All safe and one more

Megan’s baby has safely arrived as of this evening. 9lbs, 14oz of some kind of human gorgeousness.

She tells me I’ll have to come over tomorrow and change a diaper to find out more.

Suddenly…. I don’t care what sort of baby it is. It’s just so wonderful.

Breathe. Tonight we are one more.

Theory of Relativity

Major action yesterday. Just when I had admitted defeat, things got all efficient and whammo, I may (possibly, maybe, don’t count on it) be back in the game. I finished spinning and then plied all the singles from the latest Spinderella batt and no sooner than you can say “put ice on a spinners limp” (thanks for the tip, by the way, it actually really, really helped, along with elevation) I had turned this:


Into this…


Into 120g of wool/stuff “thrums” from Spinderella, about 150m, chain plied 3 ply.



Not only that, but because I had a good chunk of that spun up before the limp hit, the day was still young. Inspired (and watching Stargate Atlantis) I decided to at least make a start on the next day’s spinning, and I pulled out my last Spinderella batt, one called “Midnight Light”. These are very fast and fun to spin, since all the little bits in it make it impossible to spin an even single. Since perfection is off the table, I don’t fuss and they happen pretty quickly, especially compared to the wool/silk I was spinning before this.


Into this.


115 of the “Midnight Light” Spinderella thrums, again, chain plied to about 150m.

Now, 115 + 120 = 235, which is way, way more than the 132g minimum I needed yesterday. Yesterday’s spinning brings the Tour tally to 1205 so far, with 295g left to go…. and three days to do it.

That – my friends, means that I need only 98g a day to nail this thing and I’m totally overwhelmed by hope. I think I might make it. I really do. Only 98g – and every gram more than that I spin today means I have even less to spin tomorrow, which is really good because I do have a life and responsibilities and things I should be doing, but I really feel like the stars are aligning. Take today for instance. Today was a day that I was supposed to be doing mountains of laundry to get caught up and ready for next weeks activities, and lo and behold, 10 minutes after I made a pot of coffee…. the guys working on the road at the corner turned off my water for the day.

That’s a sign. There’s little to no housework I can do without water, so I may as well spin. It’s destiny. I would be doing laundry, if only the water was on, which it’s not, so there’s no shame in spending the afternoon at the wheel. I’m going to start with this:


A Brushstrokes batt from Indigo Moon Farm. (Are they closed or gone? I couldn’t dig up their website.) This is A Lot of 50% alpaca, 25% merino and 25% silk, and I have no idea how I’m going to handle it.


By the way? It just occurred to me that once again, setting myself a crazy goal has changed my idea of what I’m capable of. At the beginning of the Tour I thought that 65g a day was going to be a very seriously big deal, and now here I am totally and completely thrilled about a goal of 98g per day and the only thing that changed was that I spent all day yesterday knowing that I had to do 132. Crazy.