On your mark

Le Tour de Fleece begins today, and I’m starting to get ready. The official beginning is later with some compatriots, but for now I have got to figure out what my challenge will be. The rules say that you should set yourself a challenge (no matter what that is), that you start when the Tour starts (today) and finish when the Tour ends (July 27th) and you should spin from stash. (No problem here.)

I’m loving reading other people’s goals. Diane is a new spinner, going to make one skein of yarn, Rebecca is going to spin three bobbins full, Spunsilver is doing an Abby Batt and adding sequins (I have no idea how to do that.) Silke is going to spin 400g of camel, but has been training. (I think, my German is a joke) Teresa is going to work on getting 1200-1600 yds of 2 ply.

I’ve thought long and hard on it, been diving in the stash, kicking around various ideas, and I think I’ve come up with a good challenge for me.

1. Spin every day, even if it’s only a little, on a spindle project that has been kicking around way, way too long.

2. Working more or less oldest to newest, stash bust to the tune of 1.5 kilograms. (That’s 1500g, or 3lbs, 5oz)

I know that sounds like a crazy amount, but I actually just backed off of a 2000g commitment when I saw how big that pile was. It was insane, although I think maybe this pile might be a little bit too insane too…What’s that look like?


It looks like a lot of fibre, that’s what it looks like. (Please do not mention that the problem with busting the fibre stash being that it creates more yarn stash. It’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.)