In which I drink coffee alone

Every year my mum takes the girls up to the cottage for a while, and that leaves Joe and I here alone. As you can imagine, Joe and I are often terrifically lonely during this time and must turn to each other for comfort… why just last night we had to go out to dinner to celebrate cope with our grief. After all, what was the point of cooking just for the two of us? None. Similarly, A glass of wine did much to take the edge off of the emptiness in our home, and eventually (after watching a really good movie with subtitles that nobody complained about) we just went to bed early. There was no point in staying up without the children.

There are four more days of this kind of emptiness stretching out in front of me, and I can’t hardly think what I’m going to do with myself if the children are not here to trash the house, filthy all clothing, smear cosmetics all over the bathroom and then sweep through the kitchen with their friends laying waste to all produce in their paths like mighty unremitting locusts. Why, just 10 minutes ago I saw a telephone lying fallow. It’s battery wasn’t even dead.

We’re only one day into the five-day child free abyss, and already I have finished the reknit on Flow and tried it on to see if it fits (it does)


and now it’s blocking. (I’ll get Rachel to take some pictures later.) With that done, I am so lonely that I have been forced to cast on a new sweater just to feel better and less bereft.



I hope it helps… because I really feel like without my darling girls, I can’t hardly fill my idle hours. I have no purp…….

Oh, sorry. Gotta go. Meeting a friend for lunch. Then I’ve got yoga…then beer on a patio, then maybe I’ll talk on the house phone for a while without wrestling a teenager to the ground for it.

I miss them so much.

185 thoughts on “In which I drink coffee alone

  1. I love the colour of the new sweater! Just think, without the girls, you may even be able to have a bubble bath & a glass of wine. Bliss!

  2. The tank is perfect.
    I envy you. I can offer you 3 boyz if you are really put out. πŸ˜‰
    Enjoy the peace and quiet.

  3. Flow looks great! Good luck on Manon, and on coping with the silence in the house. I know it must be an awful burden to have no child rearing responsibilities for the next few days ;o) ENJOY!!!

  4. Priceless. Please, try to stop the sobbing that you were too polite to mention as well. Sometimes if you only have a chocolate dessert for supper, with a nice sparkling champagne, you won’t cry as hard before bed. There are less dishes to clean that way while you are traumatized without your children.
    It’s just a suggestion. I wouldn’t want you to suffer needlessly.

  5. Enjoy the quiet and get some rest. πŸ™‚ At least that’s what I would do. Well, if by rest you mean stay up all night knitting something just to see if you can finish it.

  6. There, there. They’ll be back soon enough & your life will have meaning again. Meanwhile, try to fill your time schedule up. Perhaps you could knit a bit while you’re [grieving] on the patio with your beer.

  7. Your new sweater looks wonderful. The Flow worked out well, it fits beautifully. . . there’ll be plenty of time to miss the girls later huh? Enjoy!

  8. You poor thing. I admire your strength in this trying time.
    Oh, also, so.damn.jealous! yeah.
    the flow tank looks terrific too.

  9. If you find yourself at loose ends you could always clean out the girls’ bedrooms. Now wouldn’t that be a lot more fun than beer on the patio and wine on the deck?
    Cheers – enjoy life.

  10. If you don’t take your tongue out of your cheek where you’ve so deeply poked it, there…well…. your face will stick like that. πŸ™‚ However, it will be totally worth it…..

  11. I totally feel your pain and suffering. Oh the anguish. It just pours off the screen and into my lap, the sheer LONELINESS you and Joe must be experiencing. And the unnerving quiet! It must be harrowing. If you need to borrow a child for a bit, just let me know. I’m sure it could be arranged.

  12. I am “commiserating” as I too sit and ponder in a quiet house, all alone (well the dog is still here) while daughter enjoys time with Aunty @ cottage. What to do, what to do, think I’ll just sit and ponder some more… “Flow” looks fab and “Manon” looks delicious–loving the colour. Enjoy! (I’d have capitalized but did not want to disturb the peace!)
    Cheers, Barbie O.

  13. For the first five years or so after my three sons were officially grown up and out of the house, I’d wake up most mornings thinking “Oh, thank heaven it’s over. I survived.” I love them dearly but the ultimate cosmic joke in life is that nobody could tell you how difficult it’s going to be and that they’re not returnable! Course, then they have kids of their own and you sit back and think “heh, heh, heh…” to yourself.

  14. Ah, the pains of freedom… πŸ˜‰ The sweater looks great — perfect to wear out for those grief-stricken beers!

  15. Oh the pain!! πŸ˜‰ I have Manon on my list, so I will be interested in seeing how yours develops.

  16. Your Flow looks terrific! I really like Manon and look forward to seeing it as you knit it.
    Try not to miss the kids too much. ;o)

  17. I just listened to your interview with Kelly at Knitpicks, it was fantastic. It made me laugh and mess up my knitting. Have a peaceful time with out the girls!

  18. Someone else has dead phone syndrome! Why is it that they can’t seem to get the phone back to its cradle to recharge? Ah, well. Enjoy the silence, while it lasts.

  19. Flow is beautiful and I love the new sweater. Especially the lovely pumpkin-y color which sets things off perfectly!
    Could your mum possibly take my four some week?

  20. What beautiful colors! Vibrant versions of 70s appliances. Enjoy the blissful abyss!

  21. Awww, there, there, this too shall pass, really it will I promise. (hugs)
    Ooops, sorry to throw a damper on things. :-/
    Have FUN!

  22. Hee hee, nice to know that nothing changes no matter what age our children are (mine are 7 and 4). Now I know what I have to look forward to. Anyway, enjoy your peace while you can !

  23. My little is in California with my folks for TEN days! I can relate! I watched a movie with subtitles just the other night!
    Enjoy it while you can….

  24. You poor dear! I’ll be thinking of you while I’m off, away from home and responsibility, at a convention in Minnesota later this week. As I wander the yarn shops on my extra day to myself, I’ll be hoping you have not become to despondent to knit. (And don’t be jealous… this is a deposit for my sanity prior to be locked in a car with my boys for more than a week visiting family!)

  25. Some how I think you and Joe will cope. Call it a feeling. LOL
    LOVE the way Flow looks on you. And Manon looks gorgeous.
    *wishes I were small enough to get away with empire waisted sweaters and dresses without looking like a ship in full sail*

  26. You are very fortunate to have some quality time alone, and I am very jealous πŸ™‚ Nice job on the Tank top, it looks beautiful.

  27. Enjoy. My daughter was away for 5 days, and I confess I enjoyed it immensely. The top is really beautiful, Steph.

  28. I bet you’ll have Manon finished by the time they get back! Enjoy! And make sure you eat chocolate for dinner at least once!

  29. The tank looks gorgeous!
    I have one child out on her own and the second still at home. I have to confess, my second daughter is my reward for both me and my oldest daughter living through the last 18+ years! Plus, without my second daughter, I would be alone at all the yarn shops and festivals! She’s an absolute pleasure!

  30. It’s good when they go away for a few days.
    It’s good when they come back home.
    It’s good when they finally leave the nest. Then you have an excuse to go visit THEM! Of course, you do the cooking the too! LOL
    And I love the flow. Maybe if I ever get tired of making socks!

  31. It does indeed fit and that is such a good colour on you.
    My son went to the cinema with granny this afternoon and the puppy went for a three hour nap. I didn’t know what to do with myself so I knit.

  32. Perhaps while the kids are gone you should knit the telephone a little cozy so that it can keep warm and comfortable during this time of un-use. Poor dear.

  33. I guess it’s true; all parent/children relationships are amazingly similar. I sometimes feel that I’m a bad mother because I DON’T miss my kids when they’re at the grandparents, but a glass of good red wine usually cleanses that rubbish from my brain! But it’s good to have them home again, well, minus the mess, noise, phone calls, yelling, fighting, socks-on-floor,….um, I seem to have lost my train of thought. πŸ™‚

  34. When your mum is done, can you send her over to my house? I would like to be free of powdered sugar covered floors and to bed before 2 am.
    Congrats on such a sad time, alone, with Joe. It must be hard.

  35. I am no expert in these matters, but I think you might want to wear Flow to draw strength from the yarn while comforting your husband, because I’m sure he too is racked with sorrow.
    Now, if you will excuse me, I have to go find an emergency babysitter. It’s just this sort of thing that gets me through the day.

  36. i can’t wait till those days. my parents have my 4, including the 2 young knitters you met at WEBS at your last visit, for 5 hours and THAT seems like heaven!! off to knit…

  37. Enjoy the peace. Flow looks beautiful. I can’t wait to get paid again so I can buy more seduce. It’s a really appropriately named yarn, isn’t it?! You never told us what yarn you kept! Don’t hold us in suspense!

  38. Oh woe as you! Whatever will you do without the little darling to fill your ever waking moment? πŸ˜€
    Btw, the tank looks fabulous! It’s incredibly slimming and a great color on you. You can definitely see that the yoga is paying off!

  39. The tank is beautiful, and you look great in it!
    So… are you going to reveal which Steph-spun yarn did you’re keeping?

  40. Dare one venture a guess on just *why* you and Joe went to bed so early last night? (And you didn’t even have to try and be quiet!) Sorry, that’s where my mind goes in a no-children-in-the-house situation. “Flow” looks fabulous, and “Manon” is so intriguing I may have to track the pattern down for myself. (Shut up, I’ve only got 7 things on the needles now, besides a quilt that’s three years old and unfinished.) Love the color! Enjoy your “staycation”!

  41. I really like the Flow as well as the new sweater.Umm… isn’t there a gansey out there too?

  42. Peace, ain’t it wonderful?! Might I suggest strawberries, champagne, dark chocolate, smooth jazz, candlelight??? Romance….

  43. Common…admit it…you miss the messy house and the lack of privacy…and the empty fridge….and
    Love the Flow….It looks great on you. why not make another?

  44. Fun!!! Flow looks awesome, and I like the color you’ve picked for Manon, a wonderful-looking sweater. (Not that Norah has ever designed anything non-wonderful…) Enjoy your next few days! =)

  45. I am so very sorry to hear about your loneliness.
    I can only imagine what I would accomplish… er… how lonely and bereft I would be were someone to take my hooligans for a few days. Heck, a few hours even!

  46. You sound absolutely depressed….
    I’m sure someone would let you take their children for a few days. Just to ease the loneliness, of course.

  47. We were son-less for a week this summer when he stayed at the cottage with his cousins. I understand your pain (and wish I could share it again…)

  48. Our thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult, lonely time. I have a darling 2-year-old boy who’d be happy to terrorize your home and make you feel better. I havent’ been alone in my house for more than an hour in two years. Sounds like a little bit of Bliss. Enjoy! The Flow turned out beautifully, and I need to add Manon to my queue. Wonderful color! Happy knitting!

  49. You poor thing… perhaps a nice cold gin and tonic might comfort you?
    Flow looks fabulous! Love the color.

  50. You poor woman!
    Just know that you are strong and you will get through this difficult period….maybe a quiet afternoon thumbing through books at the library will help. Heck, have an extra beer on the patio on me. A quiet stroll through a yarn shop? Maybe a triple fill on the bathtub while you blare music that only you love throughout the house. These are the trials we mums must muddle through at times……….

  51. The flow tank looks so beautiful on you!
    Congratulations on the child-free home. It’s an important step, you know, letting go of them for a brief bit. I’m proud of you! Now, should the sorrow become unbearable, remember that it’s okay to do the laundry just for yourself. It might take away some of the empty nest. πŸ˜‰

  52. he he–my in-laws just called to say they would like to pick my son up from day care today and take him for the night. Just one night–but it stretches out before me, with endless possiblilities πŸ™‚

  53. he he–my in-laws just called to say they would like to pick my son up from day care today and take him for the night. Just one night–but it stretches out before me, with endless possibilities πŸ™‚

  54. What a lovely time! Isn’t it nice to have them all away, knowing fully that they are well-cared for in loving hands? Enjoy!

  55. Every once in a while, my daughter goes off to visit her father in Michigan and I am forced to endure a week or two without children. It’s terribly lonely …
    I think my nose just grew two inches longer …
    Enjoy the peace and quiet. They’ll be back all too soon.

  56. Flow looks terrific!
    Every summer since my youngest was weaned, my mom has taken my kids for a week. People used to ask me if I missed them, but I think the hysterical laughter must have scared them off. No one asks anymore.

  57. Beautiful Sweater!
    I’m one of those crazy childless people who wouldn’t mind taking the kids for a week…. silly me.

  58. Oh, you poor darlings, I feel your pain…
    I hope you enjoy, I mean, um, suffer through your alone time and come out the other side better for it.

  59. Worry not. The point is to raise adults, not children. And adults can get along just fine for a few days without mom yelling –oops, without mom calmly offering a different point of view.

  60. That’s a lovely drape on Flow and great colour for your skin too.
    I feel your pain. Our little two bedroom flat feels suddenly like heaven without four tiny tornados laying waste to everything. I’m sure your girls would get massive hugs and lots of wet momma kisses when they get back.

  61. Oh you poor, poor thing. I hope that lunch has eased your pain. And no one to complain, “MOM, everything you do has to do with sheep and yarn!”

  62. Lovely sweater! I’m sure its intricacy will help you cope with the lack of teenage turmoil – oops, I mean “pleasant company” – for a few days. Best wishes!

  63. Ah, you poor baby…shall we all come over and keep you company?
    (how’s Joe’s leg, by the way? is he going to get to enjoy any of this summer?)

  64. Cell phones, my dearest, are amazing. I used to tie up the land line all the time and when I got a cell phone, I just used all my minutes (and tried not to go over since I’d have to pay for those).

  65. Grace under pressure my dear.
    I would suggest, while they are out, you take some time to thoroughly examine the bathtub, make sure there are no leaks. Fill it with a comfortable temperature of water, and sit it in for an hour, possibly draining and re-filling to do an extremely thorough job. If it is after a particularly stressful day, you might want to take a beer or a glass of wine with you.

  66. My empty nest syndrome lasted about as long as it takes to say “Don’t I have a kid to pick up from practice somewhere? I don’t? Ever again? Pour me a glass of wine.” Yep, that’s it.
    I listened to the knit picks pod cast and wanted to thank you for reminding me why I knit even when all the time I have for it lately is “garbage stitch scarves”. They are my salvation. That and Incredibly Simple Socks. I interact in two languages all day and one of them I barely speak. My brain can’t take much more than kk,pp,kk,pp by the time I get home. Ahhh, so soothing. Thanks again.

  67. I just had a week like that week when the twins went to camp. The women folk in the family got a hotel in town and had a slumber party. Wine…hot tub…out to dinner and no one complained when I had to run a stealth mission for more yarn. What happens on the sleepover, stays with the sleepover.

  68. A nice glass of an old-vine zinfandel might help you cope with those overwhelming feelings of loneliness….
    Or maybe a chocolate martini?

  69. I just spent an entire week without my kids and without doing any heavy work around the house AND on vacation from work. I feel better than… I don’t know. Than I’ve felt in YEARS. Enjoy it and I want to see stupendous knitting progress!

  70. Well, Harlot, once you have bravely pick yourself up from sobbing on the floor from the lack of teenagers, might I suggest getting a head start on Christmas knitting? Or at least looking over patterns, etc [which can be done from the comfort of the tub!] Yeah, yeah, I know, it’s been about +500 C in Toronto this week, but the clock is a-ticking! I have to have stuff done super early as I’m heading south for Christmas, and have to have stuff ready to ship all over the continent by early December!
    LOVE the Flow tank, BTW…wish I could’ve seen it in person at the Vaughan Library last Tuesday–and just think, you can have the M&Ms without having to fight off the ravening hoards of teenagers that can smell chocolate from 3 towns over!

  71. ha ha ha ha ha…. I’m sure the loneliness is just killing you and Joe. I remember when my son Paul moved out of the house (he’s 22 now). I sulked for about a week looking at his empty bedroom – whoa, empty bedroom? Large stash? Well – let’s just say when he visits he sleeps on the couch now.
    Love Norah Gaughan designs. That one is fab.

  72. Oh, the misery…don’t worry, they’ll be back. And admit it, you’ll be glad to see them. My siblings and I used to go to Grandma’s for a week each in the summer, but now that I’m a parent I’m pretty sure my mother secretly wished she could send us all in a bunch. We used to have a terrific time at the cottage also, but I’m pretty sure about that too…we kids were having a way better time than our parents. Someone in the comments mentioned chocolate martini. Yes, bring on the choclatini for drowing your sorrows. It’s delicious!

  73. I meant drowning,not “drowing” and I know that’s not how you spell choclatini but I tried it eight different ways and none of them looked right. Well, it’s good anyway.

  74. I so feel your pain. Just two weeks ago, I was forced to go to a conference for work, while my husband and son attended a family reunion. The same reunion that happens every summer. The reunion where 19 of the in-laws stay in one big condo for an entire week and the whole herd goes everywhere together and does everything together with unending togetherness for the whole week. I hope you’ll manage to get through your five days of sorrow like I did.

  75. Hey, the tank looks great! I was expecting a much lower neckline for some reason (probably because EVERYTHING available has plunging necklines it seems. I prefer not to advertise the fact that I have no cleavage, so this is a tank I could wear.

  76. Ah, yes. I remember those brief teenage girl free days when my daughters would go off to visit friends or relatives with their father. Free to do do what I wanted, when I wanted & without badgering by teenage girls. But, by the last few days of respite, I missed them dreadfully & was sooooo happy to welcome them back!

  77. i feel your pain in this post. πŸ˜‰ i love the Flow and can’t wait to see Manon.
    funny, my phones are most always dead in my house. enjoy it while you can.

  78. Ahh, that green! I want to knit that tank with that yarn.
    The Manon is wonderful, too. I’m glad you are working through the grief.

  79. Yes, it appears you are using a complicated cable and construction pattern to take your mind off the temporary loss of your spawn. I only wish I could feel your pain (albeit w/1 child and 1 puppy).
    As a humorous aside, I noticed that the lovely model is 5’2″, size 2, wearing 30″ sweater. Is that even an adult size?

  80. Oh, Stephanie, I feel your pain. I know how much you must be missing your girls – and how you can hardly wait to have them home again to clutch them to your (ample) bosom and exclaim how much you love them. I figure you really will be missing them before they come back – and you really will be glad to see them when they arrive home – for the first 24 hours or so anyway. I’d gladly send you my last remaining son to take the edge off. He cooks. He cleans. He takes out the trash. He does his own laundry and offers to help out around the house. We will really miss him when he leaves – he’s just starting his senior year of high school. Revel in the peace and quiet in your house while it lasts. And get lots of knitting done. And enjoy the dinners out. Good for you (and Joe).

  81. I love the link under Manon… It says “enlarge model” I was kind of hoping it would feed her a cheeseburger πŸ˜‰ That’s gorgeous… off to look at it on Ravelry.

  82. The flow looks awesome! And don’t worry, the teenagers will be back before you know it πŸ˜‰

  83. I’ve got a 3 and 6 year old you can borrow for a few days. There again, our wedding anniversary is at the end of the week. What ever would we do without them on our anniversary?

  84. Flow is lovely and fits so well too. Wish I could get a top to fit just ONCE. There must be some magical measuring procedure that I have not heard of yet . Do tell please. ENJOY every minute of the loneliness and quiet in your life right now. Not to fret, I’m sure the girls will make up for this later .

  85. Love the colour of Manon.
    With the girls gone you can now get busy with Mr. Washie and get all caught up, right?

  86. Flow looks lovely! I will keep you in my thoughts while you wait the 5 days without children out. Be strong.

  87. I feel your pain. Once I was left alone for a few days. I was so depressed I slept until 9a.m. It was hell. Than I sprawled on the couch (no other bodies on it) and got control of the REMOTE! I think I may have even napped. I ate ice cream for lunch-didn’t have to share it.
    Love the tank. It’s beautiful.

  88. oh dear… i am in your straights only WORSE. the dh took the children and went to vancouver island for a week. apparently, when all the debris is cleared from the living room, one can get their shouts of joy (did i just say joy?) to echo. i’d write more, but my sadness causes me to eat ice cream. in the nude. any time i want. *sigh*

  89. My 3-year-old spent a night at grandma’s for the first time EVER last week. I was so lonely I had to call up my friend-with-benefits, and ask him to come over to keep me company. πŸ™‚

  90. Oh. You would not believe the loudness of the sigh of wishful thinking that escaped me at reading the first sentence. Having just had one of those sanity-eroding days of dancing on the borders of committing some criminally sanctionable act against my offspring, I envy your lot. Luxuriate in it. For me. Or send help. Either one.

  91. Somewhere in there should be wild sex on the couch – well, maybe not. Knitting needles like to hide there. With Joe. Not Flow.

  92. Great post. When my 4 boys go to their father’s place I wander the empty house feeling agonisingly bereft….. (actually, that was 12 years ago when they were 5 years old and under. Now it’s a different story!)

  93. There are no words for my jealousy. You know, if you are really that lonely, I can send my 2 darling teenagers to keep you company. πŸ˜‰

  94. When asked if he would like to go to the movies with us younger son finally resorted to asking, “What language is it in?”
    Enjoy your alone together time.

  95. Was going to say “Good God, woman, have a date with Joe and then run around the house nekkid (I’m from the South)) But seems like you are enjoying your time alone.

  96. Oh How I feel your…. ehem “pain”! Enjoy it πŸ™‚
    I understand the necessity to block in most cases such as in lacework and some garments. Your tank looked so perfect on you…why does it need to be blocked? I’m asking because I just knit “juliette” and it seems to be good as it. Is there a downside to not blocking?

  97. I’ve got Manon on the needles too. It’s a really fun knit…which reminds me that I need to pull that one out of the corner that it got shoved in a few months ago. Enjoy your time πŸ™‚

  98. Ahhh, grown-up alone time is so nice, isn’t it? The best evening of the year for me is Christmas, after the company leaves and the kids are off to visit their Dad. But then again, isn’t it time for your annual visit from Hank?

  99. Flow looks fantastic. Well worth all the trouble.
    An empty house, you poor things. I can’t imagine the echoing hollowness of it all.

  100. Flow looks great. Nice rack babe! Maybe you could steal Hank for an afternoon if the quiet gets to be too much. Hope you and Joe enjoy the early evenings to bed!

  101. I’m sitting her furiously reminding myself that someday when my little one is big, I’ll miss these days.
    In the meantime, I’m full of envy. (I mean, I adore him, but man, I’m tired.)
    Have a drink on me. Make it a beer.
    And you totally rock that tank top.

  102. ….Did I miss a list somewhere? If she’s taking in kids, then I have four to add and I need to sign up them up…..thank heavens for some knitting or you’ll go crazy!:-)….enjoy the peace & quiet! Wendy

  103. We have one at home. She was away for one week. While she was gone we grieved, deeply, in a similar manner. Dinners out, movies, wine. Upon her return I was just so pleased to have crumbs on every surface, empty glasses in the living room, and she and her boyfriend draped over my furniture and eating our food.
    She leaves for college at the end of August. I just do not know how we will survive.

  104. I am 10 days away (but who’s counting) from taking my youngest son off to college. What will I do with myself? I can’t wait to find things where I left them, walk into a clean house, and actually have towels in the closet (and clean) and not in wet piles on the floor. You are so right Stephanie, what a terrible thing to adjust to having no children about!! Enjoy your next 4 days. At least I have 9 months before they both return!

  105. Every once in a while my mother or my grown-up daughter will take my boys for a day or two. It’s hard to remember that I don’t have to be a good example… and that I can have ice cream for dinner, if I want to. It usually takes me a whole 3 or 4 hours.

  106. I hate to appear unsympathetic, but you have to just suck it up and be strong πŸ™‚

  107. Is your mum available to rent? Grandmum Rental, at your service?
    I just got home from a trip that put a family of four, plus a temporarily adopted young-un, in the car for 28 hours (14 each way). And the first thing that oldest girl child did when arriving home? Grab that phone and run the battery down.
    Ok…kids are on the plane headed up your mum’s way. Please tell her to expect them some time tomorrow.
    I’m heading out for my Amaretto Sour. Can’t let you have all the fun to yourself, can I?

  108. Dear Stephanie and Joe
    I know it wil be difficult getting through this time together – just think of it as training for the time they leave home in the coming years. Within 20 minutes of their return you will be reminded of the lip gloss fights and the unending washing. Perhaps you will have enough headroom for some lacemaking. Have some chocolate for me.

  109. I feel your pain. College departure is imminent, and I’m thinking that my clothes will miss my daughter so much, I might let them sleep over in her empty bedroom.
    And you are rockin’ that tank!! Well done!

  110. My own child free abyss starts on Frdiay…roughly 67 hours, 15 minutes, 43 seconds from now. Not that I’m counting…

  111. I’m so grateful for the pleasure your books have given me, I could sacrifice the pleasure of my 16-year-old boy’s company for a few days. Really. It would be terribly difficult, but I’d try to bear up.

  112. I will feel your pain next week when my girls are at camp. Somehow we’ll get through this, bravely, uncomplainingly; we are knitters and mothers, we can endure!

  113. Locusts! That is what I always call my kids. I am not quite as lucky, strike that, sad as you. I only managed to send two of my three daughters off for a week to camp, but it was the two oldest, the teenager and preteen and my husband have to make do with the charming and sweet 8 year old. Poor us.

  114. Oh man! My youngest goes to college in 13 years, not that I’m counting. Yup, that’s right – he’s starting kindergarten in the fall. Sleep-away camp sounds like heaven to me!
    Love Manon, but then I love anything Norah G. designs, it seems. Her shapes are so wonderfully interesting.

  115. I hear ya! I was lost the first week that my youngest started school…. 7 whole hours to find something to fill with….
    Now I sit counting the time until they’re back in school and I can have a few hours to relax and knit without them underfoot (the cats are a different story!).

  116. Oh you poor dear… if the loneliness gets too intense, you know, your mum could always take my four children. It would hurt, yeah, but I’d make the sacrifice for you. Please?

  117. Your bravery in the face of such adversity is an inspiration to us all.
    But if it gets too, too lonely up there I’ve got a couple of three-and-a-half-year-olds I could loan your for a couple of days. πŸ˜‰

  118. Hello, Stephanie….I’m normally very laid back, with a live and let live attitude. But I’ve got to point out an obvious spelling error in today’s posting.
    The word is spelled ‘bliss’, not ‘abyss’!

  119. You sound soooo broken up! LOL! Things I learned as the mother of 4 girls… You’ll never be alone for long! Have one back at home w/ grandson and another on the way. Living room belongs to grandson…can’t walk for all the cars/trucks/dinosaurs everywhere. What takes me an hour to pick up…he just throws everywhere in about 2 mins. My solution…just shrug your shoulders and knit.

  120. Ouch! Such good writing marred by ‘leaves Joe and I’
    The invasive subject pronoun has made it into your fine writing.—What ever happened to ‘me’ in compound prepositional objects? Oh yeah,
    it has movedaway into the subject slot-at least south of the border where we routinely hear that ‘me and Joe went out for a relaxing dinner’–You are breaking the solidarity sister. Watch your wordcraft as you do your yarncraft.

  121. You poor thing! Try and be strong. I’ve found that in such moments of emptiness, chocolate fills the void. πŸ™‚ Love the new sweater.

  122. Steph – I plan to be celebrating, er feeling your pain this weekend. Some teenagers here are going on a weekend teenager oriented church retreat. They leave Friday night and come back sometime on Sunday mid-day.
    Children who have achieved double digit ages and their parents…the relationship pretty much boils down to this:
    “How can I miss you?
    If you won’t evah
    Go away?”

  123. The computer ate my side commentary on that last post…you must hear a “da, na, na, na, nah” kind of blues riff before the How can I miss you…sigh.

  124. To Magistra at 7:23am:
    Stephanie has very graciously invited us into her living room to share her world, her ideas, and her words.
    Please do not stand on her coffee table and correct what she has so freely offered. It’s poor “mannercraft.”

  125. Flow looks fabulous on you! Do try and bear up under the emptiness and lack of challenge for phone use. We’re all here for ya!

  126. a few days worth: Hooray for a few childless days! Enjoy! Hooray for reaching 1500 gram spinning goal I am still amazed! Hooray for new baby! Thank you for lovely picture. hugg the mum at least once for all of us and kiss the baby. Lets see what else.. that tank is so cute! looks good on you. thank you ! thank you ! thank you !

  127. Hehehehe….I feel your pain! My husband and I are also going to be experiencing that type of loneliness as my parents are taking our girls (5 and 2) for 5 days starting on Friday. Whatever shall we do!!!!

  128. So sad for you and Joe…
    to make these 5 days perfect though it would have the following scenerio–Joe leaves for an out of town trip-the fridge contains beer, wine,and chocolate–there is a new basket full of yarns to start several different projects-the heat retreats and the weather is sunny and 74-the phone is dead and a friend has sent you a zen type of bath salts and bubble bath. Now that’s a few days off you can hang your hat on!!!!

  129. You poor poor things. I can barely even stand the thought of you all alone with nothing to keep you busy.
    That flow tank is a stunner.
    And I can see that the Norah bug bit you bad. πŸ™‚

  130. You look so happy! I love the photos, and the tank is gorgeous. Worth the effort you put into it, frogging the whole thing notwithstanding. πŸ™‚

  131. So, I’ve been thinking about this and I think you have a wonderful learning opportunity on your hands. I say do no laundry/cleaning/housework of any kind–leave it all for when they get back and then put them to work. Perhaps then they will have a greater appreciation for all that you do! πŸ˜‰

  132. I love the tank top. It’s absolutely fabulous. But I wonder, as I peer carefully into the last picture, ignoring as much as I can (I’m an insurance agent, loss prevention/control is my life) if I’m really looking at an unprotected yoga mat? I thought you did a fabulous Noro felted one? What happened to it?

  133. I love the tank top. It’s absolutely fabulous. But I wonder, as I peer carefully into the last picture, ignoring as much as I can (I’m an insurance agent, loss prevention/control is my life) if I’m really looking at an unprotected yoga mat? I thought you did a fabulous Noro yoga mat bag thing, a felted one? What happened to it?

  134. Hmmmm. Have you ever tried leaving three teenaged girls and a 21 year old boy alone in the house while you go to another country? Two words–DEMILITARIZED ZONE. They are good kids though, so no injuries, police reports, or lawsuits. The boy was outnumbered and outgunned though.

  135. Happy Home Vacation! I wish you many snuggles, long walks together, and comfortable conversations over coffee. I start a Home Vacation tomorrow after work. I am looking forward to it. (sans snuggles)
    I just finished a pair (like, both of them) of Coreolus socks. I had to write out all the directions in one stream, myself. I don’t have enough of the processes memorized to be able to do the knitting without turning the pages. It is a new book so it wanted to close itself, and it drove me bats attempting to do something new and book wrangling at the same time. (I don’t want to break its spine.) I eventually gave up on the two circular needles after three tries; I get frustrated inching the stitches back onto the business end of the circ. I am happier just casting on 6 stitches, splitting them onto three DPNs, and going from there. It worked for me. (I knit firmly; what can I say?) They fit very nicely, probably because I followed the directions for once.
    So, I am curious how your Milk Maid stockings are comming along? Would you have time to give an update after your vacation?

  136. Yeah, right.
    I know you parent people. You entice us childless wonders with the tales of childrearing/raising/herding, right down to the vomit and dirty diapers and snotty attitudes… And then you pretend that you miss them when they’re gone.
    I spent last weekend in Chicago with one of you people, and even though she was happy to whip out her PDA with a cute photo of a 15-month-old moppet to show all her friends, she absolutely found every excuse to keep me from seeing him/pinching his cheeks/playing with him (he was at her mother’s home in the southern burbs). The wench just wanted to pretend she didn’t have an adorable baby boy.
    That’s okay. I’m happy to oblige!
    Now, go have a date with that husband of yours already!

  137. Shipped off my husband 2 weeks ago. Shipped off my child today. I am even more bereft.
    I had to fill my emptiness by visiting my LYS and LFS (and the library and a restaurant) on the way home from the airport.
    Flow looks great. I bought the pattern at the LYS today.

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