Flow Goes

I adore this tank. I wore it all day yesterday and just can’t get enough of it.


This is the Flow tank, from Norah Gaughan’s book two with Berroco, knit out of a really interesting yarn called Seduce, (colour is 4451 “Passimenterie Green”) a core wrapped yarn made from 47% Rayon, 25% Linen, 17% Silk and 11% Nylon. It’s a remarkably weird yarn for me to choose to knit with, not at all what I usually buy, and I would have walked right by it in WEBS, if there hadn’t happened to be a shop model hanging above the yarn. (There’s a lesson in there for shops.)


I enjoyed knitting with this yarn about as much as I enjoy knitting with cotton or linen or rayon at the best of times – which is really not much at all. I love the bounce and springiness of wool, and inelastic fibres like this are hard on my hands as I knit them up. The shop model of this was so beautiful though, that I though that I would suck it up for one garment, and I did, and I’m so glad I did. Where the yarn was inelastic and unyielding, the fabric it created is stretchy, graceful and … it just flows.


I think it’s going to be a workhorse of a top, possessed of all of my favourite qualities in a tank. I like high necklines and high armscye… wide straps to cover my bra straps (I’ve never adjusted to the idea that it’s ok to show straps) and this is perfectly shaped in that department. I made only one modification (which seriously, is a pretty good ranking for any project I make) and lengthened the body by about 4cm (1.5 inches) after the shaping was completed. Even though I’m only 5’1″, it was too short for my taste as written, but I think it’s just perfect now. I can see this top going anywhere. With my standard brown linen skirt it went to yoga and the pub, looked great while I was riding my bike. (The advantages of that high neck again… when I lean forward on my bike I don’t blind oncoming traffic with the stellar view of my breasts.)


(This picture was a little blurry, on account of Rachel H was riding her bike at the same time too…and don’t say a word about the no hands. I can ride no hands if I want to. I’m 40 years old and wearing a helmet.)

As great as this looks casual, I think that with an elegant skirt or my wide linen pants this could easily go to a meeting or dinner somewhere fancy – which is great, because sometimes that comes up and I don’t have anything to wear.


Near as I can tell, the only thing wrong with this tank is that I only have one.

Thrilled to death with this knit. Thrilled.

219 thoughts on “Flow Goes

  1. Love it! I am in the middle of this top and I am thrilled to see how it looks on a real body. Beautiful!

  2. The solution to only having one? Make another one … difficult and boring as it sounds, it IS the perfect solution. Looks great on you. Re. the no hands? Just because you’re 40 doesn’t mean you can/should do dangerous things. Just sayin’ …

  3. The tank is beautiful and it really suits you! My goal for bike riding clothing is to always have a shirt long enough that it doesn’t expose my back and have it high necked enough that it doesn’t expose my boobs. LOL You should definitely be planning to have more than one of these tanks. πŸ™‚

  4. send the kids away and see what happens …riding bikes with no hands way to go!!! the top is really lovely you have inspired me to make one myself πŸ™‚

  5. Holy cats I’m first
    Seeing yesterdays post made me pull out that pattern to reassess it (do I buy the yarn? is there something in the stash? should I be moving on to a winter project? hmmm). I agree totally with the high neck high underarm bit and I’m very big on that flabby bit on your body at your underarm is covered (don’t be cutting in that underarm in too far too fast) I’m onside with the bra strap thing too.
    You look lovely.

  6. Love the tank. And we need risk sometimes, (like riding no hands) to keep us young.

  7. The top looks lovely on you. I’m going to have to check out the pattern alright. Color is great also!

  8. Go with the Flow should be the motto for sure–the top is beautiful. I plan to make it for my sister–I think she’d wear it year round, including under suits in winter.

  9. Yes, shop models are a GREAT way to get people to buy things. I can think of two different projects I wouldnt have done if it wasn’t for the fact I saw them completed.
    LOVE that tank. You did a fantastic job and it looks great on you. If it wasn’t TOO horrible to knit, you could always do another one in a different color.

  10. You make us ALL want to knit this top, get on a bike, ride no hands to the nearest pub, have a pint while starting our next knitting project!

  11. Beautiful top! Just my style as well.
    And Dude, with the brown skirt, you’re only a Harvest Gold belt away from the 70’s hall of fame appliance colours…

  12. Dude, I’m so glad you’re happy with it, but I’m really, really glad it was completed at all.
    If I’d had to knit it as many times as you did to get the finished product, I would probably have given up in despair.
    It would be sitting somewhere in the back of my closet for the next 5-10 years, lonely and depressed. That is, if it didn’t get filed in the “round file.”

  13. … and it is in your favorite color! It looks fabulous on you. I personally love summer knit tanks. The fact that you don’t need to knit sleeves, or coordinate with under and over garments (beside the bra), or buy a paycheck’s worth of yarn, all combine to make some pretty happy knitting, imho.

  14. Riding no-hands is lots of fun. Unless you’ve got your saddle set up a little wrong, as I discovered this morning. I’ll be fixing that then.

  15. Love that photo of the no-hands biking! Even at my age (51) that is still one of life’s most fun things to do.
    Excellent tank. Color is perfect for you!

  16. I think you probably do for a pattern what Oprah does for a book – sends it straight to the bestseller list.

  17. Wait — are you saying you plan to wear a bra every time you wear this top? Really?

  18. The tank is absolutely beautiful! Love the yarn and the shaping is just right for a real body!
    I just love it! Looks like you might have to knit another and I might have to knit one too!

  19. Think scarf girlfriend and you have dressed it up. I’m on the opposite end of the spectrum at 6ft so I only wear solids and scarves make casual smashing in no time. Also you can change the look with different scarves. (At my height, if I wear prints, I look like I am wearing upholstery – too much of a good thing is a bad thing!)

  20. looks really nice
    fine for florida liveing
    i can not wear sheeps wool
    i would think others are the same boat
    the name of the boat is claritan
    nice top for london

  21. Flow looked like a good design in the book and now that I see it on you I like it even better. I have such a hard time finding a tank top I like. Part of is the ‘bra strap showing’ thing and part of it is that some of them make my shoulders look weirdly large like a pasty white linebacker. I bought this book and have been going back and forth about making this top. You’ve sold me.

  22. I may just have to knit this. After I finish the shawl for my wedding. Oh, and the birthday socks that are a few months overdue. Hmmmm. Maybe for next summer. πŸ™‚

  23. It sure looks like a staple piece to me. More than 1 in the closet would be good if you could get yourself to do another.

  24. For your born knitter, nothing is so healing as the realization of knitting the perfect garment.
    (A modified quote from Catherine Drinker Bowen).

  25. I made the flow in Hempathy, and it looks almost the same. I love, love, love it, also! It is so comfortable. The only reason I didn’t use Seduce was my LYS only had dark colors , not that cool green, and I had to cast on immediately. I finished in time for my daughter’s college graduation and Mother’s Day. I knew you’d love it, too.

  26. I have both the yarn and pattern for this project but have been avoiding it wondering which size to make as I’m somewhere between two sizes. would it be rude to ask (guess not since I am) which size you made and how you decided (nice way of asking your bust size!)? Many thanks.

  27. Ah, Stephanie, you’ve done it again. I looked at the Flow top when you first mentioned it and I thought it looked a little too “flowy” (maybe it was the waif modeling it) and might make me look pregnant. Or boxy. Or bigger than I am. It doesn’t look like any of those things on you! You look fantastic!
    You could also change it up with jewelry – I can see Flow with funky long silver earrings and a chunky bracelet or two, or smaller earrings and a long silver and amethyst necklace …

  28. The tank looks beautiful on you! I would suck it up and knit another – that’s definitely a staple piece and I’m with you on covering the bra straps. If I were a better knitter, I’d be rushing out to get the pattern myself. Alas, I’m still in dishcloth stage. That’s OK – I’ll live vicariously!

  29. It’s GORGEOUS.
    Must. Have.
    as a wool-allergic (lanolin) person, who knits with it nonetheless (who can resist malabrigo? I can’t, and most of the lanolin is gone…) I do love me some cotton and linen.
    Tracy who you like πŸ˜‰
    (I didn’t vote on Megan’s baby but wanted to say that regardless of gender, the green sweater was adorable on him! Clearly that is his color…)

  30. I have NEVER been able to ride with no hands. I am so jealous and you are so talented.
    I like the tank, too.

  31. I bought this yarn from WEBS and love the fabric it creates, but agree that it is hard on the hands. I too, prefer the give of wool. But the fabric is stretchy, drapes well, and feels good on the skin. I am making a cap sleeve top with a keyhole neckline (Bistro top). It is nice to make something on the simple side, and I love the color of the yarn.
    I am glad that you like your top so much, incentive to finish mine.

  32. Love the tank! I got a skien of this in a swap but haven’t played around with it yet because I couldn’t figure out what it would be good for. Now I know!

  33. I learned to ride no-hands at the age of 30 after a challenge by a younger friend. I still do it 25 years later just to prove I can.
    Love the top, bought the yarn, thanks for the tip on length. I’m tall so will add 3″. I have a couple of commercial summer tops knit out of rayon or cotton tape and I love them. I never considered knitting out of tape until I bought these. They feel heavy, but when wearing they are soft, flowing, and cool.

  34. And you should be — it looks great on you (excellent color, too)!
    BTW, I loved your interview on KnitPicks, especially the discussion of the ways in which knitting is what makes us knitters patient; if only my fellow faculty would understand that knitting is all that keeps me from going on some kind of scary rampage during faculty meetings — maybe you could come talk to them? πŸ˜‰

  35. It looks terrific. For some reason, green is becoming my favorite color.
    Also, not that I want you to send me a hank of wool or anything, but you look thinner. All that book signing, uh?

  36. And it looks fantastic on you. The color is also gorgeous – Berroco seems to specialize in yarns that knit up to something much more gorgeous than you’d ever guess by just looking at a ball of it. I also hate knitting with inelastic yarn because of the toll on my hands & wrists but I can see where it would be worth it for one of these babies!

  37. I can’t stress enough how much I love the colour of this tank. It’s gorgeous.
    Also, the stylish milk crate on the back of your bike is so functional. Love that. πŸ˜‰
    There really is only one thing you can do: knit another tank in another equally stunning shade.

  38. No hands isn’t all that dangerous…it’s not like you aren’t still steering. On the right bike, when I was a kid, I could turn corners no-hands. You have control of the bike, still.
    The wearing of the helmet and the using of hand signals are FAR more important.
    So, I’m with you…no hands is fun! But I can’t on my new bike….the steering turns way too easily.

  39. Great Top! I really dislike it when my tops are too low cut and I expose myself to the world. I may have to make one like this.

  40. As soon as you started on this, I looked at the book again (luckily it is in with the other “to do” project plan) and decided I HAD TO HAVE IT. Now that it’s done and I see how great you look in it, I’m convinced that I would like it too. As always, thanks for sharing.

  41. I’ve never seen a handknit tank with that kind of edging around the neck and armlines–I can see why the model grabbed you. Yours modeled on you grabbed me, hard: I really really like how it came out and how good it looks on you.

  42. Very nice! I like your slightly longer version, too. It skims very nicely.
    I still can’t get used to the idea of bicycle helmets. How in heck did I make it out of childhood without one? LOL

  43. I love that tank. You should make more of them, it suits you so well. I am working on a sweater right now that I would never have made but for the shop model. The photo in the pattern booklet is in a colorway that I would never have used and the shop model was in “my” colors. Plus they had the buttons they used for sale at the shop too…another potential problem averted. So how could I not buy the yarn and buttons?! Marketing, people, it’s all about the marketing.

  44. You know, I was at WEBS the same day you were and I walked right past that yarn and sample. I must have been distracted by the MOB there to see you πŸ™‚ Looks great though and I wish I had seen it, because that is exactly the type of tank I like too.

  45. The tank looks GREAT on you! So much so, that you’ve motivated me to try this pattern. I knit mostly socks and some baby stuff, but this one looks simple enough. I agree about the high neckline and under arms and ‘no show’ bra straps. It’s just the fit I would want too. I went to WEBs immediately after reading your post…and to avoid the one and only flaw you mentioned…I bought enough yarn to make this in TWO colors!

  46. When did you start wearing bras? Oh wait, I forgot you’re 40 now. The top looks good. Norah really does ‘get’ the connection between fiber and function in her designs.
    So which handspun are you keeping?

  47. I love you. Your blog entries really just brighten up my day. Your witty writing keeps my chuckling through an otherwise hum-drum workday. Thanks for your devotion to your blog and readers (I can’t keep up a blog to save my life!)

  48. It looks great on you, but I’m going to have to disagree with you and the many lovely commenters above me who dislike cleavage. Why are tits there if not to show off?! Haha.

  49. A brew to help the flush of success (a perfect tank)! Or was it to help with the crazy heat?!

  50. Oh, it looks great! I’m making a brown one! (Well, I will be, once I figure out how to leave enough yarn for my long-tail cast on… (twice) and then not to twist it (another two times).) But you know… some day.

  51. So glad you love your top! I don’t knit many summery things (same aversion to knitting with non-woolies) and my one item this year was basically a disaster… Oh well. How did you get the milk crate on your bike? I could sure use something to carry groceries!

  52. I totally love the milk crate carry-all on your bike! The tank looks terrific on you and is a perfect summer shade.

  53. I just checked the corrections for Flow. It clearly states to knit the front one size larger than the back.

  54. That looks gorgeous! Thanks for sharing it with us. I gather from what the other commenters have said that most of us would likely have not considered it either and now we are all thinking, “Hmmmmm.” (I also have never, and will never, adjust to the fashion edict that says it’s OK to have your bra straps hang out.)

  55. Oh man, that is on cool piece of knitted work. Beautiful. And a very nice photoshoot as well.

  56. That tank really looks great on you too! I love the color. Ordinarily, I don’t enjoy wearing tanks on account of how my arms look, but I may just have to suck it up in order to have something pretty to wear when it’s so freaking hot outside! And because you can be casual or dressy wearing it. A++

  57. That’s a really pretty tank! (Sorry, I’m a teenager and can’t think of anything better to say) And I don’t agree that it’s okay to let your bra straps be seen by the general public. And you’re only 5’1″? Well, I don’t feel like as much of a midget now, because I’m 5’2″, and so is my mom, so this is probably as tall as I’m going to get. And you should do something like that bike shot again, that was neat. One last thing: is that really a high neck? I consider it low once it goes beneath my collarbone. Except t-shirts. Those are fine beneath the collarbone.

  58. What is this “armscye” word you keep using lately? Is this a fancy new word for the bottom of the armhole? Are all the knitting kids saying this now? Or is this a term that only knitting goddesses are allowed to use?
    The tank is lovely, by the way. I’m always trying to knit something like that, but every tank I’ve knit for myself has some fatal flaw that makes it unwearable. (Too low cut, armholes too tight, asymmetrical straps, yarn too scratchy or heavy, etc.) Congrats on achieving perfection.

  59. I’ve read about Flow both on your blog and that of the wonderful melissaknits……maybe I should try it too. I rarely wear tanks, but this might just be the exception……they say there is an exception to every rule.

  60. So happy it worked out after the counting angst it caused you! Looks beautiful and yes, extremely versatile. I may have to give that one a try! I’m just beginning to knit, but you did say it was an easy pattern…

  61. Beautiful-the shape, the flow, the color. Maybe another is in order in a different color so you don’t wear it out!

  62. In which the Yarn Harlot becomes a product knitter and throws process knitting to the curb…. for a short time.
    and Stephanie – you should post more pictures of yourself. We love to see ya!

  63. It’s absolutely perfect! The length is perfect! The design (hiding straps) is perfect! The color (for being a green) is perfect for your complexion! The fit is perfect! And the yarn choice? Well, simply seducing.
    I love the edging around the neck and arm openings – gonna learn that!

  64. The top is LUV-ER-LEE on you! And how funny that the amount of love you have for a finished product seems to frequently be inversely proportional to the amount of frustration (and frogging, and miscounting, and reknitting) that you go through during the creation of said item.
    And do you KNOW how many copies of that pattern book will sell now that you’ve raved about your new top? (With good reason.) You should get a royalty or something, ’cause I can hear them flying off the shelves. I think one might be flying my way soon.
    As far as riding without hands goes? I’m all for it. You are strong, you are woman. You are wearing the most awesome tank top in the world. Howl at the moon, babe. Carpe diem. Heck, carpe a bunch of diems. You need to squeeze all the life you can out of summer before the dreaded “furnace wars” start again, right?

  65. I’m working on a really pretty swingy tank right now, out of the loveliest of golden yellow cotton, silk and tencel. I can’t wait to have it finished. Problem is I’m not likin’ the “knitting with something other than wool” thing. It’s crazy. I try to keep myself going with the reminder that I won’t have to knit sleeves, but…….
    Ah well. Maybe for next summer.

  66. I LOVE the tank and I love it on you. It really does fit perfectly. You and the pattern seduced me, so I bought the yarn and started the tank, and now I have a question: did you stick with the 38 or did you make the size down? I know I’m bigger than you ’cause you signed a book for me once and we were close to each other. As I’m starting the 38 up the back, the hipal area looks like there’s a LOT of ease. It looks fabulous on you so did you go with the 34? Tanks for the info.

  67. A brilliant FO. Positively fantastic. I’ve been toying with knitting a tank top for myself – but at nearly 8 months pregnant, I do wonder if there’s a pattern for a nursing tank out there?

  68. I’m a tank top fan, I run the tank-top-aholics group on ravelry because I love them so much. That first photo is just great, it fits you perfect. It’s hard to find a fabric that will not cling to the body but still give a nice slim effect. Fantastic!

  69. LOVE the flowiness and the color and the fit–very inspiring–call me a lemming and show me to the cliff! Summery knits are a very good thing here where it’s over 100 F.
    Also love your pretty flowers. I’ve been admiring them in your other entries. I can’t believe you have time to garden, too!
    btw, which skein are you keeping?

  70. i can ride my bike with no handlebars no handlebars no handlebars i can ride my bike with no handlebars

  71. They probably make this yarn in other colors. You could knit more of them. Please do. It would be a shame if you had only one of these lovely tanks.

  72. i would rather see you riding no hands then riding while listening to your ipod/talking on your cell/drinking coffee.
    the tank looks stellar on you. thanks for blogging!

  73. What a great feeling to knit something that you love to wear! It is very flattering on you. Why not make a few more? I might have to make one myself.

  74. That top looks AMAZING on you! I know you’re going to love it. One of these days I’m going to have to buy some yarn at WEBS.

  75. i’m impressed. i have enough trouble trying to ride a bike with both hands! the tank is truly lovely and looks fantastic on you!

  76. I’m glad it worked out OK! I read about the front and back being different sizes and worried. Now that it’s all sewn up and done, it looks A-M-A-Z-E-ing!

  77. Don’t look at me: I hate inelastic fibers too. Although I will admit that if you could promise me it would look as good on me as it does on you, I’d probably make one. (For me!)
    Oh, and visible bra straps? Ick. Spaghetti-strap tops worn over bras with straps? Weird ick. I went so far as to buy one of those newish tanks with a built-in bra, just to encourage the trend.

  78. I’ve never managed to figure out no-hands bike riding. My front wheel starts turning almost immediately. And I love the tank! The added length seems like a good choice. I generally find that tops are a bit too short for my taste. I prefer NOT to show my entire abdomen when I reach up.

  79. Your Flow looks great! The fit is perfect.
    YOU inspired me last week to run out to my LYS and buy the yarn and pattern and I’m halfway through mine. I can’t wait to get mine done now, thanks to you.

  80. I just have to comment on the whole “bra straps” thing—I can’t get over the idea of them showing either. (and I work at a public school so you can just imagine–my students think I’m the world’s biggest prude) I think you’re right about this tank. It looks great and has high, high versatility on it’s side. Enjoy, you deserve it after the ripping back and whatnot.

  81. Oh it really does look good – the colour is great on you! You should wear it to I Knit Day in September πŸ™‚

  82. I love the top! And I’m glad that I’m not the only one who thinks bra straps shouldn’t show πŸ™‚

  83. It’s not you I’m worried about – it’s Rachel H and her taking photos while riding her bike.
    The top is very nice!

  84. My sick sense of humor just snorts when I see someone exclaim about being the first comment, and they are fourth or fifth or even second. Your comment queue is a force of nature.
    I saw that yarn at TKGA, and it is stunning. The top is, too, and very flattering. I’m tempted, despite the hand issue.

  85. Geez, you have great arms. I wish my arms looked as great as yours! Is that what knitting does for you? Gives you great triceps like that?

  86. It suits you brilliantly.
    And I haven’t adjusted to the idea of visible bra straps being OK, either.
    Also, I lost my mind recently and bought some scoop-neck shirts. I’ve now developed the habit of putting one hand up over my chest whenever I lean down, lest I blind oncoming traffic with the White Expanse. **sigh**

  87. Ditto on the bra straps and blinding cleavage.
    The tank is lovely, Steph. I’m almost tempted to see if the pattern comes in my size, although, I highly doubt it.

  88. I’ve been eyeing the yarn and the pattern for some time. My question about it is does it grow in the armhole throughout the day? I have a couple that start out fine but by the end of the day I’m glad I wore something underneath because the armholes get deep enough that my bra shows at the side.

  89. Fabulous! Gorgeous! It fits you perfectly! Must. Make. This. Tank. I’m heading out to the library to find the pattern and doing some stash diving asap. So much for monogamous knitting, I’ve been swayed by the Harlot.

  90. It looks great! Congrats on a lovely piece you’ll no doubt wear again and again.

  91. congratulations! it’s lovely and i’m glad it was worth all the extra effort to make it perfect. she who frogs shall be rewarded. πŸ™‚

  92. You know, riding with no hands is just a pedal away from knitting while riding πŸ˜‰

  93. Love the new tank – definitely something you should pack if you are ever coming to Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania)! My daughter and I are serious fans and would love for you to come to our area which boasts lots of great yarn and book shops as well as BEER!!! We even have a GREAT non-smoking pub in our hometown which is 30 min southwest of the ‘burgh. Hope someday to see that you will be headin’ in our direction!

  94. Hi Stephanie,
    You really made a case for this top — as someone with the same upper body “generosity” as you have, I am always looking for something that fits well and “flows”. I particularly like the side view. It shows the wisdom of the added length. (Also, a v-neck top style with a contrasting color camisole underneath to fill in the bottom third of the V works well. It takes the place of a hand.)
    But more importantly, riding no hands is da bomb. One of my few natural skills. I LOVED that picture.

  95. It looks great! Flow is so aptly named, and I’m glad it was redeemed!
    Wait a minute — you wear a bra??
    (P.S. I ride my bike no-hands sometimes too, just to keep in practice. Freaks my kids out.)

  96. Awesome! It’s in my Ravelry queue now, heh. Number, um, 86. I’m definitely looking forward to trying the yarn, though–it’s an interesting yarn I can actually use! (No Sheep For You was the first knitting book I bought…)

  97. You look so pretty in the Flow tank top, and it looks so pretty on you. Well done!
    ’bout time you made something for you.

  98. I go away for one minute and everything happens!!!
    Megan – congratulations & best wishes! Your son Elwood is as handsome as can be! And since it’s still summer, you have time to get back into a bikini.
    The Flow top is beautiful! And it’s not yellow (what was Denny talking about?). Also, thanks for the review of the yarn.
    Contratulations on winning the maillot jaune! I can’t believe that monster batt didn’t put you over the top! “Ida Ben Pissed” if that happened to me. Your skeins were quite lovely, though, and worthy of the effort you put into them.
    If you were going to hold back on any of the newly spun skeins, I would guess it would be any of the neutral colors (no green or blue, although they were quite lovely too).
    Now, I have got to do something about getting myself a computer at home … I hate being out of the loop!

  99. That is a great tank. Go pick another slightly funky yarn and make another one!

  100. I love that tank, and I get not wanting to blind people with a view of one’s breasts. However, when riding a bike in a skirt, are you instead giving oncoming cars a view of…something else?

  101. Gorgeous. Just perfect on you. And they probably make that yarn in other colors, so you could, you know, knit another…
    I totally agree with you about the high neckline, wide straps thing. (Although I would like, just once, to blind someone with a stellar view of my breasts. Mine are so insignificant that no one ever even noticed them when I was nursing in public. Sigh.)

  102. Seeing it on you actually makes me want to make it. They should have used you instead of the model in the pattern book – it’s so much more attractive on you.

  103. Gorgeous top! And I agree with you about the bra straps. Only a few people should be seeing any part of any of my under-garments, and casual strangers aren’t among them!

  104. LOVE it! It looks wonderful on you – now I am inspired too. I need another project like I need (another) hole in my head. It does look very elegant tho’. I’m jealous about the “no hands” I’ve never been able to do that.
    I haven’t been commenting, but have been loving, absolutely loving, your recent posts, especially about Megan’s baby.
    (and I”m not usually a baby person)
    Knit ON!

  105. Great tank! Gotta love those pieces that can go dressy or casual! I like that length on you.

  106. It’s okay to show your bra strap, in my opinion, if it’s a casual situation, like going to class and friends, and if it’s a cute bra strap that matches your tanktop. If you are wearing a neon green bra, try really hard not to wear an orange tank top over that. ^_^
    Pfft. Helmets. =P My friend used to read the school paper as he biked without hands. XD

  107. Well, you know the answer to having only one of this top, now, don’t you?
    I agree with you whole-heartedly on the bras should remain hidden, whether the straps on the shoulders/chest/back or the bra bands under the arms.
    Normally, I don’t wear knitted tops against my skin but this yarn is making me re-evaluate. And I see that it comes in a lovely denim blue, too…
    Let’s see, http://yarn.com

  108. I started this top, and made myself a horrible yarn knot so haven’t gotten any farther. Might have to start over with another skein (leave the knot for another time)…

  109. I, too, love the top! I loved it the first time I saw it in my Berroco newsletter. It will definitely be on my “list” to make soon. Looks fantastic on you, too. πŸ™‚

  110. You sound like a spokesmodel! You *are* a spokesmodel! The tank looks great on you. And yes, straps are meant to be hidden. Great job!

  111. The top looks awesome! I’m so glad it worked out for you. Everyone needs a good knitted tank top for summer that makes them look and feel fabulous.

  112. I’m impressed (and a bit jealous) that you can ride no hands. I never could, even as a kid. The one time I tried, I fell, hit a curb with my chin and ended up with stitches and a lovely scar. Never tried it again. Oh, and your Flow tank is lovely too.

  113. uhhhh, i don’t mean to change the subject but…
    on ravelry it says you are ‘charles in charge’ of an olympics knit-a-thon!
    so, what’s up with that?
    there are nine days and counting!!!

  114. Great tank. It doesn’t get any better than that, except maybe the great tank + no hands.
    Times like this really make up for the times when the knits don’t quite turn out as expected.

  115. I love the tank. I am a bit sweater challenged. Everyone tells me I can knit a sweater because I can knit socks. I don’t get the connection, but I did start the Central Park Hoodie and will probably finish it some day.
    I love riding my bike no handed. It’s fun and makes me feel like a kid.

  116. Oh …I’m in love with the tank. It’s beautiful and if it were mine, I’d wear it all summer!
    I love the bike picture …totally can relate! I have an old fashion bike cuiser. None of that fancy stuff for me …I can go and I can stop! That’s all I need!

  117. The tank looks fabulous on you!!! You just need to suck it up once more and make one other so you always have a spare ;). Love the idea of knitting in a pub…now I need a ‘pub’ that is non-smoking to go knitting in with my knit/crochet buddy.
    You are old enough to ride with no hands…as long as your kids don’t see πŸ™‚

  118. The mod you made is perfect – my only complaint about the pattern as written is that it’s a little too short.
    It looks WAY better on you than on the chickie in the pattern pic, too.
    In the words of the Fug Girls: Nicely Done!

  119. You know, when I saw the sample at the Berocco training I wasn’t thrilled. And the yarn – totally not my thing. But now that I’ve seen it on a body?
    I want one. πŸ˜‰

  120. It’s beautiful, and you look terrific in it! I have the same problem with knitting fibres other than wool and alpaca, but maybe I’ll try this yarn now.

  121. It looks really great on you!
    I totally agree about the bra straps showing. What’s up with that? It’s underwear. And what’s up with men’s underwear showing? That’s just creepy. At first guys were wearing their pants low so a couple of inches of their boxers were showing, but it’s been getting lower and lower. This morning I saw a guy getting off the bus who was wearing gray knit boxers and gray knit sweatpants. He had the pants pulled so low, they didn’t even come up to the bottom of the boxers. Gross!!!

  122. I need that pattern. I have a few hundred pounds of yarn as a result of a mad spinning spree and that tank looks like a fine way to use some of it. Great job!

  123. Isn’t it funny how it’s the stuff we think we won’t like but we do anyway that really flips our switch? It looks FABULOUS on you–good knit!

  124. Nice fabric! You might want to try knitting a top with Euroflax linen–it’s a b*tch to work with, but the end result is that same casual elegance. Try doubling the lace weight. I think that’s a little nicer than just the plain sportweight.

  125. It looks so very good that you might have to knit yourself another one in a different colour…. but please mark the size on the pattern this time, we can only take so much suspense.

  126. The tank may cover you in the right places, but I gotta say that my first thought seeing yesterday’s initial picture was that it makes your boobs look great! The shaping is just perfect and the length makes you look taller and shapely. Nice job!

  127. You are absolutely right on with the idea that this tank can go anywhere with anything and look good on you . Knitting more than one sounds like good advice. Now you’ll have to find an all purpose pattern for fall. and you ‘ll be ready at the drop of a hat to hit the road again. good Luck

  128. Very nice top. Looks more flattering on you than on the model in the Berroco pic.

  129. My dear Harlot! You’re in Vogue….Knitting, that is. They had a small article about your 40th b-day and the 1000 knitters project. Congrats!

  130. Well with a commendation like that how can we not ALL put it on our Rav queues?! I know I added it to mine.

  131. Oooh that looks really nice one you. I think you’re going to have to knit up a few more (at least one more. How can you pass up making something that looks that good on you? I mean really. My philosophy is if you find an article of clothing that looks that good on you, you should have at least 2 of them LOL!) So what color are you going to knit up next? I love Norah Gaughan’s patterns. They look good on a wide variety of body shapes and even come in XXL sizes. Oh and about the no hands on the bike, way to go!! You’re only as old as you think you are!

  132. I have spent the last 3 days reading your entire blog history. You are my HERO! I just wanted to tell you that you have inspired me to pick up knitting again (not that I have much experience except for dishcloths and 2 pair of really ugly socks). There is so much more to learn. I guess I’ll have to start my “stash”. Thank you so much for all the inspiration to continue to improve myself.

  133. Tank top is fantastic; beautiful colour. Wear it in London for us! No, I don’t get the look-here-are-my-bra-straps look either, but I thought it was just my age. Which reminds me, I’m off to the garage to get out my bike; I think, at 62, I can still ride no hands. Wish me luck!

  134. Its gorgeous and looks good on you too.
    I guess you will be making more? in every color of the rainbow and every color in between?

  135. yeah, I can’t handle the bra strap showing thing either and I really hate the guys walking around with the pants falling down!!! BUT I love this tank and if I wasn’t busy with the Wakame Tunic, I’d be all over this!
    You’re such an inspiration!

  136. Very cool tank! Great color. You look pretty happy for someone coping with no children. Just putting up a good front, I suppose?

  137. WAAAAAAAAAAAHH! *You* had a project that threatened your sanity, had to be frogged and re-knitted, and generally misbehaved throughout the process. And you ended up with a gorgeous sweater. In just a week or so.
    I, on the other hand, have a project that threatens my sanity, has had to be frogged and reknitted multiple times over the last 2 1/2 YEARS. And what did *I* end up with last night, when the “final” assembly was done?
    A project that has to be DIS-assembled and have it s sleeve caps reknit (again) because the sleeve insertion (still) just AIN’T RIGHT.
    There is no justice.
    There is, however, a wonderful knitter in Toronto who now has a drop-dead gorgeous tank.

  138. Love it. I have the same idea about tanks as you and I think this is gorgeous and the color is perfect. You’re just a bundle of good accomplishments lately, aren’t you! Congratulations on your Tour d’Fleece win, too.

  139. Like you, I fail to believe the people who tell me it’s ok to show my bra straps. My mom would have given me “the look” and I would have instantly wanted to melt through the floor.

  140. It is really beautiful. Wonderful yarn choice. It makes me want to knit the pattern up too, and I wasn’t all that taken with the pattern beforehand. Beatufil tank.

  141. Its great that you can make something so essential to your wardrobe yourself.
    *gives me hope for my knitting future*

  142. Truly gorgeous, and inspiring. Although I have not yet learned to knit (I’m a crocheter with 2 babies due in the family), I can only imagine how way cool it would be to give yourself a fantastic gift like this.
    I am not sure, however, that I agree with the advice to make one in another color right away. Maybe you should just savor this one for a while and let it tell you whether it wants a sister.

  143. Wow, your hair really blondes in the summer! Never was big on tanks but you look good enough in this one that I’ll make an exception. Haven’t tried any linen yet but I’m eager to – just looking for that perfect pattern.

  144. Great review of the pattern and the yarn. The tank looks so pretty on you, and it does look like it just flows in a most comfortable way. Looks like it must be very comfortable even in summer heat and humidity.
    When I was a kid I used to do all kinds of stunts while riding bikes across lawns and such (we didn’t have a paved street or sidewalks). One of my best was that I could put one foot on the seat, stretch a leg out behind me, and glide along holding the handle bars but standing on the seat that way.
    Alas, now although I do love to ride I can not even ride with no hands without wobbling and startling myself.
    The photo of you riding with arms outstretched is lovely!
    πŸ™‚ firefly

  145. Your hair looks absolutely beautiful:very pre-Raphaelite-ish.The tank’s not too shabby either.

  146. Looks fabulous on you…great neckline and arms. I agree with others – your hair is a beautiful force of nature.

  147. I just finished Amy’s brilliant Tuscany shawl with this yarn (Seduce lives up to its name!). LOVE the yarn and it blocks beautifully. The silk wrap gives it a bit of dressy sparkle.
    I’ll post finished pics to my Rav later today. Kinda looking around to see what else I can knit with this yarn…(the Stash groans)

  148. I own this book (vol.2) – and I own seduce (which until I saw your post – I thought was for a diffeent project completely!) – Hmmm… now I know I need to make a mid-course correction and use the Seduce for the yummy tank!
    Thanks for the inspiration! Isn’t that the best part of knitting? It’s all about the community of sharing. I love it!

  149. Of course you know I am smitten with that colour, and that side-view shaping is awesome. Simple and beautiful.

  150. Great top – I tend to lengthen things too.
    No hands pic cool too – but was that a bike rest I spotted at the bottom of the pic? Just down to make sure the photo got taken right I’m sure! πŸ˜‰

  151. so you *are* wearing a bra with it? LOL it looks wonderful on you, im glad you “sucked it up”.

  152. Obviously you need to find the right wool to make a wool version of this tank (winterizing the tank even though you are still going to be wearing 15 gazillion layers under it).
    Flow looks great on everyone I’ve seen so far!

  153. It’s beautiful and suits you very well. It’s always nice when you spend all that time knitting something and it actually looks as good on you as it does on the model. I’m knitting an Elesbeth Lavold sweater and keeping my fingers crossed it looks good on me when done!

  154. The tank is gorgeous! I totally agree on the bra-strap thing…..and thankfully so do my daughters….whew!

  155. It looks lovely on you. I feel the same about knitting cotton. I just finished reading Things I learned from Knitting. It was a fun read, thanks.

  156. The top is beautiful! I’ve been checking back all day hoping to see anew blog post. My work day is just not the same without you. Oh well, I hope you’re out having fun.

  157. Love the top! Great color, too.
    I am jealous that you can hop on your bike and go for a ride. I live in north Texas where we are currently under our customary summer triple digit heat numbers. Bleck!! No bike riding going on here! But the a/c indoors is fantastic for extra knitting time!

  158. I thought I commented this morning but I don’t see it anywhere.
    I just wanted to say three blessings on your mother’s head for taking the girls for a few days.
    Parents of teenagers definitely need a break sometimes, too.
    And my question of the day is: how did you seam that tank together? The yarn doesn’t sound like it would lend itself to seaming…
    The fit of it is very good. And you look stunning in it.

  159. Beeeee-you-tee-ful tank top. and I agree with you on not wanting bra straps showing.
    Cool riding without hands. With the large milk crate you seem to have the perfect set up for riding and knitting. Why not?
    I’d pay to see that.

  160. With the Olympics just days away, I was wondering if there was going to be another knit olympics.

  161. Looks like you have the perfect thing to wear next time you come to New Orleans, eh?
    I lovve it. I was about that happy with the Soliel top from Knitty (though I edited the armscye for the same reason.).

  162. Love the tank! I am knitting my first lace piece in Seduce, and I found it not the easiest knit, just as you did, but it just looks wonderful knit up. Now I want the tank too! p.s. I have a few years on you and balance does start to fade – you ride no-hands all you want!

  163. I love it! I also love the photojournalistic aspect of this blog post: Stephanie at home with bike helmet beside her, Stephanie riding bike, Stephanie at pub with bike helmet beside her, knitting with a pint in front of her! Yay!

  164. it looks great on you! alas, I can’t wear rayon, so that cool looking yarn will never be something for me.
    and, absolutely, models of the knits makes a HUGE difference. I’ve spent quite a bit with the help of those models and trying them on.

  165. It’s fun to see you on your blog, smiling in your new tank. Even though I don’t really know you personally, I have met you when you came to Salt Lake so I FEEL as if I know you. And besides, I know Margene, and SHE knows you. So–happy tank, happy smiling Stephanie, hi!

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