV?

Yes. Thanks for understanding. (Also, if there exists out there a human who feels the same way about mopping a kitchen floor, doing the laundry or figuring out where the (*&^%!!! the ants in the kitchen are coming from as I do about this sweater, feel free to drop by.)

Fiona says:

You obsessed???- I can hardly believe it!!!

Yeah. I know. Came outta nowhere. Oddest thing. Whoosh.

Minnie says:

funny, that doesn’t look like a spinning wheel! 1500 gms indeed!



I’m spinning too! Yeah. Ok. I’m a little behind. I can catch up. I swear it. Just give me the weekend. I’ll have a sweater and a bunch of yarn spun up. And a clean house. And no email in my inbox. And I’m making dinner.


(Ok. Just bring me over some beer will ya? We’re still out, and it’s starting to effect my coping strategies.)