It’s go time

Last night we showered our lovely Megan (Lettuce knit owner, not my daughter Megan) with gifts and best wishes for her impending wee babe, showing both of them the sort of love that only knitters know how to do.

There were sweaters, (I made these ones.)


and blankets,


and shawls,


and more sweaters,


and bibs,


and longies (sort of ironic in the 40 degree heat, but winter will be back, and a Canadian baby needs that sort of thing.)


and another shawl,


and hats,


and sheepies and sheep books,


and one very special blanket, brainchild of the wondrous Denny, knit by all of us.


Denny doled out half skeins of cotton – telling us to all cast on 12 stitches and knit until it ran out.

We did, wondering how she was going to pull it all together. (Never doubt Denny. You will be wrong.) Denny matched all the strips of different lengths along their midpoints and sewed them together, making a wonderful stepped edge. Then she assigned each of us a number for our strip, and embroidered that number on ribbon and sewed it on.


There’s a longer piece of ribbon left, and Denny will embroider the baby’s name on it… when we know what it is, and that will be sewn along the top. Cunning.. yes?

It was a wonderful evening, with wonderful friends and the most glorious sense of of an approaching good thing. I don’t know who’s in there, but I know that they are going to be someone really, really great.


Now, if you don’t mind, and as you can clearly see from that picture, Megan is more than ready to meet her baby, so please take a moment of your day and send the charmer this message.

It’s a good day to be born, we’re all waiting to meet you. Move along – and safe trip. It’s great out here.