All safe and one more

Megan’s baby has safely arrived as of this evening. 9lbs, 14oz of some kind of human gorgeousness.

She tells me I’ll have to come over tomorrow and change a diaper to find out more.

Suddenly…. I don’t care what sort of baby it is. It’s just so wonderful.

Breathe. Tonight we are one more.

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  1. Whew! Good on her! She did look like she was ready to be carrying that precious on the OUTSIDE, and now it’s quite clear why.
    Congrats to mama and baby!

  2. So which sweater will she use first??? Pink or blue? A new baby. Life doesn’t get any better than that!

  3. Welcome to the world, wee one! It’s a crazy and wild life out here, but you’re with good people. People with lots of fleecy persuits. All the better to stay warm with.

  4. Ahhhh….. congrats to Mom. A good day to be born-and my birthday, too! Welcome to the world, little (!) one.

  5. That is wonderful!!! They always come in their own time. Congrats to Megan (not your daughter)!

  6. 9 pounds 14 ounces?! For her sake, I am sincerely hoping that you Canadians have a different system for measuring weights of which I have heretofor been unaware. Dear lord.

  7. Just make sure you’re the one who gives the baby the knitting needles to hold in its hands.
    Coongrats, and I hope the hospital didn’t run out of the pain relief of Megan’s choice.

  8. I had a really wonderful dream this morning that I was holding her baby against my chest and smelling the top of its head. I just knew it was going to be today. Thanks for the update.

  9. Congratulations to Megan-that’s-not-your-daughter! Best of luck to the new momma! I’m sure she’ll be just fine, especially since she’s surrounded by knitters. ^_^

  10. Although technically I guess it’s tomorrow. Um. You know what I mean. But I woke up dreaming about the baby and am now going to sleep, so it’s my same day—and probably Megan’s, too!
    Yay baby. ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Yay! Go snuggle that baby! Take lots of pictures for us if Megan doesn’t mind. And smell the top of its head.
    (Has recently discovered the delightful smell of newborn babies and can’t get enough. It’s like crack.)

  12. Welcome to the world little one! I hope you like wool….you are destined to be swaddled in it in no time once the weather changes ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Hurrah! Congratulations to Megan!
    I’ll have to disagree with your arithmetic: we’re two more since my best friend’s sister-in-law produced a lovely little girl last night via emergency c-section. Knitting for this little girl may now commence (family history of pre-eclampsia).

  14. Wow that’s a big baby – our first was 1040 grams – what a different start in life. Go for it.
    By my reckoning that is 4,427 grams, OMG that is BIG.

  15. Congratulations to both you and Megan! The obvious reason for Megan, and for you because now you have a new baby to knit for, snuggle,just enjoy and love! How cool is that. Happy baby spoiling!

  16. Hmmm… if she didn’t want to tell you, does that mean you were right & its a girl?

  17. there is no greater beauty joy or miracle than an infant. would that we could all look at each other and see our own infant selves and all our original and inate perfection. love and blessings to the new one.

  18. Many congratulations to the new mama, and welcome to the world’s newest miracle. Aren’t they wonderful?

  19. It may happen a milliion times a day all over the world, but every new life is an absolute miracle, don’t you think? Blessings & best wishes to Megan and her family!

  20. Congratulations, Meagan! And my, what a big baby you had! Mine was 9#2oz (4.1 kg) and I think any more than that would have broken me in two. What ever sort of baby it is, s/he will be loved. I send kisses to baby from afar!

  21. Wow, no wonder it took so long to arrive-it was learning to walk first! That’s a big healthy baby.
    You neglected to mention boy or girl and 1st name only.
    Hope those sweaters weren’t a tiny size!

  22. Mazol Tov! Hope baby and mother are doing well. Can’t wait to find out which sweater the little one will be wearing.

  23. Congratulations to Megan, and congratulations to your knitting community for it’s beautiful new member. What a wonderful blessing for all of you. Make sure momma and her/him know we all send our love and blessings to them.

  24. just think little one
    the world of knitters
    have been waiting for
    you to be born welcome

  25. I forgot to mention, If you get a chance one day (HA!) go back through your photos of your spinning. It is incredible how far you have advanced in your technique since this blog has begun. That in itself should get you the yellow jersey. It’s just lovely.

  26. Welcome, little Megan-let!
    That size, I’m betting the blue sweater. I can’t remember — is this Megan’s first? If so, definitely I’m thinking you’ll find convex parts at that diaper change!

  27. Welcome and blessings little one. Goddess enfold you, Goddess protect you, Goddess Bless the woman who bore you.

  28. Congrats to All!! Can’t to hear what she had. A new life is something beyonds words-a tiny, perfect wonder.

  29. Congratulations to Megan and her family! I may not know all that much about babies, but I know enough to know that dang, that’s a big one! ๐Ÿ™‚

  30. If it’s a “Baby hers”, you’ll understand the joy of boys. Just make sure to make that quick diaper switch, if you know what I mean.
    Congrats to Megan for a tough job well done & welcome to the great wide open, lil lamb!

  31. Yay Megan! Welcome to Motherhood and to the “Nine Pounders Club”. I’ll keep you and your new family in my thoughts, and my best wishes.

  32. New babe in the world makes my fingers itch. You know, the kind of itch that only a pair of kneedles and some fingering baby weight will cure.
    No babies due in my family currently. My younger brother however, is getting married August 29th, to his long time lady….Maybe they will take tying the knot to the next phase now…tee hee.
    Congrats to Megan and the new wee one. Go change that diaper!

  33. You won’t have to change a diaper. Just check what sweater he/she’s wearing.
    That’s a big baby. No wonder Mommy looked like she was carrying twins. Many congratulations.

  34. tell her congrat’s, though I was hoping she would make one more day. My daughter was born July 26, 1974. She is in for a treat, those Leo’s keep you jumping.

  35. My baby was 9lb 13.5 oz! Those big babies are easy to take care of….maybe a little difficult to squeeze out ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Cheers to all!

  36. Congrats to both of you!
    And I love that Megan is keeping you guessing all the way to the diaper! ๐Ÿ™‚

  37. Yay! Congratulations to Megan and welcome to the world, little one. Already the wee one is fortunate to be surrounded by much love.

  38. What wonderful news!! I’ve been thinking about her and the babe. Please pass along congratulations from Utah!

  39. Wonerful wonerful, Welcome to the land of the knitters little one. Congratualations Meagan and all the best to you. Thank you for letting us know Stephanie

  40. Congratulations to Megan and family & extended family. New babies are so miraculous and wonderful!

  41. Welcome new baby! You have your own personal IBCLC to help you learn to eat, and she knits. Life is awesome!

  42. “Breathe” – YES! I gave birth to a 10 lb baby once and I was so very glad to be able to breathe again afterwords. Many blessings on mother and baby! May you all have a long and happy life together.

  43. Congratulations to Megan! Welcome to the world little one. =) Best wishes to them!

  44. 9 pounds 14 ounces? Holy Moly! As the mother of a 9 pound 4 ounce baby, I bow in her general direction! Congratulations Megan and I hope you enjoy your Baby!

  45. welcome to the world little one – I’m so glad you had a safe trip!
    (thanks for sharing the news!)

  46. Happy mama hugs to Meghan and babe!
    Now, as an aside, I will kindly stop complaining about Thing 2 – who was a whopping 9 lbs. 2 ozs. and, due to a slight turn of his head – was an exciting 32 hour home birth. 9 lbs. 14 ozs, girls, ain’t no small feat!
    All bow to Meghan…..may she be rested and knitting happily with lots of baby hugs and kisses!

  47. WTG Megan!! and Congrats on the baby
    Now dear Harlot the first thing posted on Monday (if not sooner Hint Hint) should be a pic of the wee one wearing whichever sweater is appropriate and for those of us who refuse to guess based on color the sex! Oh yeah a pic is necessary anyways so we can all share in the cuteness.

  48. Oh, wonderful! Congratulations, Megan! Wow, how many babies get to be celebrated by the whole wide knitting world–welcome, little one!

  49. Yay! What wonderful news! Congratulations Megan! Hopefully mama had a wonderful midwife (or doula or doctor), and baby had a small head and narrow shoulders.

  50. My DD’s first was that large…she is now a 13 yr old beauty…….she was such a good baby……slept through, played after waking….. so sweet….
    Congrats , I’m hoping her baby is as sweet & sleeps well too !
    Love those babies……..I think it’s a girl !!!! Lol !

  51. How wonderful – born on my husband’s birthday. May Megan’s baby be as wonderful a person as he is! and, yes, 9 lbs 14 is impressive. Son number 4 was 9 lbs 13 1/2 – reason why there has been no son number 5 (that and my continuing search to hold onto some semblance of sanity!)

  52. Congratulations…..can’t wait to see the,not so wee-one in some beautiful knits….best wishes, Wendy

  53. I think of knit stitches as girls, and perls as boys. Not in a strict sense, in an yin/yang male/female energy sense. I love how the boys and girls knit together to make something amazing.

  54. Thank you for letting us all know. The only thing nicer than waiting for a strangers baby to be born is waiting for a cousin’s child. My cousin Lucy had a little boy yesterday. I can’t wait to meet him.

  55. Congratulations to Megan (not your daughter) & Welcome Baby – girl or boy! I thought Megan looked like she was going to have a really big baby in the baby shower photos. She looked very much the same size as my daughter did in the last picture taken of her just before she left for the hospital to have her middle child. He was 21″ & 9lb 5 oz. He practically filled the hospital bassinet!

  56. I’m guessing a boy. My favorite name for a boy is Tobin. And for a girl I like Maisie.
    Beautiful baby. Congrats to Megan and her family.

  57. We have a theory. We think early on when mini-Megan was still a zygote you cast on for somethin, got distracted with another project and forgot all about it. Then over the weekend, you finished it in secret and finally the babe came! Happy birthday litle one!

  58. Adorable baby! Tal is a great non-gender-specific name. I pronounce it like Al with a “T” before it and with my name, it is the transliteration of the word for “sugar” in Thai. It also can be pronounced “TAHL” and means “morning dew” in Israeli. I know both women and men named Tal. Sugary morning dew…now that’s a name!

  59. 1600 comments, everyone loves babies, boys or girls.
    Not even going to attemp to guess, could be either, both are nice,
    You anticipated this response? Names? Pearl and Mitch.

  60. Can’t tell if it’s a girl or a boy, of course, whatever the baby is, it’s a gift!! If I had to choose a baby name right now for my own, I think it would have to be Coley. It would be appropriate for either. Congrats!

  61. Haha. My hubby did that to everyone in the family with our first baby. “It’s born… come visit us in hospital to find out more”. We thought it was funny; apparently the family found it a tiny bit frustrating. lol.

  62. Wow. 2oz shy of 10lbs. I hope all went well, and it was a peaceful and healthy birth. Isn’t it amazing how birth is such a mixture of astounding, silent awe and an incredible desire to jump and shout for joy?

  63. Wow. I am so full-up with deadlines that I am 24 of your blog posts behind and I missed the baby? sigh.
    It’s good news no matter when I hear about it, I’d say.
    My mom has had 7 funerals since March. I take much comfort in your sentence “we are one more.” Thank you.
    LynnH in Lansing

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