Snips and snails and puppy-dogs tails

Internets, please meet Megan’s son:



(Don’t you love it? You could grow up to be anything with a name like that.) Megan sent me a note confirming his name choice (and telling me that she and her husband James read every comment and had a ton of fun) and it read:

Obediah Ukulele and Penelope Pearl welcome their baby brother Elwood Ulian

(Ulian is in reference to ulian pipes, a musical instrument similar to the bag pipes).

Tracy is the lucky knitter who guessed boy (and wanted to name him Bart) and was chosen by the random number thingie, and Tina and I will be mailing her a kit for Baby Yours (the blue sweater above.) I hope she knows a little guy who will look as handsome in it as our boy Ely. If you guessed girl, you certainly weren’t alone, and I held that baby live and in person yesterday and still couldn’t tell till I peeked at his netherbits. (That’s a boy for sure.)

I like how he looks like he’s waving up there. Hi right back atcha Dude.

194 thoughts on “Snips and snails and puppy-dogs tails

  1. I revise my comment… he’s a lovely little boy! And he sure does look great in that sweater. I should have known better, but I’ve been playing with new baby granddaughter lately (born July 13) so I was naturally thinking girl.

  2. Aw, very cute and sweet. Hope all is going well. Mama’s milk being served? Have a great life little Elwood. I have a boy, Vincent Wesley, and he’s a wonderful kid. If you have half the fun we have, then you’ll still be lucky. :-))))

  3. Great name & great head of hair! Until I heard it again, I disremembered I have a cousin named Elwood. Thanks for sharing the baby photos with us!

  4. HA! knew he was a boy – just looked little-manly. and cool name by the way, my father-in-law would smile to know there is another Elwood in the world now…

  5. Congratulations! I have been reading your blog bit by bit, and so far I am in October 2005. So forgive me that I am a bit slow. Is the Megan your Megan? I mean one of your three daughters? :=)

  6. I hope his best friend growing up is a kid named Jake.
    “It’s 106 miles to Chicago, we’ve got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes; it’s dark and we’re wearing sunglasses. Hit it!”

  7. Congratulations Megan and family! I showed the pictures to my husband last night, and he was convinced it was a boy, but we forgot to leave the comment.
    Elwood is a cool name – I have the Jake that goes with him, if we ever get them to meet…

  8. so sweet! when’s the pattern available for the non-winners?! I’d love to knit little e one of those! They do come in big size right?

  9. He is darling…my husband was a better guesser than I! Congrats Tracey:)

  10. He’s adorable and I love his name. I thought he had a boy nose – it always seems like newborn boys dedicate more real estate to their noses than girls (maybe I’m crazy).

  11. Well, I guessed wrong, but my mom guessed right. Either way, what a cutie and congratulations again to Megan. Neat name too, though I’m partial to Jasper which is what our new little one (May 25th) is named.

  12. *grumble*
    that’s the last time I listen to hubby instead of my first instinct on baby sex guessing… πŸ˜‰
    Congrats to Tracy and congrats (again) to Megan and gorgeous baby Elwood!!

  13. Now what will happen to the Baby Mine sweater? Will Elwood wear that one too? (Great name!)

  14. He’s a beautiful baby! I love the name! Make sure he learns how to play the harmonica!!!!

  15. Congrats on a bouncing, waving baby boy, Megan-that-is-not-Stephanie’s-daughter!
    Elwood… It’s a good name. I rather like it. ^_^ He will be a knitter for sure.

  16. I am happy that I guessed correctly. If baby Elwood was in my sphere I’d call him Woody!
    Welcome to the world little Wood-man!

  17. awww (x1million). OK, it’s official. I spend entirely TOO much time on ravelry….
    He most definitely is cute though. That sweater’s my fave. I’m glad he’s a boy. So I’m curious, what was the predominate guess on the boards? Did more people think boy or girl? CONGRATS MEGAN!!

  18. Welcome, Elwood. Looks like you’re surrounded by good and loving folk. Glad you’re walking (well, almost) among us. Welcome indeed.

  19. Congrats Megan, Elwood is beautiful! I guessed boy too; he just *seemed* boyish. My dear hubby took a look at the photos posted and said, “Oh, yeah, it’s gotta be a boy. His mouth is closed.”
    (Don’t worry, girls; I smacked him good.)

  20. “It’s 106 miles to Chicago. We’ve got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it’s dark and we’re wearing sun glasses.”
    Welcome, Dude.

  21. Well I missed the gender guessing game because my own baby boy, now 18, is going to college and we had him a party yesterday.
    I know you won’t believe me, but I totally would have guessed BOY. Yes sirree, no mistaking him for anything else. Elwood. What a cool name.
    Congratulations to the happy family. Are they trying to raise an orchestra? πŸ™‚

  22. What a beautiful boy! And I love his name. Will we learn what he weighed at birth? I have had 4 kids and he looks BIG. Congratulations, Megan and welcome, Elwood.

  23. I just KNEW it! And such a lovely name. Congratulations Megan to you and the rest of Elwoods new family.

  24. I’m so tempted to make him a little black tie and suit and send them with a hat and sunglasses…

  25. I’m with marie and j00liscous — get that boy some dry white toast and four whole fried chickens.
    There’s also Elwood P. Dowd, gentle visionary and friend to pookas.
    Either way, he’ll have loyal and colorful friends. Blessings.

  26. Elwood, you rock, li’l guy! Congratulations, Megan. Congratulations, Tracy. Thanks, Stephanie. That was fun.

  27. Can’r believe I guessed right… He is so adorable. Absolutely love the name!!

  28. But it’s the last day of the Tour de Fleece!
    I expected a few more photos of yarn!
    Not that I don’t love baby photos, but we’re talking about yarn.
    Did you make it? Did you spin as much as you wanted to? Can we get a group photo of all the yarn you made?

  29. Oh, Elwood! You are gorgeous. I guessed right yesterday (my comment got eaten) but I suggested Felix Ian. Clearly I was not thinking broadly enough. Megan & James- you do beautiful work! Thank you for sharing him with us.

  30. he looks great in that sweater! Doesn’t ulian mean elbow? ’cause the ulian pipes are also known as the elbow pipes.

  31. Yay! I guessed right & Elwood is kinda similar to Elijah, my suggestion. He is sooooo beautiful. Making me think of the smell of a newborns head & the special peaceful feeling I get holding one. Enjoy for all of us vicarious baby snugglers.

  32. Huh. Teach me to go with my first instinct!
    Initially (see comment from yesterday) what popped into my head was “boy” with the name Eowyn until I looked up Eowyn and discovered it’s a girl’s name. But the E-W was so strong I had to go with it. Isn’t THAT the weirdest thing. Eowyn… Elwood. See the similarities when you say it? Weird!
    Welcome to the world, Little Boy Elwood Ulian! Cool names, btw.

  33. I know a lovely man named Elwood Duckworth. I agree that a boy can grow up to be anything with a name like that.
    Welcome to the party, little Ely.

  34. Yay – I finally guessed the gender right! But I think I’ll still call him Pascal, my suggestion, as chances of us ever meeting are extremely thin.

  35. Cool! I knew it was a boy. Lately, I’ve had a perfect record guessing baby gender. He’s adorable, so cuddly. He looks very content in his beautiful sweater. Best wishes to Megan and family.

  36. Well! Nice to be born with a great career already in place: that lad is a knitted-wear model if I ever saw one! I just love little wubbly fat baby faces. Blessings to you, El, and your whole family! (And thanks, Stephanie, for the delicious pix)

  37. What an awesome name! My father would be tickled if I ever named a son Elwood – we have watched “Blues Brothers” together a thousand times over the years. πŸ™‚
    I can’t get over the sibling names, either! What a bunch!

  38. He’s beautiful πŸ™‚ I thought he was a girl though. Show’s how much I know. I’d just like to make a request that you eventually put your patterns for both sweaters (but Baby Yours in particular) up somewhere. I’m a cable whore πŸ™‚

  39. Re Rams’ comment, words of wisdom from Elwood P.Dowd: “My mother used to say,
    ‘In this world, Elwood, you must be oh so smart, or oh so pleasant.’ For years I was smart…I recommend pleasant. And you may quote me.”
    I think the new little Elwood is going to be both!

  40. Elwood – what a lovely name. Congratulations to James and Megan. Go well.

  41. elwood you even have a town
    named after you elwood indiana
    a lot of elwoods in the search
    now we will all be nice and quiet
    while you sleep -you need a pooh bear

  42. Congratulations to James, Megan, and of course Elwood. I love the name! I fully expect to see a picture of him at 6 months with a fedora and dark sunglasses.
    Thanks for the great pics, Steph. πŸ™‚

  43. He’s the cutest little boy ever. At least he will be until my nephew is born in December. Then, he’ll be the cutest little Canadian boy ever.

  44. Does Megan have any idea how much fun she is going to be having? I just adore baby/little boys!! (good thing too since I have two at home and one more on the way!!) Elwood is a GREAT name.
    “It’s 106 miles to Chicago, we’ve got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it’s dark, and we’re wearing sunglasses.”
    –Elwood Blues

  45. Cute baby! Congrats to Megan! When I saw the name I couldn’t stop thinking about Elle Woods from the movie, “Legally Blonde,” even though it is slightly different. >.<

  46. I knew it! And what a great name, buy that kid some shades!
    I had a house full of knitters and knitter babies this morning, they sure are the bestest thing in life!

  47. Welcome to the world Elwood! I’m laughing because I suggested my husband’s name (Obadiah) but it looks like Megan and James beat me to that one.

  48. Baby mine…….. all are innocent and delicious! A rose by any other name would smell as sweet! Sweater patterns please (do I hear an echo on this page?) Remember, Steph…….. we are a tenacious bunch. Its not nice to tease us knitters.

  49. Elwood Ulian! What a wonderful name. And an adorable baby — male or female. Now I want to go find some Ulian pipe music. I’d kinda forgotten about them and they’re great.

  50. Even though I guessed girl, I’m glad he’s a boy – I liked the Baby Yours sweater better and really wanted to see more pix of him wearing it.

  51. snort, you said netherbits.
    Yay, I guessed right! That doesn’t happen very often, just ask my kids.
    Megan, he really is a beauty, and his name totally suits him. I love too, that you waited to meet him to name him. I think that some kids just don’t fit their names. Or vice versa.
    Elwood, welcome to the world, baby. Enjoy your wool, and your momma, and all that there is to enjoy. May you sleep soundly, feed thoroughly, investigate everything, and not get into Momma’s yarn too early. But, when you do, I bet she knows someone who’ll get some needles in your hands awful quick. And I can always fly up there real quick and teach you how to crochet.

  52. Elwood, huh? Get that kid a pair of sunglasses and a Cab Calloway record. He’s on a mission from Gawd. πŸ™‚

  53. Neat :)I’ve only known one Elwood in my life, and I swear…draw a bushy set of facial hair on this wee babe’s photo, a miniature plaid shirt over the lovely blue sweater and he’d be a wee replica of Elwood at Pontoon Lake. Talented, resourceful, kind.

  54. Blessings on you, Elwood babee you darlin boy! Don’t forget that knitting is a Manly Sport! Megan and daddy, congrats!

  55. thank heavens I thought I was going to bust keeping that secret any longer.
    Oh good busting out Elwood. You did your family proud.
    Hi obi and miss P, nice little brother you have there. I’ll make brownies shall I? love your Denny0x0x0xx00

  56. Congrats to the whole family. What a lovely name.
    Do you think you could post the pattern? I love both, and am currently pregnant…

  57. I knew that baby could be nothing other then a boy. He is gorgeous. He is destined for great things with his great name!! Congrats again Megan and family!!

  58. If you don’t knit him a giant rabbit post haste let me know an address and I will! I love Elwood, a beautiful name for a gorgeous little one.

  59. Awe, I was wrong, but he’s Adorable either way! Congrats to the new parents.

  60. Elwood is a great name! Congratulations Megan and welcome to the world, Elwood.
    BTW how do I get the pattern and/or kit for Baby Mine? My newest niece, Saoirse Rose, is overdue and knitting her a half dozen socks didn’t do the trick.

  61. Congratulations again Megan! I knew he was a little guy, something in the water these days is making lots of beautiful baby boys! πŸ™‚

  62. I knew it! Elwood… it sounds so “Lord of the Rings” (and that’s a good thing!). They have really pretty names in those books like, Elros, Elrohir. Congrats Megan and family on little Elwood!!! May he grow up to be a great person and a great knitter!
    Congrats to Tracy for getting the prize! So jealous.

  63. It’s SNAKES and Snails and Puppy dog tails. Sheesh πŸ˜‰
    I bet you say “eensy weensy spider”, too, when we all know it’s “itsy bitsy”.
    We have that spider fight in my house, too.

  64. Congratulations again! Where could I purchase the pattern for the pink sweater? Jane

  65. Hee–that was my grandfather’s name! (Except he spelled it with two Ls.) If this boy turns out to be anything like my grandfather, he’ll be pretty fantastic πŸ™‚ And why wouldn’t he, with a sweater like that?!

  66. He is just beautiful. I love that name. It goes with the great hair (can you tell – my little one was bald until she was 2).

  67. He’s gorgeous. I love his Ulian name. The Davy Spillane album A Place Among the Stones is my “happy place”. There is nothing more peaceful.
    Elwood–this is just between you and me–welcome to the world. If you love it a lot, it will love you back. For now though, just snuggle and nurse and sleep. You’ll need the energy because this is a wonderful interesting place to be.

  68. A lady-killer for sure!!! The girls will want his phone # in Kindergarten. Bet his friends in high school and college nickname him “Woody”. How cute is that??!!
    So , for us unlucky non-winners-when do the patterns arrive??? And how do we order. My new Grandson-Hudsen-will look so cute in the blue since he has lots of dark hair too.

  69. My brother and sister-in-law are expecting what will be my first nephew in Nov. and I reallt feel like he needs a sweater like that. Any chance it will be available anytime soon? I’ll pay. πŸ™‚

  70. Lovely! There are so many babies born into this world and it never ceases to amaze me how miraculous each one is in his/her own right:)

  71. stunning baby boy, and I love the name! My new nephew Ely (Elias) was born on 7/1 – must be a July Boy thing.

  72. I knew that but didn’t comment. Unusual names are de rigeur these days, my offspring named my granddaughte Elliotte…what kind of name is that for a girl, said I…ciao

  73. Awww, that’s a great name choice. He’ll be a ladykiller for sure with a name like that! (I keep thinking of Elwood Blues from the Blues Brothers movies. Can’t get cooler than that!) Congrats Megan, he’s adorable!

  74. Congratulations on a healthy baby boy. I missed out on the guessing, since I only came today, but agree that he looks like a boy! He is very handsome in his blue and cream-colored sweaters. They are gorgeous, too. I’m glad everything went well!

  75. Oh, beautiful boy!! Now he needs a knitted rabbit named Harvey…. about six foot tall and I think he wore a vest and hat. It has been a long time since I saw the movie. Now I need to go watch it again.

  76. Are Obediah Ukulele and Penelope Pearl two kids or three (with a comma missing)? This family definitely likes unusual names!

  77. Well done, Tracy!
    And hello to you too Elwood. *waves*
    By the way, Stephanie, I just listened to your interview with Kelly on the latest KnitPicks podcast and I thoroughly enjoyed it. So much so that I now want to hunt down your books!
    If knitting ever makes you enough money to buy you a trip to Dubai, please would you consider it? I feel so isolated in this place and people around me think I’m nuts for wanting to knit in this weather!

  78. So, how about the pattern for the rest of us that guessed the gender correctly? πŸ™‚
    Congratulations, Elwood and family.

  79. I totally knew he was a boy! ;D I didn’t comment earlier, as I have no babies to knit for… πŸ˜€ Congrats to the new mommy…

  80. Oh, that baby is love incarnate. ::grin:: I’m from the Philippines, where we have a famous film director named Elwood Perez.
    Congratulations and jubilations to the happy family!

  81. Yay Elwood! Even though I thought he was a boy baby, I so wanted to suggest the girls name Penelope. I’m glad Meghan already beat me to it. Small minds run in tiny circles. Plus, what a great middle name! I’m guessing they are a musical family?

  82. My dad’s middle name was Elwood….he was an awsome guy. Best wishes to you all. I can see lots of knitting in his future!

  83. Welcome to the lovely Elwood.
    I had to smile reading about Megan and Elwood.
    My daughter’s name is Megan and I do drag and play the character Elwood when we do the Blues Brothers.
    Bright blessings to mother, father and baby.

  84. Gorgeous baby, & gorgeous names for all your children!
    (And the sweater is gorgeous too, Stephanie)

  85. I didn’t send in a guess, but I did think that the baby looked gorgeous in blue, no matter what gender. A handsome name for a handsome little boy. The sweater is outstanding!

  86. Yeah!! I guess correctly!!! He is beautiful and I’m so glad everyone is doing well. Thanks for the fun contest of sorts!
    Oh – and the baby sweaters are beautiful!!!!!!!!

  87. Elwood is perfect.
    My fallopian tubes are wriggling their best trying to un-TIE….is 40 too old for one more baby?
    Ummm yeah- for me- prolly… but the cuteness is truly inspiring and a joy-
    congrats to the whole family — and it’s extended LK family.
    (and the blue sweater? phenomenal on the lil dude:) PERFECT. all around.
    and now I can say it BOYZ ROCK. (so do girls, I’m sure… but i have three men in progress here–so I could be biased πŸ™‚

  88. Congratulations to Megan and family! I was too late for the guessing, but I think I would have guessed a boy… Anyway, he’s beautiful… and such dark hair! Can’t wait to meet him. All the best.

  89. All I can think of is The Blues Brothers. Get that boy some shades! What a handsome chap!

  90. PS— Harlot— fyi– the knitters are making a difference again… small things done with great love… helping a family stay in their home;) It’s blowing my handknit socks off.
    Details on the blog–:)

  91. Megan, you have an adorable son. Such a cutie. May he and his parents have a wonderful happy life.
    And I adore the name!

  92. He needs a giant rabbit named Harvey and a rubber biscuit. I’m sure he’s already got the kindness and the rhythm.
    Blessings to all!

  93. Oh, the cheeks, the cheeks kill me every time. I could eat for a week on those cheeks!
    Congratulations, Megan and fam!!

  94. What fun! I promise to do my best working this little sweater. Thank you Steph and Tina! Hugs to Megan and James and nuzzles to baby Elwood.
    Stephanie, could you maybe wrap that yarn around the wee little one for a minute or two before you send it I’m in dire need of baby scent!

  95. LOVE the name! LOVE the baby! LOVE the sweater! Little boys are SO CUTE! Kinda makes me want another one. (Well, actually, I said that after two boys it’s time for me to have another girl! My daughter needs a sister!)

  96. I hope he grows up with a Mission from God! He’s definitely gonne be the cool one in school. Congrats!

  97. He is beautiful. Those names are a mouthful! (Lord, I can’t even imagine how she would get them out of her mouth when they start acting up – I trip over my kids names all the time.)
    James and Megan – enjoy your family. He is a sweetie! Congratulations!!

  98. Welcome, young Elwood! Your name makes me thing of the Blues Brothers and their music. :o) You look smashing in your sweater.

  99. Awwwwww! Elwood – great name – so cuuuuuuuute!
    Mazel tov and congratulations, Megan and family!
    Elwood, you look great in your blue sweater. Welcome to the world!

  100. Okay, but at least I guessed their daughter’s name correctly! I think that counts for something.

  101. Hmmm.
    Nice cute little boy – and should I assume that at that weight, he should be sleeping through the nights pretty fast – right ???

  102. I really don’t think those cheeks could be anymore kissable. And god bless that hair!
    Will we ever know his length and weight on birth? I remember seeing the pictures and Megan looked like she had a baker’s dozen in her oven.

  103. Gah! I’m away from the internets for a weekend, and I miss out on all the excitement. Welcome, Elwood, and congratulations to Megan, James, Obediah and Penelope!

  104. Ooooooooh. Baaaaabyyyyyyy! Just want to kiss those little cheeks!
    Fabby sweater! I’m way behind on your blog (trip to Iceland) MUST GET READING!

  105. Super-cute baby, and I love the name. Makes me think of the blues brothers:) He looks awfully handsome in that sweater, too

  106. Elwood’s a gorgeous baby. Elwood’s a cool name.
    I had to smile reading this post. Due to coincidences.
    I do drag and at my last gig I played the Elwood character from the Blues Brothers.
    My daughter’s name is Megan too (so I love that name too).
    Love, light and many happy times to the expanded family.

  107. oh my Gosh, why didn’t I think of that?!?! We named our cat Elwood (Blues of course) and I love that name! Our kitty Is a girl, but she’s black and white and a howler, so the name seemed perfect. We were missing our home town of Chicago at the time as well. As she is a girl, we call her Elly for short. But Ely is a great boy nickname.
    Congrats to the proud parents!

  108. What a beautiful boy! Congrats! YH, are you going to post the patts for these beautiful sweaters! I have two ‘baby yours’ in my house- the boy patt would be great for Christmas sweaters for them!

  109. awwwwwwwwwwwwww! He’s just gorgeous! Welcome to the world, little dude!
    And many congratulations to Megan and James! πŸ˜€

  110. Our family loves cool names, too. We have: Myron Marshall (boy), Rodney Allan (boy), Tanner (boy), Atticus (boy), Savannah Boone (girl), Scout Tecumseh(boy), Joplin Huckleberry (boy), Harper Oklahoma (boy), Tasman (boy), Forest Alexander(boy), Greyson (a girl), Chloe (girl), Pascale (girl), Jackson Richard (boy), Joseph Herman (boy), Melvin Lee (boy), and me Bobbie Jo (girl). Then one pair got tired of the name thing; their boys are “Fred” and “Jake”!

  111. I hope Canada is different from every other english speaking country I’ve visited or lived in that children have changed a great deal and become kind and compassionate creatures -especially in 3rd grade, because I find giving children odd names is an act of cruelty … and I’m basing that on my first name and the fact that my middle is my mother’s maiden name …

  112. Congratulations to the Megan family on your beautiful baby. Did you know that you named him after my dear father, born in 1910, who was a great Dad and a wonderful person. He had a great and long life, 93 years.

  113. Such a beautiful babe! Love the name Elwood wearing his little blue sweater. I missed the weekend’s blogs as I was with my 87 year old father in the hospital. He’s home now.
    I knew he would be a Leo baby! Just one more day & we would’ve shared a b-day. Congrats to the lucky family!

  114. Little Himself eyed the screen and made the comment, “Een-gah!”. I’m assuming this is Baby for, “Hey, I wonder if he’ll play with me?” Here’s to beautiful babies, boy OR girl!

  115. I love the name! Our family Elwood is long gone now, and it’s just not a name you see often (except in Bkues Brothers movies). I think it’s a grand choice for an adorable boy. (I was pretty sure it was a boy, but I forgot to guess.)
    I also think sweater instructions should be made available to those of us willing to make donations to MSF. It’s a fabulous cause, and all of us are just itching to get our hands on the patterns! Think of how much more moula we could donate in honor of Elwood!

  116. i feel strangely pleased that i guessed he is a he. gosh, he’s so beautiful. i wonder if he’s an ely or a woody tho. i don’t think we’ll know until he’s a toddler.

  117. Thank you for letting us share in this joyful event! What a wonderful way to welcome another little human into this world. πŸ™‚

  118. He is so cute. Ellwood P. Dowd in “Harvey” is a lovely character (played by the wonderful Jimmy Stewart in the movie.) I will now think giant white rabbit thoughts whenever I ‘see’ him. Which is only right since Megan is not your Megan, but Megan of Lettuce Knit.
    Blessings on you Megan and family

  119. Hey sweet baby!<3 <3 <3
    What I want to know is, why doesn’t Penelope have an instrument as her middle name too?

  120. Well now that I know he is a boy he looks like one. Reminds me of those studies done in the 70’s where they would put a blue hat on a baby and watch how people played with the kid. Then on the same baby but out of sight, they put a pink hat on and then watched completely different adult behaviors.
    Way to go Megan!

  121. I haven’t read all of the comments but I will never be able to hear the name Elwood without thinking of the Blues Brothers and Dan Akroyd’s character. Remember the E-L-W-O-O-D tattoos on his fingers??? πŸ™‚

  122. Megan needs to get started on another boy so she can name him Jake. Elwood is a TERRIFIC name, and his character was played by the Canadian half of the Blues Brothers, so that’s also cool. Internet baby-naming contests are going to become all the rage, and this generation’s version of hippie names will not be Leaf, Willow, Rainbow, Flower, or Starshine. I predict we’ll soon be meeting kids named St3v3, ROFL, and Jnnfr97.

  123. “Tina and I will be mailing her a kit for Baby Yours (the blue sweater above.)”
    Does this mean that kits (or at least patterns) will eventually be available for the darling sweaters? Pretty pretty please!

  124. Bravo. I guessed a boy but wasn’t prepared for the name! I love it and lost my dear uncle Elwood this past year. My dear aunt, Elwood’s widow is an incredible lace crocheter and I shall think it would delight her to no end to see his name on this delightfully handsome young infant. Enjoy wee Elwood. (My uncle was a purebred Scot)

  125. What a beautiful little one! Congrats to Megan…and a lovely name to boot. I have a good friend named Elwood, and have never met another with that name. πŸ™‚
    I have three kids already but those newborn shots are getting my baby yen going….i’ve never been fond of odd numbers. πŸ™‚

  126. I absolutely LOVE THIS SWEATER. I want one all grown up for ME! I adore the square neckline, am enthralled with the asymmetrical opening, LOVE LOVE LOVE this sweater. I hope you are going to releas it as a pattern soon!

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