In which I drink coffee alone

Every year my mum takes the girls up to the cottage for a while, and that leaves Joe and I here alone. As you can imagine, Joe and I are often terrifically lonely during this time and must turn to each other for comfort… why just last night we had to go out to dinner to celebrate cope with our grief. After all, what was the point of cooking just for the two of us? None. Similarly, A glass of wine did much to take the edge off of the emptiness in our home, and eventually (after watching a really good movie with subtitles that nobody complained about) we just went to bed early. There was no point in staying up without the children.

There are four more days of this kind of emptiness stretching out in front of me, and I can’t hardly think what I’m going to do with myself if the children are not here to trash the house, filthy all clothing, smear cosmetics all over the bathroom and then sweep through the kitchen with their friends laying waste to all produce in their paths like mighty unremitting locusts. Why, just 10 minutes ago I saw a telephone lying fallow. It’s battery wasn’t even dead.

We’re only one day into the five-day child free abyss, and already I have finished the reknit on Flow and tried it on to see if it fits (it does)


and now it’s blocking. (I’ll get Rachel to take some pictures later.) With that done, I am so lonely that I have been forced to cast on a new sweater just to feel better and less bereft.



I hope it helps… because I really feel like without my darling girls, I can’t hardly fill my idle hours. I have no purp…….

Oh, sorry. Gotta go. Meeting a friend for lunch. Then I’ve got yoga…then beer on a patio, then maybe I’ll talk on the house phone for a while without wrestling a teenager to the ground for it.

I miss them so much.