I saw Megan this morning, and she and her wee beloved (only 15 hours old) both look very, very, very well and happy. Her labour was fast and easy (in as much as it is possible to move another human through your body easily, which is not very easy at all even when it is.)


Megan wouldn’t tell me the gender, and I had to go investigating to find out… it was a thrill uncovering the truth for myself, and Megan and I have agreed that this mystery is a great deal of fun, so we’re passing it on.

Is it a girl baby?



or is it a boy baby?



Leave your guess, along with a potential name that goes with your gender (or, you know, get all smart and suggest something like “Pat”) in the comments, because although this baby really does have a gender, she/he actually doesn’t have a name. Megan loves unusual names, so fire away.

I’ll choose randomly from among the people who get the gender right and mail them a kit for either the Baby Mine sweater, or the Baby Yours sweater… depending on what the right answer is. Have at it!

(Correct answer tomorrow at this time.)