I saw Megan this morning, and she and her wee beloved (only 15 hours old) both look very, very, very well and happy. Her labour was fast and easy (in as much as it is possible to move another human through your body easily, which is not very easy at all even when it is.)


Megan wouldn’t tell me the gender, and I had to go investigating to find out… it was a thrill uncovering the truth for myself, and Megan and I have agreed that this mystery is a great deal of fun, so we’re passing it on.

Is it a girl baby?



or is it a boy baby?



Leave your guess, along with a potential name that goes with your gender (or, you know, get all smart and suggest something like “Pat”) in the comments, because although this baby really does have a gender, she/he actually doesn’t have a name. Megan loves unusual names, so fire away.

I’ll choose randomly from among the people who get the gender right and mail them a kit for either the Baby Mine sweater, or the Baby Yours sweater… depending on what the right answer is. Have at it!

(Correct answer tomorrow at this time.)

2,174 thoughts on “Introducing

  1. I’m going to guess it’s a girl…How about Ahava? I thought that was such a pretty name, but my dh isn’t in to unusual names. I forget what the meaning is, but remember that I liked that also. Congratulations to Megan! (again)

  2. Such a beautiful baby and the sweaters look wonderful on him. Yes, I think this is a boy baby and perhaps his Mom would consider naming him Cameron Michael.

  3. Name her Georg after me. I won’t be having my own babies to name after me. 🙂

  4. I’ll go with boy. Sure. And a name? Corbin — “raven-haired!”
    Congrats to Megan on her beautiful new ‘little’ one! 🙂

  5. A first name should sound good with the last name, which I do not know. How about Avery for a boy?

  6. Boy Baby!!! My husband’s name is quite unique and I think it has somewhat shaped him into the creative cartoonist that he is. Name him Keefe (sounds like the last name O’Keefe without the O’) and he’ll be as intelligent and handsome as my man is! (the wee boy is already showing both traits, what a looker!)

  7. Christabel OR Annabel Lee, if a girl. (Both literary references…points if you get them!)

  8. I say boy, and am a fan of Tad, which is not that unusual. Or Aidan.

  9. A boy!
    Maxwell Alexander
    Gabriel Linton
    Joseph Grady
    Or, for the unusual – Elvis Skywalker!
    When I was pregnant, everyone kept pestering us about ‘the name.’ So until we decided, we told everyone that if it was a girl we were naming her Moonbeam Rainbow Peace and if it was a boy, Elvis Skywalker. Eventually it became Lorelei Kathleen.

  10. Welcome, welcome, welcome you beautiful boy! I might suggest Winston for this handsome lad, as his…er, jowls put me in mind of the great prime minister.

  11. With that head of hair? A boy named Harry (Henry)! Of course, if my guess is wrong, you could go with Harriet, but I’ll stick with boy.
    Congrats and happy life to Baby.

  12. A beautiful little boy is my guess. I think Jahue is an unusual name. My grandfather’s name.

  13. I think she is beautiful. So soft and squishy, and she needs both of the sweaters. I think her name should be Caydence Dawn.

  14. I’m guessing a girl for no particular reason other than I have several granddaughters and only one grandson. How about Harper or Morrison Blue? Actually Morrison Blue could go for either gender, I think. Congrats!

  15. A girl-& named Ainsley Marie.
    Congratulations to Megan(the store owner-not your daughter)& her family.

  16. Could be either. I have my name that, with minor spelling changes, works for both.
    Chase Leigh (girl)
    Chase Lee (boy)
    Though for this particular baby, I would say a girl. 🙂

  17. I’m guessing boy. I love the name Jett, which also would be a rad girls name!

  18. I think its a girl and one of my favorite names was my grandmother’s middle name – Leocadia. In terms of more common names, I adore Emma.

  19. I think boy, especially with all that hair! There seems to be a theme which I’ll continue: my grandfather’s name is Virgil, and I’ve always loved that name.

  20. What a pretty one! I’m guessing girl, based on the fact that I think the pink sweater is a better color for her skin tone, although both sweaters are lovely. For names I’m going to suggest Rafqa, the patron saint of spinning wool and knitting. =-)

  21. I think I’ll go with girl, mainly because I don’t have any favorite boy names. Shockingly, I like Genevieve. 🙂 Or Zillah. Both unusual, but not too out-there.

  22. a boy a boy! i would name him something strong (i’m not too fond of soft names in general) like Draven, Aidan or Archer.
    a girl? Melody 🙂

  23. Boy
    Congratulations to the not your daughter Megan, that is one beautiful baby, boy or girl.

  24. I think he is so handsome. I think the name Kostek is cool! It means steadfast, or courageous knowledge.

  25. What a head of hair!! All mine were bald, I like Harry (because it was my grandfather’s name)…but I’m thinking he looks more like Esau (the hairy brother). Congrats Meghan (Lettuce Knits not Stephanie’s daughter).

  26. My grandson and I are guessing the baby is a boy. We like the name Gauge because of the knitting reference and because it starts with G the 7th letter of the alphabet
    Best wishes to all

  27. That’s a girl, her name shall be Laurel, and she is beautiful in both of her sweaters.
    And in totally unrelated news, that ka-ching sound you hear is sales of Quilla and Nyame going through the roof.
    [I ordered mine today.]

  28. I’m going to guess girl since it seems EVERYONE I know is having girls right now. How about Athena?

  29. Definitely a boy….my suggested name is Sherman….it’s a manly name!
    On the other hand, should it be a girl, what about Sonora? Different and yet feminie.

  30. I call Boy!
    Riordan (reer don)
    gaelic meaning Royal Poet
    but if it is a girl… I love the name
    Saoirse (sayr sha) gaelic for freedom

  31. A *beautiful* baby.
    My guess? Boy. Suggested name: Eamonn.
    Congrats, Megan!

  32. Boy. Lysander! My husband says we can’t name our son(if we have one) Lysander because it’s too weird. I love it though!

  33. What a lovely baby! A little girl I think…. perhaps Caledonia, like my grandaughter?

  34. That blue sweater looks so great, I’m going with BOY. I agree with Marta that it’s hard to pick a given name without knowing the last name. That said, I’ve always favored the classics – Michael, David, Daniel. But you did say the baby’s mother likes unusual names. How about Elijah?

  35. This beautiful baby girl: I prefer Malita, but who could resist after hearing the meaning of Fabrizia (One who works with hands).
    Congratulations, to Mom and Baby!

  36. I’m voting for a girl, solely because my Boyfriend’s niece was born 3 weeks ago with a lot of dark hair, and therefore looks similar. She is called Amelia-Jane so that is my name suggestion as if I was to win the sweater kit it would be knit for her.
    Congrats to Megan!

  37. What about naming her (or him, I suppose, but I’m guessing her) after the yarn you had made specially for the sweaters? Quilla for a girl (or Nyame for a boy). Seems fitting for the child of a yarn store owner! (and less likely to be the subject of schoolyard bullying than say “Woolease” or a commercial yarn brand name!)

  38. I love the sweater for the boy, so I am going to guess that the baby is a tall, dark and handsome boy. My picks for names: Malachy or Xavier. Happy days!

  39. This beautiful baby girl: I prefer Malita, but who could resist after hearing the meaning of Fabrizia (One who works with hands).
    Congratulations, to Mom and Baby!

  40. I think it is a boy and could pull off a nice big name like Maximilian. (I have, thank goodness, a 50% chance on the sex, though names are not my area of expertise as it took me two whole days to name my boy baby.) (We went with Samuel.)

  41. Congrats on your new bundle of boy!! We think the name Alden James is just right for him.

  42. um . . . girl!
    How about Minerva – she’s the goddess of wisdom and presides over all of the useful and ornamental arts, including spinning, weaving, and needlework.

  43. I say girl, and I will choose the name that my son would have been had he been a girl, Ella Marie. 🙂

  44. That is one big baby! I’m glad her labor was “fast and easy.” Looks like a boy to me. How about Oliver? (I’m not really into unusual names)

  45. I’m guessing a boy…. Silas….
    Either way….. the baby is gorgeous… and the sweaters are beautiful, too!

  46. A girl and her name should be “Lettie”. Not short for anything “Lettie”.

  47. I’m going with a girl. If Toronto has the same sort of crazy water as it does here in Victoria, it’s a girl. There seems to be an epidemic of baby girls around here (with the exception of my good friend Erin’s baby, Carter).
    So girl it is. Plus, I see a pink bed sheet and yellow outfit, so I’m going to say girl. Perhaps Kaitlyn?

  48. Congratulations to both Mom (Megan-not your daughter), and Baby Boy Quinn–which means wise. He(ok, maybe she) is beautiful!!!

  49. I’m going with boy baby and for a name, hmm, Aldwyn. It was my grandfather’s name and it means wise friend. (and is similar to Alden, which means old friend.)

  50. This is a most lovely new person. Name suggestions: Girlchild: Tyra (depending on your reference: fem form of Norse god of war and justice and being a third this child may get lots of both) Boychild: Tyr(r)ell (depending on reference: stubborn one or thunder – both useful qualities for #3) I vote Boychild although Healthy Baby is also good! Congratulations all round.

  51. I’m guessing that Megan’s sweet, sweet baby is a boy. So precious! How about Gabriel, like the angel.

  52. hmmm, it seems that boy is favored among the comments so far, but I think the “thrill” you mentioned means it is a girl. I suggest Sorcha Ladhali; first name pron. “soar-cha” or “soar-ka” depending on who you ask. It is what I would name a wee one if I were ever blessed.
    Congratulations to mum and baby, regardless. What a beautiful child. Felicitations!!!!!!!

  53. What a cute baby – and what a lot of hair! I’m going to guess girl, and I suggest the name Fable, which I love! Congratulations to Megan!

  54. Boy! I always have loved the name Jacob. Other boy name suggestions: Jayden, Jayce, Zane, or Zander. My MIL has a beautiful and unusual name: Coralyn. (Cor-uh-lyn) She’s never met anyone else with her name. Congrats all around!

  55. Actually, now I say boy, named Declan.
    Beautiful baby. Super-heroic Mamma!
    Congratulations to Megan and family!

  56. Aw! What great looking toddler oops baby! 😉
    I’m guessing boy–name–hmmmm He looks like a Luke or Lucas,

  57. How about a Boy baby with an ambiguous (or not, if you really think about it) name like….

  58. Gender: Boy (I love the color of the baby yours sweater on the baby!)
    Suggested name: Herschel or Bateman
    Hersh (-el is the traditional Yiddish diminutive) was my DD’s great grandfather, Bateman was _my_ great grandfather. But do NOT nickname Bateman into “Bates”. Baby Bates makes a great name, I agree, but it was pointed out to me about the way people use “Master” as a title, with a boy’s first name (or nickname). It may have been a fine nickname for my greatgrandfather, but for a modern boy when he’s about 10-17….not so much 😉 Put it together and then say it out loud, if you haven’t gotten there already 😉 So my son is called Harry, short for Herschel 😉

  59. I’m not going to try to guess which gender the baby is, but a good boy’s name is Eban

  60. It looks like Megan has a bouncing baby boy. I named mine Benjamin Alexander. Two long names to go with his 4-letter last name. He/she is adorable!

  61. What a beautiful little baby!!
    I’m voting girl, and I think the name Ryan is so cute for a girl…
    If it is a boy, I love Darry – from “The Outsiders”

  62. She’s a beautiful baby girl. I’d name name her Emma Elizabeth or Amelia Peabody (after my favorite literary character). Congratulations!

  63. Congratulations!!
    I believe you have a little girl on your hands. I like the name Sophie.

  64. I’m guessing this beautiful baby is a boy and suggesting Kiah (rhymes with sky) as his name. It was my wonderful Grandfather’s name.

  65. Methinks the baby looks female. I’m from the 50’s generation and actually like simple, easy names like Sue, Mary, Pam, John Larry, Mike.
    My favorite girl name is Judith….Judy for fun!

  66. Awww…boy or girl, that sure is a cute little one!
    I’m going to guess boy (the blue looks slightly more natural) and for a name: Gaius, as it references both Ancient Rome AND Battlestar Galactica.

  67. That’s a boy, definitely. And he tells me his name is Anthony. (Which is weird because I don’t even like that name.)

  68. That is one beautiful baby, and (at least to me!) he looks a bit more like a boy in the last photo. Thus, I’m going to christen him one of my favorite names… Gray.

  69. I’m guessing boy (but that is a beautiful baby in either gender!) Many happy days ahead…
    My favorite boy name: Graham
    My favorite girl name: Parke

  70. Hmm…girl! (Though the blue sweater looks amazing on her, love that color!)And names, hmmm…I’m gonna go with Jordan. (Which could work for a boy too.)

  71. I believe this is a lovely baby boy and that his name will begin with “K” — perhaps Kiah, as suggested by Lynn at 5:02, or something like Knight.
    Joyful wishes to Mom, Dad and the little one who has graced our lives!

  72. My guess is that the cutie is a boy. And I’m partial to the name “Cillian” (pronounced like the beer of a different spelling). Congratulations, Megan, you made a beautiful baby, regardless of the gender!

  73. I think HE looks like a Daxx.
    If SHE is a girl, only right to call her Stephanie!

  74. A boy baby!
    I like the name Reed. That is my 12 year old’s name, and we still like it.

  75. I go with a little boy, because I won’t ever get to use my back up boy’s name! Aran Quincy

  76. And I disagree with my mother on this one … from the first photo (before any mention of mysteries) I thought we were welcoming a little baby girl and so that’s what I’m running with! Lily Rose 🙂

  77. Gorgeous–and Megan looks wonderful. Congratulations to her and baby for making the journey together safely. My hubby says the baby is a girl so that’s my official guess.
    My favorite girl name is Ivy, but I am also very fond of boy names for girls. So Allen, Michael, Remi, and Mason all made my girl name list for my last pregnancy.
    The boy names from my list last time were Roland, Zander, Owen, Ethan, Aaron, Gunnar, and Daryl. (just in case I guessed wrong…)
    Can’t wait to hear the results! Yay!! 🙂

  78. Girl.
    And Mary is a fine and presently unusual name for a girl!
    What a load of hair! My babies were blond, but really mostly bald.

  79. I looove those cheeks!!
    I’m guessing that it’s a boy, and I’m partial to the name Kelson. 🙂

  80. A girl?? I’ve had some success with Fionna and so will offer that up. Congratulations!

  81. I am going to guess boy and say Keegan. I like Aidan too but it is pretty popular right now.

  82. It’s a baby. Other than that I’d need to wait for the next nappy change. I’ll take my 50/50 chance and call him Rhys.
    Lovely hair – my son had long dark hair too and everyone assumed he was a girl (“hair like that is wasted on a boy”)

  83. It’s a boy. I have three myself. He looks great in that blue sweater. Please publish the pattern! I like the names Atticus, Henry or George. Or you could chose one of mine: Brennan, Evan or Alexander. You met Alexander in Charlotte 🙂

  84. I’m thinking . . . boy. Oliver and Nolan are my latest favorite names for boys.
    And oh my is that sweater gorgeous.

  85. He says it’s a girl. And he wanted to name the baby Xerxes….or Xerxa since it’s a girl =)

  86. Aw, I can think of so many lovely unusual girl names but I think this baby looks so much like a boy. And a gorgeous boy, too. (Is there a pink flowered sheet the baby is lying on just to confuse us? hehe)
    I like the names Ronan and Garret or Gareth, although if I had been born a boy I would have been named Kevin Vysaeth (as my brother’s name was Eddy Visith) and Vysaeth, I believe, means Honorable Merit.
    Congratulations and best of health!

  87. That baby has got to be a boy.
    Osher is a great, though unusual, name. It means happiness. I also like Cade, which means sturdy.

  88. I reckon it’s a boy. Where I live, in the northern isles of Scotland we have a lot of wonderful Nordic names because of the Viking heritage. So I suggest Erlend. Or.if you’d rather go with the Celtic heritage,since Megan is a celtic name, Murray.

  89. Girl, Fiona. I’ve always liked the name, but if she’s a boy (it’s fun to have boys if you can get used to the sound effects that come with them. I have 3)then I’m with those who have gone before me in naming him Carmac (read The Hands of Cormac Joyce by Leonard Wibberly!) or Eamon. I’m guessing any of the Irish names will work if Megan’s last name works for her. My neighbor named her boy Soairse (pronounced Seersha). Better check that spelling though, and check it again and again…

  90. Wow- isn’t it funny how you really can’t tell when you have NOT been told! You just know we would all be saying things like what a beautiful girl or he’s so dashing! Well I guess I have a 50/50 chance- I’ll say a boy how about Dante?
    HE/SHE is a cutie!

  91. I think she’s a beautiful baby girl and I would name her Fiona. P.S. The sweaters are beautiful also!

  92. I am fond of Quinn. It is Celtic for wise. It can be a girl or a boy name. Congratulations!

  93. I vote girl- How does “Solenne” sound for a name? It just rolls off the tongue (Sol-ennnnn) – especially in a French-speaking country.

  94. i think it’s a boy named moyshe-leyb (moses the lion, a classic yiddish name)

  95. I’ll guess that it’s a girl! Let’s see…a name. I like the Irish name, Aoife, pronounced, ee-fuh. Or something kind of old-fashioned like Louisa or Lydia. Whichever sex, the baby is beautiful all swaddled in handknits! And doesn’t Megan look lovely too?

  96. She is such a she, isn’t she? In light of current naming trends, she should maybe be called Marylebone Station.

  97. Boy. I’m fond of my husband’s name — Alexandro, which was shortened to Sandro (said with a long a) when he grew up in Europe and then switched to Alex here to be a little easier to spell (but his family at home still calls him Sandro).
    Also, so much lovely hair! Here’s hoping it doesn’t fall out like my sister’s did. 😉

  98. Awww!! C’mon!! You can’t tell by their heads. What a gorgeous infant (non-tiny, half-grown one!) this one is, regardless of genitalia. Though my last baby had a head full of amazing black hair and was/is a gorgeous girl, I’m guessing boy, though I have no name inspiration for boys. I like Zachary, since it’s my son’s name (and was not at all as popular when he was born as it is now, if my college freshmen are any indication), but Aidan sounds beautiful to me, too. (WOW!!! That big and an easy birth. . . even relatively easy is amazing!! My last child–third and most overdue–was 9’5″ and I thought I was not going to make the natural childbirth thing. I did, but it was NOT even relatively easy!!)

  99. With all that hair, it must be a boy.
    I say go for a classic name like Bradley

  100. What a cutie! My youngest is nine years old now, so this baby fix is ever so welcome.
    I am guessing boy and would love the name Tristan (my husband wouldn’t hear of it when either of our boys were born).

  101. Oh – a gorgeous GIRL! And my own name is unusual enough that Megan might like it – Reina

  102. Congratulations, what a gorgeous, healthy baby!With all that hair, it must be a boy.
    I say go for a classic name like Bradley

  103. A son named Shea. (and now you’ll tell me her last name is Muss so we get a Shea Muss).
    What a well-done baby, regardless of gender. I picked male simply because he’s got a very Black Irish look about him that will be a killer be he he or she when the diaper is removed.

  104. the name?
    the gender?
    i .think.’s.a.boy.
    I’m going to stick with that.
    BUT.. the name can go either way;)

  105. I guess that it is a baby girl and name her Aliana
    or if it’s a boy, name him Arison.

  106. what fun to read all the guesses! I teach gender studies and every year I bring baby pictures of my niece and nephew in, carefully chosen to NOT have pink or blue or other artificial clues. They are always split–there are no measurable or discernable sex differences in infants, other than the obvious (and even then in 1/2000 births….) and the only behavior difference scientists have found is in the pattern of foot flexing behavior. Pity the poor scientists who have to spend their time counting foot flexes and carefully noting which side was flexing rather than cooing and touching and smelling!
    Beautiful baby! Congratulations to the momma!

  107. A boy? Caliph!
    A girl? Aviva 🙂
    I’m voting for “boy” but I actually am voting on the sweaters. I like the cables.

  108. I think he’s a boy but in any case in beautiful. Royal is a local name in our area

  109. Ok, I’ll play. Since this baby looks fabulous in the blue sweater, I’ll counter that and assume she’s a girl.
    And should there be some Greek in her background, or just in the spirit of Mamma Mia, I suggest Marianthe.

  110. Oo, can’t resist taking a shot at this one. It’s really, really hard to tell when they’re newborn, but I think this is a boy.
    I actually don’t have any unusual boy names to suggest, but I do have a girl name that Megan could use if I’m wrong or save for the future. I named my daughter Miriel. It’s a variation on the French Mireille that we thought would be easier for English-speakers to pronounce. (Also close to Miriam, which my husband didn’t quite like!) 😉

  111. Just noticed that someone else has said Abigail – so I will change my vote to my daughter’s beautiful name – Orla Eowyn

  112. a boy i think.. i know a young man named jade, and i think it’s simply a great name. so i’m donating it to the cause.

  113. I believe that it’s a beautiful boy. I like the name Howe(how). That was my grandfather’s name.

  114. I’m thinking boy-human, and offer up:
    Wesley (meaning: “west meadow”)
    Quint (fifth or five)
    Spencer (someone who gives, as in provisions)
    I think they’ll all go well with Megan’s last name, and don’t offer too many teasing nicknames when he gets older!
    Of course, there are more appropriate boy names, too, like Storm, Thunder, or Chaos!
    – Meg (not Megan who just gave birth and not Megan who’s Stephanie’s daughter!)

  115. Definitely a boy! Personally, I adore the name Damian, but it does have some negative connections (darn you Omen, for ruining a good name!). Dominic, Quentin, and Anthony are great boy names too.
    (Er, sorry, that was definitely more than one name option, but I love names).

  116. I’m probably looking at a wee baby girl but I keep thinking, “boy.” So, maybe “Duncan” or “Tavi”?

  117. I first thought girl. Ananda.
    beautiful baby! how wonderful for all to go smoothly.

  118. I’m guessing boy – and although my son was named/spelt Keiran, the original spelling is Ciaran and I think would be great for a boy or girl!
    (okay, so it was painful to come up with boy name for ours 3 years ago, I can’t possibly come up with a new one )

  119. A beautiful baby – I love all that hair!! (I had hair just like that as a newborn.)
    I’m saying boy. Griffin. Just a gut reaction.

  120. I’m a newborn nursery nurse, so I “should” be pretty good at guessing sex. I’m thinking it’s a boy. I love the name Cameron.

  121. Ack, I can’t read all 216 comments thus far. I will guess boy, simply because we have a boy name to spare: Maxwell Xavier. That would have been our baby’s name had she been a boy.
    (Now let’s hope our ultrasound wasn’t wrong, because I just gave away the boy name…)

  122. Lovely baby boy,
    name him Optimus Prime
    (this comment is dedicated to C.K)

  123. I guess boy.
    Boy names: Finn and Asher are ones that I adore!
    Congratulations Megan!

  124. I’m saying boy. I have two boys now, so I think I’ve got the “guess the correct sex” thing down pact. LOL.
    Names… Raziel. (It’s Jenn who did my June kit pattern’s son’s middle name he’s Jakob Raziel). My boys have Irish names, though not that “unique” – they’re Sean Edward and Mackenzie Riley. Yep, very Irish/Scottish for both!

  125. Irena and I are guessing Boy Baby. Name suggestion ~ Ferdinand, from The Story of Ferdinand, the bull who loved flowers and refused to fight. Or, of Ferdinand Magellan fame, if you prefer an adventurer.
    Congratulations Megan! Either boy or girl, your baby is beautiful and you look lovingly fabulous. Now comes the fun part!

  126. Isn’t the pink yarn Quilla? I think that that would be a lovely name for a little girl too…it is such a pleasure to say. Maybe Quilla Noelle (:

  127. It’s a girl and her name is Angela Marie.
    Once I correctly guessed the name of a wrinkly dog at a fair. I hope that wasn’t a fluke!

  128. Boy!!! I like the classics (which are becoming rare) Gregory, Franklin, Oliver, Charles, Edward.

  129. A girl. I think Sana would be a lovely name (East Indian girls’ names are very pretty).

  130. I think it’s a girl, and as for names I like Sophie and Nelsie (It’s my mom’s name — her father wanted a son to name Nelson Jr, but after the third girl he figured he’d just feminize the name. Luckily for him the fourth child was a son he then got to name Nelson. Heehee)

  131. I think it is a girl, and a good name for a girl is Sofia. At least that’s what my Elijah would have been called had he turned out to be one.
    My most sincere gratulations! The little one is so adorable, and the Mom looks happy. I am glad both are Ok!

  132. Oh! The poor little thing looks a little overwhelmed (but impeccably dressed).
    My guess is that it’s a boy, and if that’s the case, I suggest calling him Nyall (said Nile, not Neil).

  133. I am guessing a girl and I do want to suggest my own name of Taylour(like tailor). It works for either sex and i have always thought the U makes it more feminine. She’s would make a good Harper too.

  134. I nearly always get the gender wrong but I”ll guess anyway. I guess boy (whatever the gender that blue sweater looks gorgeous on!) I’m a fan of the name Christopher but that’s not the least bit unusual so that’s no help. Congratulations to Megan, that’s one beautiful baby!

  135. I’m guessing boy just because the blue in that sweater looks so great against his (her?) skin.
    My DIL likes unusual names, preferably Hawaiian. First daughter is Naia; the one due in August will be Leia Kalise. Dad got to pick the son’s name, so he’s just boring old Miles. (I like the name, but it’s not at all unusual.) Best wishes to Mom and baby!

  136. Well, personally, I think it looks like a boy with those great big dignified cheeks, but then again, those eyebrows are mighty shapely and feminine.
    And neither sweater really cinches the deal, so I’m going with girl, purely because I love the name Ruby.

  137. Girl maybe? All newborns, while quite adorable, are very andogynous with their diaper on.
    Here are a couple of fairly unique names,
    Emmalen, after a lovely lady I once worked with, and Amelyne, after my niece who, while now living in the States, had the good fortune to be born in Canada.

  138. I’m going to go with girl – just because I’m sitting next to my two week old little girl right now. 🙂 On our short list for her name was Eleanor, which I still love… Congrats on a beautiful baby, whether it turns out to be a boy or a girl!

  139. I’m going to say Boy (either was I think the blue is his/her color) Let’s go with Josh! 🙂

  140. I’m leaning towards a boy. Named Oliver. With a solid middle name to lean on in case Oliver is a name kids tease you when you have. I, being named Jessica, have a strong dislike of trendy names, being one of several jessica’s in a class all throughout my schooling years (through college even). The mama looks good and happy, congatulations!!

  141. Gotta be a boy! Looks great in that blue sweater. I’m liking the name Maurice – a little bit uncommon, but not to the point that people say “what?” and have no idea how to spell it. Besides, Megan begans with an “M” so her child might as well also. By the way, Megan looks pretty darned good for having so recently delivered an almost 10 lb. baby.

  142. I’m guessing a boy, though of course it could go either way. What a healthy big baby! Names I’ve always liked: Rowan (for either boy or girl), Anneke (Ann-a-ka) for a girl, or Beckett for either. Okay, so Beckett is my name and an old family name, so I’m not impartial or anything, but it’s been a good name to me. 😉

  143. The baby wears both sweaters beautifully. He/she obviously has a great deal of personal style.

  144. I think it’s a boy who should be named Quinn. That’s a name that can go either way too. Beautiful babe.

  145. I’m gonna go with a boy. For names, how about Asher, Garrett, or Reuben?
    Congratulations to Megan and a warm welcome to the new little one!

  146. I’m saying boy and chipping in my favourite, slightly off the beaten track boys name, Fabian.
    And just for fun, I will suggest a girls name, Jocelyn.

  147. Boy. My all time favorite boy name is Ewan, but that’s my son’s name and Megan can’t have it. 😉 How about Rowan? (Works for a girl, too!) BTW, the newest human (and those sweaters!) are gorgeous. Congrats, Megan! 🙂

  148. I think it is a boy (very cute) I have 2 friends that named their children the same name but they were different sexes. The name was Tristan. Loved the name.

  149. I say its a girl — how about Rhiannon?
    Congrats to Megan, either way the baby is beautiful!!

  150. The boy pictures seem more “right” to me, somehow, so I’ll say that he’s a lovely little boy and his name should be something classic and unusual, but not too strange that it will give him trouble later (says the girl named Jena, pronounced “Geena”).
    My vote is for either Cormac or Ciaran as a first name, with a family name for the middle name – perhaps his father’s first name or mother’s maiden name.

  151. I am going with a boy. A boy named Tycho. Someone knit that kid a moose. (Google the name, add Brahe).

  152. Congratulations to Megan. How about a girl named Karina? I think that regardless of the gender, the middle name was either Stephen or Stephanie.
    ; )
    Gorgeous baby knits!

  153. I am going with a boy. A boy named Tycho. Someone knit that kid a moose. (Google the name, add Brahe).

  154. Well, I’m just glad it’s a healthy baby! Whatever it is, it’s beautiful and entirely too squishable. But, I’m always partial to girl babies, so I’m going to suggest Emalyn (pronounce em-ah-lynn). It’s going to be my girl’s name (whenever I find male DNA I’m ready to mix mine with), but I’m sure my Emalyn will think it’s cool to know of someone else with her name!

  155. I’m thinking it’s a girl…cause didn’t Megan have a boy’s name all picked out?
    One of my favourite names is Moya…it means many different things in many different cultures, but my person favourite meaning is the Portuguese one: Breath of Life

  156. I’m thinking it’s a girl…cause didn’t Megan have a boy’s name all picked out?
    One of my favourite names is Moya…it means many different things in many different cultures, but my person favourite meaning is the Portuguese one: Breath of Life

  157. Definitely a girl! How about Misti Lynn, or Zhiana Annebelle? Such a sweet baby! The sweaters look amazing! Congrats to Mom and Baby 🙂

  158. Blessings to all…I am going to say “girl” and I think she should be Daphne – there are just enough of us that we rarely meet another. (But just in case he’s a boy, I’ve always liked Kellen)

  159. I’d say girl, based on the floral print behind her in the second picture. Josephine or Annabelle (or both!)

  160. Those are some chubby newborn cheeks there!
    I think he is a boy and we all over here vote for the name Finnian because it sounds great and even has a great nickname: Finn.

  161. To me, that baby gives of a “Snips and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails” vibe,so I am guessing that she had a Boucing Baby Boy.
    I have a nephew named Owen — who is nicknamed “Baby O” and “Oh”ie, so hjave become partial to that name lately (I have other nephews, but Baby O makes me grin when I say it, so , right now, his is the name I prefer).
    I suggest Owen O’Brien (if it sounds nice with Meagan’s surname). The rolling O’s are a nice sound.

  162. (even though Moya is often listed as a girl’s name, the only actual human i know named Moya is the most amazing boy-child)

  163. I recommend Penelope for a girl and Garreth for a boy.
    I can’t honestly tell what the child is, apart from chubby and sleepy!

  164. I’m going with boy. And Megan sounds like a nice Celtic name, so how about Quilan (means “a cub”)?

  165. I’m saying BOY…and suggesting my favorite boy name of all time, David. (S/he is absolutely gorgeous, either way! Way to go Megan!)

  166. A boy, definitely. Good names are Robbie and Alastair – I know, cos that’s what my boys are called!

  167. Its so hard to tell but I’ll guess girl.
    I’m also a Megan. My kids are Amara, Greyson, and Ivy.
    I also love the name Eden for a girl but it rhymes with our last name so its a no-go.

  168. I was born with a full head of black hair and I’m a dirty blonde now – I think she’s a girl and I vote for Mae Pearl (my friend’s daughter, and I love it!)

  169. I’m betting on a boy. I love the name Concetto prounounced conchetto. Hugs to both.

  170. I’m guessing boy. What about Cruz or Leto. Leto is our little guy’s middle name. It’s from the Dune series. It means he who is always happy in Latin

  171. GIRL!
    Finn, Mairi (pronounced either ‘Maddy’ or Mar-i’), Faren, Coralie, Violet, Barrett, Bell, Collette, Aoife (EE-fa), Ariane, Soleil, Clare
    I have a rather long baby name list–but only for girls, because I am quite like you Stephanie, in that I hope first for health, and second for a girl!
    ((s)he looks like a Faren, or a Finn to me!)

  172. A lovely girl – how about Esme I’ve always loved that. Congrats aren’t babies wonderful.

  173. oooo what a sweetie! I think girl and a name I like is Rio.
    Spanish for river..which could work either way 😉

  174. Congratulations Megan and family! I vote girl. As for the name, what about Barrett (rhymes with carrot); that is my mother’s name and I’ve never met anyone else with it. Not to mention my mom is one of the best mothers I know. 🙂

  175. I say it’s a girl named Morgan. Not so unusual but it would be Mother Megan and Daughter Morgan. The name could also work for a boy. I do have to agree with Ellen @ 5:02 that Judith is an unusual name since it is mine and I rarely hear of babies’ being named that in the last 30+ years.

  176. Congratulations to all in Megan’s family.What a beautiful baby,I especially like the chubby cheeks. I think this baby is a girl and a lovely name would be soleil. Lorraine.

  177. Ashford.
    (She’s a girl, and that name would work either way much better than, say, Rick Reeves.)

  178. It think he’s a boy! And he/she is beautiful! I’m going to suggest my dad’s name, his first and middle, only because they’re really unusual, but very cool. Therefore call him Manly, Sheppard (Shep for short), or Manly Sheppard.

  179. What a cutie! Whatever her name is I hope that it is spelled the way it is pronounced and easy for children to write and say. (I’m a kindergarten teacher!)

  180. I think it’s a boy…and if we’re going for unusual names, how about Sebjorn?

  181. I am guessing boy (but if it’s a girl, future-older-girl, don’t be sad because it’s impossible to tell with all brand new babies). Normally I am only in favor of totally standard names. Having what was a non-standard name for a girl when I was little (Sydney), I am predisposed to think only of the suffering imposed by a unique name and the thrill denied one of finding a tiny license plate bearing your moniker. But then I ran across the name “Cadogan West” in a Sherlock Homes story the other day and ever since then I’ve been rolling it around on my tongue. Cadogan. It’s Welsh and means “battle glory and honor.” I prefer to think that in this day and age one could understand “battle” to be a metaphor, as in politics or law or even medicine (perhaps he will win the battle against some disease by finding the cure). But I do like the way it feels to say it. And if you’re really interested in a unique name, there don’t appear to be any standard nicknames available either. Caddy? Cado? Dogan? Anyway, he (or she, if I’m wrong!) is beautiful! Congratulations!! 😀

  182. Looks like a girl to me – what a healthy, chubby newborn! Gender doesn’t matter so much as a healthy baby and happy mom. How about Amelia? Congratulations to all!

  183. I say girl, but really regardless, that is one BEAUTIFUL baby!!! Oh and a name? Amelia. That is my little girls name and I love it 🙂

  184. Och, this wee one’s name is Nory, for a little girl. I have recently listened to the audio book series by Patricia Reilly Giff and she looks like a Nory to me! Condgratulations, Megan!

  185. I have newborn twins (9 weeks old) named Seda and Kai, g and b respectively.
    How about Indigo or Jasper?
    I think GIRL.

  186. It’s a girl! Names, um, I’m terrible at naming things, but I’ll give it a shot. Kessa.

  187. Obviously she should be a girl (even if she’s not) and she should be named Quiara.
    Glad I could solve that for you. ^_~

  188. How beautiful…I can’t wait, my daughter is due with her second in December. I am going to give you a girls name that the more you say it the more you love it….Cally Lilly…and the sweaters are just awesome.

  189. Girl, and I suggest the name “Susan.” It’s not top of the popularity charts, and it isn’t trendy, but it’s a good strong name (both my mother and I have it). 🙂

  190. I’m thinking he’s a wee boy, and having a predilection for Isirh names would go with the name Barry.
    If I’m not correct, and she’s a wee girl, I’d go for the name Caiohme, pronounced Quee-va. I met an Irish journaller with that name, and have loved it ever since.
    Congratulations, happiness and good health to the new wee babe, whatever her/his gender may be, and to Megan and her family too!

  191. A Boy! I’m old-fashioned – how about Warren? Or pick a color for a name – when a friend of mine was pregnant, she and her husband couldn’t decide on a Christian name (my friend’s background) or a Muslim name (her husband’s). So they picked colors instead. Their girl is named Teal (and she’s now a beautiful 24 year old!).

  192. My husband and I guess it’s a girl (although he said “boy” on the first picture, and then “girl” for the rest of them!). And we think her name should be… Purl!

  193. I say a girl, named Jude. (My husband wouldn’t let me name our girl that, so we got Katie.)

  194. I vote boy – and he is darling!
    Name: Noah, John, Michael – any combination

  195. A Girl! How about Ember for a name? I know a very cute little girl from the library I used to work at with that name.

  196. A boy named Asher (which means Happy and Blessed, which this baby is), which can be shortened to Ash, which is a way cool reference to Bruce Campbell.

  197. That is a baby boy, no doubt about it! I like the name Christopher, but that’s not unusual… Xavier, Ashley (it really IS a boy name!), Ashur, Arthur.

  198. I’m gonna go with girl baby, but my vote for the name is River no matter what the gender. Actually, for a little boy I quite like “River Ellison.” Either way I want to squish those little cheeks!

  199. boy.
    Maxwell __grandfather’s name__ last name.
    I cheated and looked up her last name on the internet.
    First name that came to mind when seeing that baby’s face was Avery, but that don’t go so well.
    Mazel Tov

  200. hmmm…50% chance either way. I’ll go with girl, but the name could do either. How about Thyme? (sounds like “time”, so megan could be the mother of Thyme (which is also a type of thyme)

  201. I think it looks ridiculously cute in the baby yours sweater and am therefore inclined to have to say it is a boy. Now I know this name is outrageously simple but I have always liked the name Patrick. And becuase it looks like a boy and is dark haired it could be among the dark irish with a name like patrick, wich makes me think tha baby is magical.

  202. …But if it is a girl the name I have picked out for my potential baby girl is Lacey. I love that name!

  203. What a beautiful little human! Our great-great grandmother was named- Nicolena. So if our little human is a daughter of Eve- that’s a fitting name for so beautiful a child.

  204. What a beautiful little human! Our great-great grandmother was named- Nicolena. So if our little human is a daughter of Eve- that’s a fitting name for so beautiful a child.

  205. I think boy and name him Grey, but I don’t have last name to make sure it works, so it’s a stab in the dark there.

  206. Megan’s got herself a little boy there (I think) and she should name him Karsten (not so common in North America, but far from unknown in Germany…).

  207. That’s a little boy, I think.
    Unusual names? Hrm… let’s go Shakespeare. Tybalt. She can call him Ty.

  208. I’m guessing it’s a boy, what about Adian…. right or wrong, what a beautiful baby!Best wishes for a healthy,happy life…..Wendy

  209. What a beautiful baby!! My guess is a girl, and I love the old fashioned but soo sweet name of Rose.

  210. oh how fun! we are playing this same game in our house tonight, as we are going to dinner with our close friends who are newly pregnant (in their forties!) with their first.
    i’m guessing the baby is a girl, and her name should be Lily (because it’s pretty) Elizabeth ( for EZ)

  211. Totally think this is a girl-child, although my name is gender-neutral.
    Dakotah, nick-name of Codi or Cody
    Girl: Dakotah Dawn
    Boy: Dakotah Drake
    Either way, s/he’s gorgeous!

  212. I’m gonna guess girl. I’ve always loved the names Adelaide, Mara, Lydia, Elinor, and Beatrice. That baby is bee-u-tee-full – a real chubby bubby!

  213. I think it’s a boy!
    I particularly like Joel, or Jael (which can be for either a boy or a girl) in case she dislikes the religious connotations that go with Joel.

  214. Sure looks like a boy to me. I go for the good old names – how about David?

  215. I think it’s a boy baby. I suggest the name Castle. It was suggested for my baby boy but we couldn’t make it work with our last name! Congrats and all the best to you.

  216. I’m guessing boy, but have no good reason. Gabe or Noah, despite the numerous ark toys he’ll receive. Mazel tov!

  217. We’re a household of girls, so I’m guessing a girl! We happen to love our two names – Gillian and Tanith – so I’ll happily pass them along.

  218. Hmm This is so tough, I always sucked at guessing genders. Let’s go with boy, and I always loved the name Kane.

  219. Congratulations, Megan! BTW, am I the only one reading these names with the urge to click “agree” and “disagree”?

  220. I’m thinking boy, and I’d recommend Gabriel.
    Of course, I had a nine-and-a-half pounder just two months ago whom I named Gabriel, so I’m rather biased . . .

  221. I think it’s a boy! I suggest Keenan as the name. I know a wonderful Keenan!

  222. Instinct says boy — Isaac is what we’ve always thought we would name a boy, if we had one.
    If he is a she, Megan (oLK) could use the name we used earlier in the year: Dorothy. They can bring it back into fashion together.
    FWIW, old fashioned names are rather in I hear. Our Dorothy has cousins named Adeline and Evelyn, also born this year.
    He or she, Megan has a beautiful baby! Congratulations to them both.

  223. girl – Rowan
    (I thought about Smooshy as in Dream in Color, but Rowan seems better for the future playground set)

  224. I’m thinking it’s a girl. I like the name Teagan. The girl’s name Teagan \te(a)-gan\ is pronounced TEE-gan. It is of Irish origin, and its meaning is “good-looking”. Surname. I’ve also seen the name used for a boy.

  225. That beautiful baby looks like a little man to me. I’ve always loved the name Xavier. Rhys is a nice name too.

  226. Male-Seamus (promounced shame-us). I love the name. And what a beautiful baby!

  227. My Jane looked a lot like that when she was freshly minted, so I vote girl. For names, I like Iris.

  228. Back again (posted at 6:04)
    showed my bf the picks and he agrees boy.
    Then he harangued me to give him the address, so that he could suggest:
    Quinfaarb! “Works for both!” – he says.
    my ovaries are cowering in fear as I type this.

  229. Oh how wonderful that the baby has arrived! Congratulations to Megan (that was a lot of work) and hello to the new baby.
    So hard to tell gender, but I’m thinking that looks like a boy. My personal favourite for something unusual is Merrick. For something more classic, what about Owen. Actually they even go together, but check initials and such because if baby’s last name is “Brown” that’s not going to work.
    Welcome to the world little one, it’s a great place out here with a whole lot of knitters who love you.

  230. Boy…a handsome one at that! And for a name…him…Raegen. But he looks like he could be a Thomas as well.

  231. Hmmm. Well I’m going to guess boy. McKinley is a great name – or Kinsley. If my last child had been a girl we would have named her Kinsley Dane. And I think it would also make a great boy’s name.
    (My last child was a boy and is named Kernighan Pike after two computer guys who pretty much wrote the book [literally] on Unix). But Megan can’t have that name. 🙂

  232. I’ll say a girl named Caillean because I’d love to have a girl named Caileean. God I wish I had her/his hair. What a beauty! Congrats Megan and thanks for letting all of us enjoy this with you!

  233. I’ll say a girl named Caillean because I’d love to have a girl named Caileean. God I wish I had her/his hair. What a beauty! Congrats Megan and thanks for letting all of us enjoy this with you!

  234. I bekieve the child is a boyand a beautiful one at that! Congragulations, Megan

  235. I believe the child is a boy and a beautiful one at that! Congragulations, Megan

  236. Well, I’m all about name meanings and I love my daughters’ classic names of Alexis (the oldest and the “protector/helper/defender” that her name means) and Gloria (who is every bit as praiseful and exuberant as her name suggests).
    That said, my official gender guess is boy. Because I think the baby looks great in blue and that’s what I’m having (after 10 ultrasounds, an MRI and fetoscopic surgery, it was sort of hard not to know). My boy is going to be Levi, another not-too-often-used classic name meaning “attached”.

  237. I think it’s a boy, but then again, I have zero experience with babies. 😀
    I would totally call a kid, boy or girl, Pilot. Or possibly Tesla. (Abigail is still probably my favourite name ever, though.)

  238. My guess is that this cutie is a girl, and my choice of name is Layla.
    Congrats to Megan!!

  239. I’m guessing it’s a girl, and my favorite unique girl name is Caledonia, which is basically the Latin name for Scotland. (I’d call her Callie.)

  240. I think the baby is a boy.
    I would go with… Malik. It’s an Arabic name meaning “king.”

  241. Girl………….. My Aunt’s name and my middle name is lovely and unusual ……Vernelle

  242. Beautiful bouncing baby BOY! A big, strong boy deserves a strong name like David.

  243. I think it’s a girl. I would suggest the name we gave my daughter, Iris.

  244. I think it’s a boy baby, and I would name him Jonathan. Or Jacob. Were he mine.

  245. Girl: how about Morgan? It means sea warrior.
    Baby gender is one of those things that seems so obvious–once you know.

  246. If the darling is female? I suggest Athena the weaver goddess of the Greeks or Artemis the goddess of hearth and home which seems somewhat to incorporate knitting. Best wish for the continuing good health of mama and baby

  247. Congratulations Megan and all!
    My guess is a boy.
    My favourite name for a boy is Jack.

  248. I am guessing a girl. Kelyn Rae is a pretty one to me. Best wishes to the new Mommy and baby!

  249. I’m guessing boy…. Of which I am horrid at names. I love Olivia and Octavia if I’m wrong, though.

  250. What a precious wee one! I think Megan outfoxed you and she should name the wee lad, Seamus. Don’t know if her name is reflective of her heritage, but Seamus is a good strong name and goes with his sweater, if not his heritage. Blessings on them all.

  251. I’m gonna go with BOY just b/c I love the color of that blue sweater. There’s really no way to tell – !
    Wilkes? Although that’d work for a girl too.
    He or she is just plain stunning.

  252. I vote boy. And name him Sage.
    (but then, if she’s a girl, you could still name her Sage, cuz that’s my name and I’m female)

  253. I think its a boy! Elias/Eli is a great name 🙂
    So is Wyatt and so is Charlie!

  254. She looks like a girl to me. And I like the only girl name I picked Gabrielle Veronica.

  255. Well, since most people are guessing boy, i will guess girl and I like Rosalinda Jayne.
    However if it is a boy, please do not name him Rosalinda.
    I think this is the only time in a human’s life that you can guess at their gender and not totally insult them.

  256. The temptation is to say “boy” because of the bouncing size. But that would just be silly, seeing as I have been the equal-opportunity producer of large baby girls and boys (2 and 2) in my day.
    So I’ll say GIRL, and call her Erica Jayne.

  257. Look at those chipmunk cheeks! What a cutie!
    That said: Boy. And I’ve always loved the name Thaddeus for a boy, especially since, while it’s unusual in its long form, he can be called Tad or Ted or Teddy at school to avoid being teased for having a different-sounding name.
    Note to Megan, from someone with a surprisingly hard-to-pronounce name: DON’T GIVE HIM TOO WEIRD A NAME!
    For more info:

  258. A girl child, me thinks. I’m terrible with names so I’ll leave that to you all. 🙂

  259. Baby mine! (Girl)
    How about Bronwyn or Greta? Lelaina (ie “Lainie”)? Lythan?
    (I can’t seem to make a baby of my own to name – naming Megan’s is going to have to do…)

  260. Beautiful baby! Congrats to mom & family.
    I think boy and I think my son would be happy to share his middle name : Seoman.

  261. A girl, a name? How about Olivia! (This is my first post by the way, love your blog!)

  262. What a beautiful baby girl! You could always use my name. 🙂 But, may I suggest Zahava. A name that will not be easy to forget.

  263. I think it’s a girl and I like the names James Sydney and Brooklyn Rose.
    Whatever the sex, the baby is one hell of a sweater wearer.

  264. Well, I’m guessing a boy, myself, but I’ll suggest a name that can go for boy or girl: Kelly. It means “brave warrior,” and is easy to spell (an advantage once the little person starts school).
    Why, yes, it is my name, and yes, I have had fun with people who, having seen my name in writing, were surprised to discover that I was not the gender they assumed me to be.

  265. boy. . . since I have 4 of my own. I like the name Rowan no matter what the sex of the beautiful wee one.

  266. A baby girl, who should be named Iris, for all the colors of fiber that will surround her as she grows.

  267. Gorgeous baby, beautiful sweaters!
    I think he/she is a Boy…and the names Liam, Niall or Theo come to mind.

  268. Looks like a girl. My daughter, adopted from Russia, is called Darya which means “gift from God”….. and she is.

  269. All the best to the new family: a handsome baby and a lucky one too, to come so welcomed into the world.
    I too prefer strong names that will see him into manhood: “Keith Emmett”.

  270. on second thought… the beautiful baby could be a girl…Ava or Maeve?
    Best wishes

  271. Has to be a boy, as he looks much better in the gorgeous blue and once problematic sweater than he does in the pink, IMHO. Plus, he put his mom through all that grief of his hugeness and tardiness.
    I shall name him Colton.

  272. Wow–baby is adorable, I love how he or she looks in the blue sweater, but I will say BABY GIRL just so I can pass along my own daughter’s name: Cleome. Cleome is a flower that looks like fireworks, and she gets lots of compliments on her name. (Megan gets to keep BOTH those sweaters, right?)

  273. I think he’s a boy. How about Aloysius Alexander for a name for a boy. You did say unusual, but I thought I’d throw in a noral middle name to go by when he grows up. 🙂

  274. Hmm- looking kind of girly to me (but hey- I’ve been wrong before!)
    Girl name: Sadie, or Rosalie
    (whoever it is- what a beaut!)

  275. I think it’s a girl, and her name is Echo.
    What a beautiful baby! Babies with full heads of hair always amaze me…mine were a couple of baldies. 🙂

  276. An adorable couple of baldies, of course. (I felt guilty and had to amend. I quite like baldness, in general, though.) 🙂

  277. I vote for a boy named Cycad, after the group of seed plants. I just had a son named Cyder. I love Cy as a nickname.

  278. Old Cuban wives tale says if the baby is a girl, the mom looks terrible during the pregnancy because the girl is stealing all of her beauty. Mom looked wonderful in your pics, so it must be a boy.
    Cameron is a nice name.

  279. Just darling. Looks like a boy (although let’s face it, it is SUPER hard to tell with any newborn. I’ll admit to guessing.) I suggest the name Max, because I have a Max and he’s turned out pretty nifty, if I do say so myself 🙂

  280. Oh, huzzah for new little ones. I like Autumn and Hazel for a girl. And Maisy.

  281. I guess boy, and I suggest either Finnegan or St. John (pronounced Sinjin like from Jane Eyre). My husband wouldn’t let me use these names, but it’s been a lifelong dream!

  282. A beautiful baby! For a girl I say Zea, as its my daughters name, and Ronin for a boy. Or go for broke and name him Apollo (dh’s choice)

  283. She bakes gorgeous, chubby babies.
    I’m going to guess a boy simply because of the look of alertness in that sweater.
    And she should name him Oliver.

  284. Its a boy! (either way it is a wonderful, gorgeous, healthy baby! Congratulations Megan!) As for a name…Emil. Or perhaps if my guess is wrong Emilia.

  285. If it were a boy I’d suggest Harry (reason seems obvious), BUT I think she’s a girl. Names? Wow. Tough thinking on the fly here. Someone suggested Ahava but didn’t know the meaning. I’m not suggesting that- but I do know that the meaning (in Hebrew) is “love”.
    Thinking now through my favorite Hebrew names, I named my son Gil (means “joy”), and it’s a unisex name, but I wouldn’t suggest that. The English rendition for Gil is Gail… and that leads me to “Abigail,” which is also Hebrew. She’s in the Bible – 1 Samuel 25:3 – “The woman was discerning and beautiful.” She actually saved her husband from being slaughtered by David when the husband was a jerk and nearly brought ruin to himself, but she saved him. I think his name in Hebrew translated to “idiot” or something like that. Since she had intervened and convinced David not to kill her husband, David was grateful and married her. Later, he became king of Israel. So her wisdom brought her to a pretty good place in life, in spite of her circumstances.
    So my suggestion for the wee lass is Abigail. I like it cuz it can be shortened to two different nicknames – Abbie or Gail – and the name has a rich and neat history.

  286. Hearty congrats to Megan! What joy! What baby knitting!
    I’m loving all these names! My sister is expecting in December, so I wrote them all down, the boy ones, that is.
    Me? I like many already suggested, but one I like that’s missing is Arthur. My grandfather, not the aardvark.
    So I’ll guess boy.

  287. I’m gonna go with girl. How about the name Hazel? (To me, it’s the name of an amazing woman and family friend who lived a long, very lovely life. She did some amazing work in her lifetime to protect the environment and natural places where I live. Even without that connotation, though, I still love the name. Classic and pretty.)
    And Megan and baby both look adorable.

  288. I like the names of Lydia and Joy for a girl. Simeon for a boy. Boy or girl you have a BEAUTIFUL baby!!

  289. Gotta be a boy because his eyes are open in both Baby Yours pix. I’d name him Arthur because he looks so regal in that cable.
    Congrats, Megan and baby!
    P.S. Coral if it’s a girl.

  290. I am guessing he’s a boy, and a mighty cute one at that.
    Too bad there is no widget for baby cheek squeezing!
    I am partial to the name Max.

  291. Wow! 550 comments by this time! Holy Kasmole!
    Um, I think the sweet cheeks is a girl, so I think you should name her Lucy Michele

  292. Looks like an adorable chubby boy. 🙂 Looking at the other comments, Liam is a favorite, but so is Dominick. But in the case that I am wrong, once of my favorite girl sames is Sukanya, or Suki for short!

  293. I think it’s a boy and possible name could be Fen which is a synonym for peace. This name would also be nice for a girl! In any case, Megan’s baby is a beautiful addition to our human race!

  294. I think it looks like a boy. And for a name, I nominate (hah)…Elliott. It’s not SUCH an unusual name, but I think it’s different enough to be distinctive.

  295. She likes unusual names? How about mine for unusual. As far as I know I am the only one. It is Leoal, pronounced LEE OH AL or LEO AL.
    Also I am a girl. If it was a boy, you could name it Leo. Or Al. Or Vince. Whatever.

  296. I vote it’s a girl and she should be named Chaya (Hebrew name – pronounced Ki-ya)

  297. I say girl, and as for names, I myself have a more traditional naming style. I don’t mind unique, as long as they are spelled correctly! 🙂 No made up spellings for this baby girl…promise?
    Congratulations Megan!

  298. I say girl, and as for names, I myself have a more traditional naming style. I don’t mind unique, as long as they are spelled correctly! 🙂 No made up spellings for this baby girl…promise?
    Congratulations Megan!

  299. I’m not guessing. But just for fun, I’ll throw some names into the mix…these are all people I know. (But it’s tough to hang these kinds of names on a wee one unless you have the culture to go with them.)
    Boy: Iakovos, Themistocles, Irenaios, Panteleimon
    Girl: Vasiliki, Chryssoula, Glykeria, Chrysanthe

  300. I’m guessing she’s a beautiful little girl, and I’d suggest Saoirse for a name. It’s Irish for “freedom” and is pronounced “SAYR-shuh”.

  301. I think it’s a beautiful, big, baby girl. I love the name Leura, pronounced Lure-a. It’s an Aboriginal name that means lava. Don’t tell Megan, but that is my Australian Labradoodle’s name.

  302. Oh, it’s gotta be a boy, and we’ll suggest Riley which is my husband’s name and also the name of several baby girls we know (just in case I’m wrong…nah, never).

  303. I’m going with boy. While it’s not unusual in the slightest, I like Matthew as a name for a boy.

  304. A boy….Zorn
    This is the name my brother wanted me to name my son Liam. Liam is a nice name too 🙂 Congrats!

  305. Girl – Cariad – Welsh for Love 🙂
    She/he is absolutely lovely, what a precious little life. Congratulations Meghan!

  306. congratulations on a lovely little girl!
    I like the name Grace, but since I have only boys, have never been able to use it.

  307. I’d like to guess that it’s a girl as I LOVE the baby mine pattern! My daughter (Jerilynn) has a friend named Talia. I like both of those names for a girl. For a boy, I’d think about Ephraim, which was my father-in-law’s name, but since he had another son named after himself we didn’t give that name to my son (and Ephriam Jr didn’t give it to his, either!)

  308. After much thought I am going with my first thought and saying boy. As for a name I like Alistair:)
    All the best to Megan and her family!

  309. I’m pretty sure it’s a boy. As for boy names, my favorites are Noah and Nevin. If it is a girl, (and I don’t think it is), I suggest Salia. Regardless of gender, he/she is adorable and those sweaters are really beautiful.

  310. I think it is a boy, but I have good name if the baby is a girl–Ariana Rose.

  311. I am hoping it is a girl and I would name her Tatiana. If I hadn’t waited so long to start having babies (40) I would have named my second daughter Tatiana (my first and only is Natasha.)
    If,however, the precious little bundle is a boy, I would name him Blaise (pronounced Blaze). Congratulations!

  312. Oh, I’m think I’m getting some little boy vibes there. Hmmm… boy names…
    Malcolm, Vincent, Duncan, Kelvin, Paul, Barrett, Clayton, Gareth, Gerard, Grayson, Gregor, Lincoln, Jasper, Latham, Paxton, Stanislaus, Walden, Reuben, Cordell
    And just in case I’m totally off-base, here’s the girl list:
    Alannah, Aurora, Clover, Harmony, Guinivere (or Gwendolyn), Lilith, Ruby, Crystal, Imogen, Ivy, Jade, Lark, Mirabel, Maeve, Meade, Luna, Nova, Quinn, Rhea, Serenity, Poppy, Simone, Colleen, Inga, Ingrid, Opal, Clarice, Laurel, Claudia, Celeste, Coral, Rosalind, Juniper
    Welcome, little one!
    (p.s. does it give anyone else the heebie-jeebies to call a baby an “it”?)

  313. Avery could go either way — but I think it’s especially nice for a girl, which I think is what we are looking at here.

  314. Well, I thought it looked like a boy, but the name “Eowynn” sprung to mind immediately, and that’s a girl’s name (from J.R.R. Tolkien LOTR). It means “Horse of Joy” and it was King Theodan of Rohan’s niece (although Tolkien only used one “n”).
    I vote GIRL and “Eowynn Caileigh” for the name. Congratulations either way!

  315. I’m going to guess it is a boy, simply because the little darling looked a little more comfortable in the blue sweater (even though I would totally rather try to make the pale pinkish one).
    As for a name for him, how about Ronan? It is a Celtic name meaning “little seal”, perfect for the shiny dark hair.

  316. I’m guessing a boy. My favorite name for a boy is Tobin. And for a girl I like Maisie.
    Beautiful baby. Congrats to Megan and her family.

  317. I am going to say girl and I love the name Kristin. Such a beautiful baby and so big. Congrats Megan (not Stephanie’s daughter)

  318. I think it’s a girl and Coraline is a cool name.
    You could call her Coral for short!

  319. That blue looks lovely on baby’s skin, but I am going to vote girl. My name suggestion Xiomara. Although baby’s last name should be taken into account. ~ksp

  320. It’s a girl! Her name could be Willow, for the beautiful, frosty-green colour of willow leaves.

  321. I think it’s a girl!! Suggested name – Elena.
    Either way, that’s one adorable baby. Congrats to Meghan and her family.

  322. Wow that blue sweater, and that baby’s sweet complection – has to be a boy. *grin* Just to tease you, since we all know your life is full of girls! For a unique boys name – Cortland.
    (But I guessed wrong on all of my children – the hubby was always right!)

  323. I’m gonna say girl – the baby looks happier in the pink sweater.
    Name: Persephone (no particular reason for it, just the first thing that popped into my head)

  324. Boy…a great name for him would be Sebastian!
    Or you could name him Rowan and that would be a double nod, one to the heritage, one to the yarn!

  325. What a cutie! I’m guessing a girl.
    Cool girl names:
    Cool boy names:

  326. I think it’s a boy. Why? Because baby just looks more comfy in the blue sweater. Can’t get any more scientific than that.
    As for a name, Megan likes unusual names? How about Tristan?
    (and if I’m wrong, my granddaughter’s name is Lorelai. It sounds even cuter when she says it, though!)

  327. What a sweet (not so little) angel. I’m guessing boy. As for a name, how about Finn?

  328. What a sweet (not so little) angel. I’m guessing boy. As for a name, how about Finn?

  329. I have no clue!
    Names girl: Sunny, Stormy, Rainey
    Names Boy: Jared, Jody, Fraiser
    Ok, I am gonna guess Girl.

  330. Girl! Why else would you have the baby mine sweater first?
    Alice. Because she had lovely journeys down rabbit holes.

  331. Hmmm… I’m not very good at guessing baby genders. Haven’t had much experience with it either. 😉 But I’d guess it’s a boy. One of my favorite male names is Kimmo. In fact if I should ever get around to having a baby of my own and it would be male I’d likely call him Kimmo Elias.
    Anyway, congrats Megan! That is one beautiful baby. Very well done! 🙂

  332. I can’t decide boy or girl. But, if he’s a boy Rowan is a nice manly name, and if she’s a girl Bliss is nice, and both have a “yarney” tie in. Congratulations Megan! You make sweet babies.

  333. My guess is the baby is a GIRL.
    How about naming her Agnes?
    That was my very dear great aunt’s name. She wasn’t a knitter, but she loved to crochet and I know she would be delighted with the whole online knitting community now.

  334. Hmmm…looks like a girl to me. I always liked the name Penelope. Of course, mine is pretty unusual in English speaking parts of the world, Aili

  335. Boy.
    I’d say Galahad, but that’s only because my friend who just had a baby of her own went the not-unique-name route (given the unspellable, unpronouncible, and incomprehensible names she’d picked out for her “girl names” list, I’d say it’s a good thing for the boy). Maybe a little bit, too, because I’ve been listening to the “Spamalot” soundtrack too much lately.

  336. I’m guessing boy. As for boy names, I like Jamie, or for something more unusual, Declan.
    Either way, he/she’s gorgeous! Congratulations.

  337. Girl?? I love the name Bronwyn, but can’t convince my husband, so I’ll suggest it here! (Also, we are preggo and if it’s a girl we’re naming her Cailin – just throwing that one in the ring as well.)

  338. I say girl, mostly so that I can say “Robin”. I’ve always liked that name. =]
    Congratulations to Megan and her beautiful new baby!

  339. tis a boy
    i would name him hnoney pie
    call him amos in public
    mom needs pretty ribbons for her hair

  340. I’m going to go with boy, for no other reason than that the child looks well in the stronger colour.
    And for name, I recommend Alexander(a). I’ve always loved Xander or Sandy for boys (had a much loved uncle called Sandy), and Alex or Lex for girls.
    Congrats, Megan and family!

  341. a beautiful girl, is my guess. marina or hazel are bursting in word balloons over her head.

  342. Best wishes to Megan and her beautiful, new, stylishly dressed baby boy! My favorite names would be Owen or Trevor.

  343. Whether the baby’s a girl or boy, it looks best in the blue sweater so I hope that if she’s a girl she gets to keep both of them!
    I vote girl because I’m biased that way, but couldn’t possibly be so presumptuous as to suggest a name (unless it’s Quilla or Nyame)

  344. Normally I’m not one to comment, but it’s hard to keep me quiet when discussing names.
    I’m pretty convinced that the baby is a girl.
    As for names, here are my favourite girl names:
    Amira-Belle (pronouced ah-MEER-ah)
    Devina (deh-VEEN-ah)
    Sakina (sah-KEEN-ah)
    Boys names:
    What ever gender the baby is, and no matter what name he or she goes by, I wish him or her all the luck in the future.

  345. I’m thinking a girl; how about Brieda? I knew an Irish girl named that once and really liked the name. Good luck to Mother and child!

  346. Congratulations to Megan (yarn store owner Megan not your daughter Megan)!
    I think it’s a boy and should be named Griffin.

  347. I think the beautiful one is a little girl. Here in the South a popular name for a girl is the mother’s maiden name…like Cooper or Vaughn or Chandler…you get the idea. So maybe Megan’s maiden name would work?

  348. I think you have a beautiful baby boy there. And I nominate Coulter [after Phil Coulter, the Irish musician] for a name. Congratulations.

  349. Looks like a boy to me. Evan Joseph sounds nice. Congratulations to Megan on her beautiful new baby – either flavor!

  350. This wee one looks so wonderful and perfect! Glad Mom and baby are well.
    I’m guessing a boy; how about Julio since he was born in July.

  351. She’s a girl.
    In case not, here’s a good unisex name suggestion:

  352. I think it should be a girl and should be named Matine.
    However, it could be a boy in which case, my vote is Kellan.

  353. I’m thinking girl. Moira (moy-rah) is a lovely name, as is Grainne (grawn-yah), both Irish names.

  354. Hmmm… I’m thinking its a boy. I have all girls, so guessing the name is not easy… how about Sebastian?

  355. My vote is a boy, and I like Liam, and Taavi–as in Rikki Tikki. 🙂 “Go and Find Out” is a great motto. Though I guess you could use Taavi for a girl, too–only Finnish folks would know the difference. I also work with a very nice gentleman named Magdy, which is a cool-sounding name.
    Best to Megan and her new little angel!

  356. Welcome, baby. I’m guessing a girl and I would name her Flower. Baby is beautiful!!

  357. I say welcome to the world, beautiful boy! And I offer Xander as his name. Someone else mentioned it, too, but I will provide a bit more info:
    While americans (and canadians, probably) are most likely to want to pronounce it “Zan-dur,” in Dutch and other languages where this name is often used, it’s pronounced “Kshan-dur.” While most common meanings tie it to the Greek (Alexander) “defender of mankind,” I like it for the meaning that it takes on in some Eastern European languages: it also means “dark-haired” or “black-haired.” Who could resist for such a beautiful dark-haired defender of mankind? 😉

  358. It’s a girl named London! No, a boy named London! Either way, I really like the name London. Congratulations Megan!

  359. Congratulations to Megan on that lovely BOY with his fat cheeks and lovely head of dark hair.
    I think he should be called Logan.

  360. I think this is a girl, and she is gorgeous.
    I’d like to suggest Myfanwy (Megan is a welsh name too) and you pronounce it Mi-VAN-wee with the emphasis on the second syllable. The ‘f’ sounds like a ‘v’ in welsh.
    Although I’ve noticed the theme for naming children after places (loved the suggestion for Marylebone Station!) – so how about Merthyr Tydfil for a girl and Milton Keynes for a boy?!

  361. I think this little one is just beautiful – and a boy. call him Clonmel – great Irish name.
    many many blessings and a long and happy life – and wishing a little rest for Mom, too

  362. Girl, all the way.
    Names? I’ve always liked Clare – if my son had been a girl, that was the name we’d chosen. I also like Justine.

  363. Girl? I have no idea. But my favorite name for a girl is Elspeth.
    Such a beautiful baby, and so much hair! Congrats to Megan.

  364. Boy, Joseph.
    Girl, Josephine.
    I’m guessing boy!
    Wishing them a shower of blessings.

  365. boy or girl the baby is beautiful. Riley would work either way. I am leaning towards a boy.

  366. I think it’s a girl 😀
    I’d say either Kaylee or Amber maybe?
    or if it’s a boy
    Gabriel? Tristan?

  367. whatever gender that ginormous and beautifully healthy and gorgeous babe is, in honor of Regis Philbin, either REGIS or REGINA (pronounced reGEEna, not like VR) ohhh CA-NA-DA … 😉

  368. I’m going to say a girl. 🙂 And I’ve been partial to Phoebe Althea (but I never had a girl…)

  369. I say she is a cute baby girl who looks beautiful in both sweaters.
    I nominate my own name. Dympna

  370. I say bouncing baby boy! I think it would be quite fitting sense you’ve posted about your difficulty with the Baby Yours Sweater.
    I’ve always been fond of George as a boys name. Classic and sophisticated.

  371. I decare the competition too difficult as we don’t know about Megan’s partner’s name, nor the surname.
    However if girl – Jane, easy to spell, though not unusual (I have done too much medical records filing to want anything unusual)’ and if a boy – Owayne, (mediaeval) Welsh like Megan, but then again we don’t know the other half of the genetic input.
    Stephanie and Megan how could you conspire to change a newborn baby’s clothes twice just for some photos – this is reprehensible, the poor baby!
    My 11 yr old son wants to know if you get ‘more than one entry in the competition?’ LOL

  372. I say a girl, not that I can actually tell, but I like girls better, especially very wee ones. 🙂 Name? I say Anastasia.

  373. Guessing this lovely baby is a girl. No idea why. Just getting girl vibes from the child. i once had a preschool student named Alyriana. Have always loved that name for a girl.

  374. This looks like a little girl to me. How about Tianna (my daughter’s name). It means Princess. I am sure she will be one.

  375. Boy baby? Seabrook…is that unusual enough? What about Ocean? The suspense is killing me!

  376. Hmm… well, I have no clue as to the gender.
    But, let’s go for a girl. Because I’m partial to baby girls myself.
    I’ve always loved children named after characters in books, so, I’m going to suggest Rosalie if I’m indeed correct about it being a girl.
    But, in the 50/50 chance that I’m incorrect, I’d also like to suggest Emmett.
    They’re both lovely, classic names, in my opinion.
    And congratulations, Megan! The baby is adorable, regardless of gender. ; )

  377. It’s a beautiful baby boy, and I think the perfect name is aiden.
    Congratulations megan!

  378. I think it’s a girl. Name her Abby. If I would of had another girl that would be her name, but I have 2 wonderful boys.

  379. Boy baby? Seabrook…is that unusual enough? What about Ocean? The suspense is killing me!

  380. Girl baby!
    Eleanora — from Eleanor (of Aquitaine, who kicked butt as both Queen of France … and then Queen of England)

  381. Hmmm, I’m gonna guess boy, he looks like a Sebastian.
    Male or female, that is one sweet baby. Looks at those cheeks! And that beautiful hair!

  382. Oh my..tough call at this point.. I’ll say a girl! How about Ashlyn. Little cutie pie, btw!

  383. That looks like a little man to me, but all babies are so squooshy and cryptic about it. I’m partial to the name Quentin, but Ezra and Henry are my other favs (middle names of my three boys).
    Congrats to both mom and baby.

  384. Congrats, what a beautiful baby!
    I think she is a girl. How about Aroha? (A-row-ha …emphasis on first syllable). Its Maori, meaning Love.

  385. By the way, BOTH those sweaters look fabulous! PLEASE PUBLISH THE PATTERNS! Please, please, please!!!

  386. Have no daughters, no grandchildren, only a grand-dog whose birthday is Sunday. I’d say it’s a girl named Alexandria (Andy for short).

  387. I find it hard to believe that she had a baby that was almost 10 pounds and had so little trouble.
    Don’t get me wrong. I’m glad that she had an easy time of it, but I would suggest in the future that she try harder to be on time and not so late. Then the baby might have a chance of being a reasonable weight.
    Something in the back of my brain keeps saying it’s a boy, because of the weight and lateness.
    But I’m going to go with a girl and offer the name Ariane.
    I had to choose a name for an alternate persona, and that’s what I chose because:
    My persona was French, and that’s the French version of Ariadne, the Minoan princess whose boyfriend, Theseus, was sentenced to death by being lost in the Labyrinth and slain by the Minotaur. Ariadne gave him a ball of yarn right before he was sent into the Labyrinth, and he was able to find the Minotaur, slay IT, and find his way out again because of the ball of yarn, and so, survive.
    Seems like a good name for the child of a fiberartist.

  388. I think it’s a boy! And given that his mother’s name is Megan, I’d suggest the name Owen. (FWIW, for a girl I’m fond of Paloma, but I realize that those two names do not sound like they belong in the same family!)

  389. Hello-I am guessing it is a BOY—Megan might like an Alexander in her family

  390. I’m guessing boy.
    Name: Sebastian.
    I also say: publish! Publish! (and in a way that we can pay and download!)

  391. I can’t tell, and I’m a postpartum doula! I’m going to go with boy though, so she can name him Rowan.
    Sure set yourself up for a lot of sorting, miss harlot!

  392. OMG……… I say a healthy GIRL! (although whatever God gave her looks just delicious!!!) My favorite name for a girl has always been Chrisanne. Unfortunately, I only had boys. Enjoy that new bundle!

  393. a beautiful girlie! i like the names Sioban or Sivan…but if you insist on boy, I second the vote for Kieran

  394. a beautiful girlie! i like the names Sioban or Sivan…but if you insist on boy, I second the vote for Kieran

  395. I think it is a girl baby. No reason; just ’cause.
    I think she should be called Anina (said like Anita), which I’m told means “answer my prayer” in Aramaic. I just think it’s a beautiful name for a girl.

  396. I say it’s a Boy…
    I choose the name Torsten because it’s a cool name and my BF has a cousin named Torsten in Berlin that was arrested and jailed for 4 years for attempting to flee East Germany to West Germany by way of jumping the Berlin wall.

  397. I’ll guess boy and suggest he be named Donovan, a strong name that will allow him to become anything he might desire in life without being hindered by a name that is too unusual.

  398. Baby Boy, I think – he looks so handsome in Baby Yours. And I love the name Duncan.

  399. My kids said it’s a boy. They also like the name Blessing – it’s the first name of a guy who I work with.

  400. There are 700+ comments above me…you’re a saint for reading them all and tallying the votes, and looking at the names.
    I’m going to say boy, and suggest the name Aidan.

  401. My guess is boy because I hope the baby gets to wear the blue sweater! And for a name, I like Rowan for either (as I see a few others do too).

  402. I’m guessing boy, and sure hope I’m not damaging an infant girl’s self-esteem! How about naming him Camden?

  403. My oldest son says “boy” and the name is “John”.
    I vote boy as well and say “Jameson”.
    Gosh – all of us who are wrong are just going to feel so badly!!!!!! We’ve all been through the “wrong gender compliment” phase 🙂
    Congrats Meghan!!! Great job! Get some rest!!

  404. What a beautiful baby BOY!! How about Douglas Marc for a fantastic name. When he’s little, he can be called Dougie, which is very sweet. As he’s older, and a bit more trouble, “Douglas” yelled at the top of mom’s lungs gets full attention!

  405. P.S. Jackson says the reason he picked “boy” is that the baby looks “happier” in the boy-ish sweater than the girl-ish sweater.
    He now says “post”

  406. I believe she is a girl and should have the name of Athena, after the Greek goddess of wisdom, war, and handcrafts (spinning, weaving, and if they had had it back then, I bet she’d cover knitting, too).
    Now, if it is a boy, I think Hephaestus would be a great name. He was the Greek god of smithing and fire.

  407. I do think it’s a baby boy and have already submitted that guess and the name Bruce.
    However, I am often wrong and, while not an officeial contest entry, I would suggest the name Cenia if baby be a girl.