Snips and snails and puppy-dogs tails

Internets, please meet Megan’s son:



(Don’t you love it? You could grow up to be anything with a name like that.) Megan sent me a note confirming his name choice (and telling me that she and her husband James read every comment and had a ton of fun) and it read:

Obediah Ukulele and Penelope Pearl welcome their baby brother Elwood Ulian

(Ulian is in reference to ulian pipes, a musical instrument similar to the bag pipes).

Tracy is the lucky knitter who guessed boy (and wanted to name him Bart) and was chosen by the random number thingie, and Tina and I will be mailing her a kit for Baby Yours (the blue sweater above.) I hope she knows a little guy who will look as handsome in it as our boy Ely. If you guessed girl, you certainly weren’t alone, and I held that baby live and in person yesterday and still couldn’t tell till I peeked at his netherbits. (That’s a boy for sure.)

I like how he looks like he’s waving up there. Hi right back atcha Dude.