You get what you pay for

I had 1205g spun before the final push in the Tour de Fleece, and I had this monster batt to go.


The thing was way to big to get on my tiny scale, but I couldn’t imagine that it didn’t weigh at least 300g. No way. I embarked on it with dedication like you’ve never seen. I spun. I spun more. I spun without worrying about the colours or where they landed. When one bobbin was full I moved onto the next. It was a blur. The limp started to come back. I spun anyway. I spun though meals, I spun through sleep time… In fact, the only break I took was to go meet Megan’s baby, but I had spun so much that I was feeling pretty cocky. I had time to spare. By Saturday night I had three full bobbins.


So I did a three ply. It filled three bobbins again on Sunday morning as I plied, and I was thrilled not just with the yarn (dang it’s pretty) but that it was Sunday at about 2 in the afternoon when I was all done. 3 skeins of beautiful yarn. Totally done. Done the Tour de Fleece.


Here I thought I wouldn’t make it at all, and I was done with time to spare. As I skeined it and admired it, gave myself little congratulatory lectures on sticking to a thing and not giving up. Being a bit of a procrastinator, I’m not usually finished with time to spare – and it really felt good. Fantastic in fact. I was heading upstairs to set the twist in a bath when it occured to me to weigh the skeins. I wondered how far over 1500g I had gone! I came back downstairs, knotted them up small enough to go onto the scale and….


Whoa. I stared. I took it off and put it on again, making sure that the whole knot was on the scale. Then, feeling a little shocky and looking at the clock (1:22, for anyone who cares) I did the math. 221g. 1205 + 221 = 1426. 1426, my woolly friends, is less than 1500. I started to panic. No way. Just no way… that roving was huge – how could it be only 221g? Rat Bastards. I started to panic. Really panic. No way was I coming within 74 grams of victory. NO WAY.

I threw the skeins onto my desk and bolted for the spinning stash. I rifled through it (making a huge mess that I totally have to clean up today. I grabbed a roving of 50/50 wool/alpaca and started to spin. Spin fast. (This is the point that I probably should have made a decision to spin chunky singles yarn, but I promised myself at the outset of this that I would rather not finish than spin yarn that I didn’t like. This is probably also the point that I should have remembered that alpaca is lighter than wool, and that’s probably why that huge batt was so light, and likely why going and getting more alpaca blend yarn was a little dumbass at that point, but in the heat of battle, things are lost.)


There are no pictures of the singles, my friends, because they were finished at 10pm, and I couldn’t stop long enough to photograph them if I was going to make the deadline. The three bobbins (why I decided to do three ply is beyond me) were mounted on the kate (I refuse to call it a lazy kate) and I started plying. I whipped through two bobbins and with moments to spare, I had this.


168m of the alpaca/shetland three ply, and decent, though spun fast. I popped it on the scale:




Total weight spun : 1540 grams, and about 2500m of yarn I love.

I gathered the guys up today for a class photo (minus the green sparkly yarn, since I already gave it away.)

Mission accomplished.


Now if you don’t mind, I have a spinners limp to put ice on. Same time next year?

(PS. I know some of you will ask, so I’ll add it here. All of these skeins are gifts. It was a stash busting exercise, so as hard as it is to let go, they are all leaving for homes in other stashes. All but one. Any guesses which one I’m keeping? )

221 thoughts on “You get what you pay for

  1. I’m guessing the second to last – the monster batt at the beginning of the post – is the one you kept.
    Nicely done, Dude.

  2. Congratulations! That’s a whole lot of pretty yarn.
    I’d still rather watch you spin than spin myself. I guess I just haven’t been bitten by the spinning bug.

  3. yah hoo!!!! I did a lot of spindle spinning and have spindlers finger. going to go get ice.

  4. So beautiful! I am a VERY beginner spinner (as in, own a drop spindle and have tried it out twice), and I hope I’ll make yarn that gorgeous eventually!

  5. Congratulations! If it were me I’d keep that beautiful green/multicolored that you spun on Sunday.

  6. and i saw 0 comments πŸ™
    but if you want a home for any skeins i dont mind

  7. Absolutely fabulous. I would have to have the last skein that you spun is the one you are going to keep… although it is all absolutely beautiful!

  8. Hmmmm… I can’t tell which one most closely resembles 1970s appliance colour, so I’ll guess the brown Grafton Batts skein.

  9. The green one (the second last one spun) – it’s the closest one you have to 70s appliance colours.

  10. That’s seriously impressive: very nice yarn, and a huge amount of it! (Also proof of a nice stash of fiber, to be able to spin all that out of it!)
    I’d guess that you’re keeping the second from the left in the top row – the monster batt. But who knows. πŸ™‚

  11. I’d say you deserve a pat on the back for staying in the race!
    I suppose you are keeping the lovely combed top from July 18th? You made such a success of all the bright colours and it was a personal challenge within the challenge of the tour

  12. Congrats-well done!– but still the yellow? I’m with Denny- not your color:) As my mother would say “it makes you look peak-ed”
    (but then– I actually just don’t like yellow—even though I TRY to… ok- so…that’s a lie- I don’t even try)

  13. Wow!! Those are beautiful! (Sorry I can’t write w/o exclamations) Now, remember what you told us about resting our hands when the knitting hands pain starts. That goes for spinning foots pain, too. Please behave! Sorta, a little bit a least. Oh well, do what you’re gonna do!!

  14. You’re keeping the top? The candy colored one that came out exactly the way you wanted. Your precious? That one?

  15. The thing you blogged about on july 18, that came out perfect, that you had to pet. A lot.
    that’s my guess. :>
    Good job getting it all done!

  16. Awesome! I bet you’re holding on to that very last skein since it was emergency spinning. I especially love the purplish spinderella skein and grafton one too.

  17. Congratulations on your accomplishment! That’s quite a lot of spinning, there!!
    I’m guessing you’ll be keeping the lovely light green skein (bottom row, 2nd from right). Do let us know which one you kept!

  18. I seem to remember that green is your color so I’m going to guess the green yarn. Although, I love the looks of the alpaca/wool that you spun last.
    Anything about spinning is total Greek to me so I’m extremely impressed with how much yarn you managed to spin in so short a time!

  19. Wow! I am IMPRESSED. I do not spin nor do I think I ever want to but I admire those that do. I think you are keeping the monster batt – that’s the one I would keep.

  20. Greetings Canadian Ambassador of Yarn!
    It was so lovely to meet you and Denny this Saturday at Lettuce Knit. I love the Misti Alpaca yarn that I bought and am still thinking of what pattern to knit. Decisions, decisions….
    Thanks for pointing me to the Big Fat Burrito for lunch. It was yummy. ( And CHEAP!) My trip to Lettuce Knits was definitely the highlight of my visit to your fair city. I hope that I can visit Toronto again someday when I can look around some more.
    Thanks to you and Denny, the other Canadian Ambassador of Yarn for making my trip to Lettuce knits a great experience. Tell Megan congratulations on her lovely baby and that she runs a terrific shop.

  21. One of the blue ones…you love blue πŸ™‚ CONGRATS on getting all of that spun up. What an amazing stash bust!!

  22. That is some wonderful, lovely yarn! (So much for underspin, eh?) It really is wonderful. And the three plies made it a more “round” yarn, a little bouncier, sorta.
    Congrats on finishing the Tour de Fleece!

  23. Ooops my fingers aren’t working right resulting in a phony email addy and web addy thus my comment is being held in purgatory. LOLOLOL
    I’ll just have to say it again…
    Rat Bastards has got to stay.

  24. Congratulations! Well done!
    Even though it caused you moments of distress, I’d be keeping the next to the last bit you spun. I suppose we all project on to this what we like best and I tend to fall for the green. blue, red combinations.

  25. Congratulations! Wow, maillot jaune is such a responsibility!
    I think youΒ΄re keeping the two skeins of greenish-blue.
    Get well soon from your spinner-maillot-jaune-lesion!

  26. Yea! Knew you could do it! I was waiting and waiting to see how that stripy piece (“the monster batt”) worked up, and come to find out it gave you the most trouble (tho it is beautiful!) What a story – what excitement, following you through to the end! And you finished those lovely baby sweaters as well, for the lovely little Elwood. Now you can relax and take a summer vacation…? (forget cleaning the house, do that later) Congratulations!

  27. For all your astounding efforts, I hope you keep the alpaca/shetland three-ply. It is gorgeous – they all are, but that looks so snugly and soft. Wow, you did it!

  28. Congrats!
    Why don’t you raffle them off????? Say for a donation of $5.00 to Knitters without Borders, your name goes in a hat to win one of your lovelies.
    Way to go!

  29. Amazing. But seriously I hope you didn’t hurt yourself–assuming you fully recover from spinner’s limp. There’s no way I could have spun that much without having shoulder and back pain, not to mention wrist and hand issues.
    I bow to your superhuman spinning skills.

  30. I bet you keep the teal stuff you spun on Sunday. I would, since it is gorgeous and there are three skeins worth for a nice project. Just love it.

  31. Amazing. Congrats. I don’t spin and don’t intend to — I am real, real impressed. If any of those skeins are looking for homes I can make room in my stash closet. πŸ™‚
    Are you keeping that 2nd to last one that disappointed you in weight???

  32. Great Job!!!! You are keeping the left skein on the bottom row. The batt came Mind’s Eye Yarn 120 grams.
    Again Congratulations!!

  33. Wow. That was close. And impressive. I have no idea what you’re keeping, but I’d keep that graduated brown. So yummy.

  34. I think you are keeping the top left green BUT the midnight would be my choice. Congrats on finishing–that’s a PILE of lovely spinning. WooHoo for you .

  35. Congratulations, I am very impressed. Partly because you did it, partly because you actually had that much stuff to spin, and partly because of how much you probably have left over still.
    No guess on which one you’re keeping, they’re all simply gorgeous, and I know I’d sure have a hell of a time trying to part with any one of them.
    Well done, Yarn Harlot, you may now get a tiara for your new Spinning Queen title.

  36. Fantastic, what a post! Oh man, you had me sweating! Congrats on an amazing accomplishment. Enjoy the spoils before they ride off to new homes!

  37. my guess is that you would keep the precious skein from the mind’s eye yarns spun in the heat of the summer. if you couldn’t stop touching it, surely you could stand to give it away at least without knitting it first!

  38. you are amazing! And an alpaca/Shetland mix sounds just yummy.
    The skein I’d guess you’d save would be that really pretty blue one on the bottom left.

  39. I like the green/multi one best (from the monster batt) I think you should keep it. πŸ™‚ Yay, you finished strong!

  40. Bravo! Now go have a beer then go see a therapist. Physical, mental, doesn’t matter πŸ˜‰

  41. I am a beginning spinner as well. (Got my ashford Joy for my birthday). Your skeins are B-E-A-U-tiful. Congrats on accomplishing a personal goal.

  42. My guess is… “My Precious” from July 18. *grin* Which is odd because you’re not usually a pink person, are you? But squishy yarn will do that to a person. πŸ™‚
    Congratulations on your hard won yellow jersey! πŸ˜€

  43. ..not sure which one you will keep but I sure love the brownish one in the back row. Congrats on making your deadline.

  44. I’d have to say that you’ll keep your “precious”! Congrats on your Malliot Jaune, go have some Stella and pet the yarn!

  45. I would have a hard time give all that loveliness away….but, I would think the Mind’s Eye Top would be a keeper. Simply beautiful

  46. I bet your are keeping the monstor bat green + colors! The one I WANT!!!!!!! I was going to offer to pay you for it, but then read that they are all gifts. Want to sell the monstor bat??
    Great job on the Tour de Fleece. It’s been fun to watch.

  47. Congratulations! So sorry about the limp, though. I’m guessing you’ll keep the monster batt – second from left, top row in the photo.

  48. IMPRESSED, REALLY! I could not have done it! keep ice on that leg, and take it easy for awhile! that green one on the top is so you! that is my bet! enjoy!!!

  49. What a beatiful bounty of yarn! Of course you will just have to keep the MONSTER BATT. It is so georgeous! Congratulations on finishing!

  50. How pretty! Great accomplishment. I think you are keeping the green with multi accents.

  51. Hmmm. nice and yummy..
    I do not know however: I have tried spinning with a spindle: does not really agree with me.. I became very nervous and was felting the whole thing and I couldn’t get the hang of it. Sincerely I believe I would be better with a wheel, i wouldn’t be manipulating the yarn as much. Then I like the idea of it, but I rather knit nice beautiful stuff some of you make..

  52. You are a spinning madwoman! Congrats on a successful, if not serene finish.
    I vote the yarn from the Grafton batt. But only because I’m from VT and am just a little partial to fiber from there.

  53. Brava! I didn’t even come close to finishing, even by my scaled-back definition of finishing. I think you’re keeping the rich reddish-brown one, third from top right.

  54. Whoa. You did it. Great Job. I’d keep the Brushstrokes Batt — because of you I’ve got 2 in the stash. Can’t believe you can’t get them anymore.

  55. I bet you’re keeping the one from Mind’s Eye Yarn that was so pretty and squishy.

  56. Congratulations! Please put up photo of yourself in the lovely yellow T-shirt.

  57. Huge congrats! I say you will keep the Spinderella Midnight Light. They are all beautiful, but that one is extra special.

  58. You are my hero! Way to go. I’m betting you’re keeping your “precious”. That oh-so-beautiful combed top from Mind’s Eye. Yes?

  59. Wow. Your poor foot! Kind of like Joe’s was, huh? I guess that means all the laundry and cooking is up to him now?
    I am, indeed, wicked.

  60. If I were you, which I am not, I would keep the monster batt (dang, it’s pretty). Congratulations on meeting and exceeding your goal. Now where’s the gansey yarn in that big pile?

  61. Congratulations!! If I had to guess, I would say the pretty monster green bat. Although the little green skein is very similar to your colors too….

  62. Being a Vermonter, I was going to say the yarn spun from the Grafton Batt but I think it is actually the one called midnight light(I think) that you should keep.

  63. beautiful yarn! I think you may be keeping “my precious”. I’m looking forward to seeing what you make from whatever you decide to keep.

  64. Obviously the dark green second in at the top. Thats the monster batt right? You saved that for the end so you would have the most practice in, right?
    Beautiful work, nice accomplishment!

  65. WOW – well done you. I can’t believe you carried on, after you already thought you’d finished. LOL – I think I may have thrown a wobbly instead!
    Oh – and as for Elwood; I think they could have called him Elwood Rita, just to humour me. Great name though and CUTE kid!

  66. I’ll have to go with so many others and say the monster mostly green batt.
    Was that by any chanch part of a Joy wheel I saw in the background? If so, how do you like it and how far from the ground is the oriface? I’m thinking of getting one for my granddaughter to learn to spin on because the oriface on my Traveller is so high that I think it would be hard for a child to treadle and see what they are doing. Of course, she’s only a year and a half so I have plenty of time but so far my wheels are her favorite toys. I want to encourage her interest.

  67. Congratulations! It doesn’t matter if you don’t look good in yellow–the jersey sure flatters your blog. =) Well done!

  68. Well done! And a come-from-behind win, too – my favorite kind. πŸ™‚
    I’ll bet you’re keeping that gorgeous turquoise one.

  69. If I were you I would keep the orange/multi-coloured skein from Mind’s Eye. It all looks so wonderful!

  70. All your spinning is reminding me that I only have 2 more months to get through my “Summer Projects ’08” list in order to earn my spinning wheel…. God, I am so jealous. I have to stop starting projects like socks and gloves and fingerless mitts and get back to my list. In the immortal words of Bun Bun from “Sluggy Freelance”: “Knitters are more easily distracted than a toddler on double espresso.” (Well, actually, he was talking about ferretts but it applies to knitters too.)
    Gorgeous. I personally would keep ALL of it, I don’t know how you give it away. (I’m so selfish… =^P) Congrats on your yello jersey! You most definitely earned it!

  71. I am so proud of you! Especially for being stubborn enough to finish, and most especially – for giving all that beautiful yarn away.
    Btw, you’re such an inspiration that I just had to take up spinning, which turned out to be a real dumbass choice since there is not a single shop selling spinning supplies in this entire damned country. Be happy you don’t live in Israel, everyone πŸ™‚

  72. Congratulations on your EXTREME spinning and the maillot jaune! I would keep the green multi since green is my favourite, but what would you keep??? Maybe the “my precious” since it turned out so well when you were Zen spinning. It’s Tuesday over here (Oz) so I’m thinking ice on the leg because tomorrow for you is a spinning day! OR do you have this week off?

  73. Wow, congratulations! I have really enjoyed seeing your spinning progress and I can’t believe the stunning yarns you have created.

  74. My vote goes to keeping the 3 skeins spun from the monster batt. It’s all beautiful – congrats on reaching your goal.

  75. It’s occurring to me that some of the charm of “rat bastards” (besides the euphony) is the implication of legitimate rats, born in matrimony. I’ll just sit here and think about that for a while. Carry on.

  76. Congratulations, πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ If I were you I would keep all of the spinnings, your hard work, sweat and tears and pain, once a year, for what, to give away πŸ™ … nope. I would love you to keep and enjoy the whole, with SHEEP CREATIVENESS all around for you to embalish in, imagine all the socks, cya, have a good deserve

  77. The green one from the monster batt – it’s really pretty. Congrats on finishing strong!

  78. For colour only – the dark autumnal brown, top row, third from the right.
    For deliciousness of fibre the alpaca spun last.

  79. Thank you so much for sharing your Tour! I am so jealous, but learning spinning is not in my near future. It is on the “I wanna…” list. I cannot believe how much you do, and then write about it too! Totally inspirational.
    I am going to guess that graded bat that you split so carefully; I think it is in the top right hand corner. Way cool.

  80. You’re a nut, dear, and that’s why we love you.
    So, does this mean you have a 1540-gm hole in the stash that needs filling immediately?

  81. I bet you are going to keep that gorgeous multicolored yarn that you had sitting on your desk as an ornament for a couple of days. The one you were so surprised turned out exactly how you wanted it. Of course I can’t remember the name of the stuff but I can remember all of the details. (I think it is the one on the bottom row all the way to the left.) That skein almost made me want to learn to spin – almost. Congrats of the Yellow Jersey.

  82. I would have thought you would have kept the green sparkly yarn, it’s so you! But failing that, perhaps the merino/tencel, despite its apparent underplying (per you)? It’s your colors also.
    Congratulations on your magnificent achievement! I knew as soon as you added up the impossibility of the goal, that you would rise to the challenge….and did you ever!

  83. I’ll bet you’re keeping the monster bat’s offspring. You’re right, it’s very pretty. I have a sprained tendon from knitting too much. I’ve found a way to knit with the splint…

  84. this has totally inspired me to get my first wheel, i Am a spindle spinner, part by choice, part by the fact that we live in a small one bedroom apartment in NYC and space is limited, one more piece of furniture and my husbands gunna freak. i know which one i want too, its a wheel for an affordable price, by heavenly hand spinning, im saving up for the Adamo. i already have their spindles which i love so i am sure i will love the wheel…oh and if i were you i would keep the monster batt from the beginning of the post, that green just totally pops and is a great background for the other beautiful colors in the batt.

  85. Woohoo! I love the last yarn. It’s fantastic and so squishy looking.

  86. I won’t win any prizes for originality, but I love the monster batt’s progeny, too. And not just because there’s more of it.
    Not entirely, anyway.
    And you look just fine in yellow.

  87. Congratulations. I think you’re keeping the one you loved “to distraction.” Your precious. Though I really like the monster batt, too.

  88. Good for you!! I am only a knitter (not a spinner) but I have really enjoyed these posts during the Tour De Spin or whatever it’s called. I admire you so much – and you’ve given ME the idea to push myself to spend August (amongst other projects) to finally finish the shawl from “Folk Shawls” that has been languishing in my knitting basket for years. You have INSPIRED me!!
    I think you should keep the green (221 g!!) or the salmon in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. Both of those would make awesome socks!!

  89. You’re keeping the green one. πŸ™‚
    Wait, wait, there’s a coppery brown. Dilemma!!

  90. You totally ROCK! Good for you – if not your leg – for sticking with it and pushing through to the end. Sometimes that competitive streak is a good thing! I think you are keeping that Mind’s Eye batt that you posted about on July 18; that beautiful orangeish-pinkish with other colors. (Love that one by the way!)

  91. Way to go! I’ve never even spun one gram, let alone 1500. I know you love green so I can see where you would keep the monster skein and it is beautiful, but for some reason I think you’re keeping the one in the lower left hand corner. (Maybe because that’s my fav and I want you to keep it and post pics of the finished whatever that you knit-hint hint). πŸ™‚

  92. Awesome!!! Oh gosh, picking just one to keep would be a tough one…as I’m partial to the natural colored yarns, I’d grab that last one you spun and run into the closet with it. So pretty!!!

  93. I’m going to guess you’re keeping the one that got you the yellow jersey – the one that reminded you that sometimes you have to push just a wee bit harder right at the end of a thing if you intend to to reach the goal. A commemorative skein, if you will. Also – alpaca wool is a very very useful blend.

  94. No idea which one you are keeping, I’m too busy trying to decide which one I’m dreaming shows up on my doorstep!

  95. They are all so pretty, congratulations. I tried to teach myself to spin but so far have not been very pleased with my accomplishments. Not sure I would be able to let any of those goes even if I am over-stashed. You have amazing self control.

  96. I would say that you are going to keep the yarn you did in the segment of the last night in knitting. The first one on the left in the front row.
    I hope your spinners limp is okay.
    Congratulations on finishing. You ROCK!!!!
    They are all beautiful colors. You so make me want to learn to spin. I need a bigger house.
    Great job, Steph.

  97. I’m betting on the monster batt, the second to last one. It’s beatiful. In fact, all the batts are beautiful. Congratulations on making your goal. It’s always amazing what a person can do when they set thier mind to it.

  98. You are keeping the skein that most resembles a 1970’s kitchen appliance.
    I dropped 5 fleeces off at Wellington on Saturday (3 Jacobs, 2 Shetlands). My car smells like sheep. Do I need an intervention, oh sage one? Or do you and Denny wanna fight over a Jacob?

  99. Pretty darn impressive. Maybe not quite as impressive as those bicyclists who actually rode (for real) the Tour.
    But close.

  100. kKeep the beautiful pink variegated on the bottom left of the photo. It’s to die for. Congrats on finishing the challenge.

  101. Keep the 1st one on the left bottom row. They’re all gorgeous and I am inspired by your successful finish!

  102. I reckon you’ll keep the last one as a reminder of your SUCCESS! Besides, it’s fairly plain, and you seem like the type to give away all your prettiest yarns…

  103. My hat, if I wore one, is off to you.
    Well done!!!
    You are an amazing spinner. So insanely fast.
    What spinning wheel do you have?
    I think you’ll keep something with green in it.

  104. Congrats! All that, and without benefit of performance-enhancing drugs!! Spin on!

  105. I am so pleased the skiens are gifts.
    This counterbalances the competition. I should have known you would do so.

  106. Go Stephanie! Congratulations!
    If the monster bat nearly bit you, you have to make sure it doesn’t have Ray B’s…name on it. (ducking!) I’m assuming that’s the one you’re keeping.

  107. I would keep the second one from the left, top row. But that’s because I love green with a steamy, undy(e)ing passion. πŸ™‚
    Just don’t take any drugs for that limp. Except beer, of course. But that’s not really a drug.

  108. No red caboose for you, darlin’–you’re yellow all the way:-)
    I’m guessing you’re keeping that last one–you earned it!

  109. Wow! Your yarns are beautiful and you are beyond generous to give them away. Lucky friends!
    I got nervous as soon as I read the bit about being finished with time to spare…I do love a last minute twist, but with a happy ending…

  110. Congratulations! I wanted you to know….because of all your posts of the beautiful yarn you spun, I recently took my first drop spindle class and I am hooked. Tonight I started spinning this beautiful Camel/silk by Kristine is a good teacher and makes beautiful fibers to spin!

  111. Congratulations…well done and you will be keeping the green yarn[monster batt]because green is your favorite color

  112. Congratulations!! Well done!!
    I’m partial to the Spinderalla pair, and the Grafton Batts came out lovely…but I believe you indicated deliriousness regarding the Nameless/Brandless Combed top from Mind’s Eye Yarn.
    So that would be my guess as to what you’d be keeping.
    Hey – tomorrow’s Tuesday…gonna be spinning? (wicked silly grin) KiniaCat

  113. Congratulations! I tensed up as soon as I saw the weight on your scale, and made my housemate shut up so I could read the rest of the post in (relative) silence.
    You are an inspiration to spinners everywhere!

  114. Absolutely stunning, all of them. I’m not a spinner, so to me they’re all amazing. I think you’ll keep the green yarn spun from the monster batt, but my personal favourite is the pink variegated on the bottom left of the class photo.

  115. Congratulations Steph! I wouldn’t be able to spin such an amount of fibre. No frickin’ way. So I’m really impressed. Actually I’m so impressed that I finally decided to stop lurking and leave a comment ;o)
    Reading your post got me thinking of your scale… you know you should be able to put a big bowl/pot/ plate on it, then by pressing “T” zero the scale and then put the monster batt in the bowl and read the actual weight of it… You probably know that. I blame it on the horror of having to spin MORE in such a short time ;o)
    PS: I’m getting my first spinning wheel this week. Can not wait!

  116. That is worthy of the maillot jaune, the polka dots for the mountains, and with the final spurt you did the green jersey as well. What an amazing effort.
    Now go and ice that injury: 10mins on, 10mins off, 10 mins on, repeat three times per day. Take some arnica and see if you can get a sports massage in the next few days to aid recovery. Also: if you’ve been treadling with one leg, give the other leg a bit of workout too, or you’ll have to cast on more stitches for one sock than the other next time :-S

  117. Congrats! They are beautiful!
    I’m guessing you are keeping the green one.
    Too bad you can’t switch legs off for breathers while spinning and chalk it up to a really good workout!?

  118. I am guessing the second to last batt, that beautiful green/multi-colored one.
    Very very well done. You deserve that yellow jersey!

  119. MY calves ache just thinking about it and I don’t even know how to spin. Amazing output, Stephanie!

  120. Wow, it’s all so lovely I don’t know how you’d choose between them! Congrats on making it through to your goal! πŸ™‚

  121. Congratulations! The yellow jersey suits you well.
    I’d have a hard time giving up any of that lovely wool if I spun it, but I think you’ll keep the wool that came from the huge luscious batt with the beautiful colours. You know, the one that was just a little bit too light? πŸ™‚
    Ice and gentle stretching to combat the treadle fatigue.

  122. I came so very close to finishing, but failed. All I had to do was ply the second ounce on the spindle. That’s it! I could see the finish line and then I fell right on my butt.
    You, however, made an awesome finish. In my mind, you are wearing your yellow jersey and doing a booty-shaking victory dance around the wheel while your loved ones are giving you that look. You know the one.
    Megan’s baby boy is just beautiful. I very almost want another one…almost. I think he should have a brother named Jake.

  123. Holy crap woman!!! Congrats!! I say you are keeping the green one with the (pink/salmon?) colors in it. That one is my fav!!

  124. Congrats on making and exceeding your goal!
    I am guessing that the one you keep is the very last one… the one that saved your @ss.

  125. I imagine you would either keep the green, or the alpaca, but if it were me, that turquoise is just screaming at me. Loudly. Really loudly! Well done, Steph. That was a huge undertaking! We’re proud of you!

  126. You’re insane. I mean, I’m insane, so I know, but you… you take the prize. Truly.
    And I respect that.
    PS – Nice yarn.

  127. I admire your (craziness) dedication to the spirit of the tour.
    I’m betting you’re keeping the monster batt yarn. Me, I would keep the turquoise.

  128. Whoa! That’s a heap o’ yarn! I’m guessing you’ll keep the light green skein on the bottom, right of the picture.

  129. At the start of the TdF, I sent an email to a friend of mine saying that you would need to spin about 70g/day, every day, to meet your goal. I didn’t really think it was possible (without spinning bulky singles or something like that), especially if you were also plying. I am *so* impressed at your feat! Congratulations!!

  130. Congratulations!!! Now, with the kids out of the way, you can ice your spinner’s limp profusely and lie around on all the couches, bragging on the phone about your accomplishment. Yay!!!

  131. Congrats! That’s an impressive amount of spinning, especially when you see it all laid out together.
    I suspect the Grafton batt is the one that’s staying home with you…

  132. On second thought…it’s probably the skein that your color plying worked out so well on. That orange-y one that you couldn’t have planned better if you tried. Yeah, I think that’s it. Second guess/try’s the charm!

  133. Beautiful yarns. So incredibly well done. And to do that last lot at the last minute??!! Impressive.
    I finished my unofficial (I didn’t officially enter)Tour de la Fleece goal; 592g of blue/aqua yarn from carded fleece. Also aimed & achieved an improved quality, more regular thickness & no under-plying (well… not much anyway).
    Thanks for the inspiration.

  134. I say you have been on a spinning spree for sure!
    Well, I think you are keeping the huge blue skein on the bottom second in from the left!
    Vanessa in UPstate NY

  135. Congratulations on finishing! I think what happened to you was a failing of the system. Kind of like your 5000 word paper, not including heading and references and works cited, is like 400 pages long and somehow fails to have 5000 words.
    I’m glad you made it through and I hope you didn’t seriously injure your foot from overspinning. If it hurts for a long while, you might want to get that looked at.

  136. No matter how crappy my mood is, you can always make me laugh!
    I can just picture you spinning like a mad-woman to finish in time, wool flying, hair flying, treadling like crazy! *lol*

  137. Congrats on your finish!
    My guess would be the green one (the second to last; the one that just about did you in; the one that you couldn’t believe didn’t put you over the 1500g goal)!

  138. I know it doesn’t mean much coming from a total stranger, but I wanted to let you know that I’m really proud of you for reaching and even surpassing your goal. Congrats!

  139. congrats on being done!… i guess that you are keeping the green monster batt….that’s the one i’d keep if i were you πŸ™‚

  140. Are you keeping it to make something for you or someone else? That’s a totally trick question. I’ll go with the green one.
    If you stand up and jump on the heels of your feet and it hurts, you need to see a doctor. You’ve got a stress injury. Otherwise, ice and anti-inflamatory. I didn’t go to medical school, but I’ve had wicked shin splints.

  141. I guess you’ll keep the new, surprise Alpaca last-minute yarn. I imagine it would make a lovely last-minute gift for someone… you should start a procrastinator pile… tomorrow…

  142. Most people guessed that you will keep the monster batt BUT, I think that is too predictable. I think you will keep the brown grafton batt that you got in Rhinebeck.

  143. yay, good for you! i personally brought home the lanterne rouge this year, but i’m ok with it . . .after all i’m spinning. just getting any of that lately is good for me.

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