It’s go time

Last night we showered our lovely Megan (Lettuce knit owner, not my daughter Megan) with gifts and best wishes for her impending wee babe, showing both of them the sort of love that only knitters know how to do.

There were sweaters, (I made these ones.)


and blankets,


and shawls,


and more sweaters,


and bibs,


and longies (sort of ironic in the 40 degree heat, but winter will be back, and a Canadian baby needs that sort of thing.)


and another shawl,


and hats,


and sheepies and sheep books,


and one very special blanket, brainchild of the wondrous Denny, knit by all of us.


Denny doled out half skeins of cotton – telling us to all cast on 12 stitches and knit until it ran out.

We did, wondering how she was going to pull it all together. (Never doubt Denny. You will be wrong.) Denny matched all the strips of different lengths along their midpoints and sewed them together, making a wonderful stepped edge. Then she assigned each of us a number for our strip, and embroidered that number on ribbon and sewed it on.


There’s a longer piece of ribbon left, and Denny will embroider the baby’s name on it… when we know what it is, and that will be sewn along the top. Cunning.. yes?

It was a wonderful evening, with wonderful friends and the most glorious sense of of an approaching good thing. I don’t know who’s in there, but I know that they are going to be someone really, really great.


Now, if you don’t mind, and as you can clearly see from that picture, Megan is more than ready to meet her baby, so please take a moment of your day and send the charmer this message.

It’s a good day to be born, we’re all waiting to meet you. Move along – and safe trip. It’s great out here.

221 thoughts on “It’s go time

  1. What a wonderful knitting community you are part of. Best wishes to Megan (of Lettuce Knit, not your daughter hehe)she is clearly surrounded by much warm love.

  2. Wow. That looks like the shower to end all showers. I wish I had known knitters when I had my baby (lo, these 29 years ago).
    Your sweaters came out great. I wonder– if I knit them up in aran weight, would they be my size?
    Blessings on you and Megan and everyone else in sight.

  3. Knitters throw a great shower!
    Come on, baby, there are lots of hugs and cuddles waiting for you. Come out, come out…

  4. Holy crap, she’s huge. Its time to be born sweet baby!! And its supposed to be so hot in TO too. God she must be uncomfortable.
    What great friends, and I love Denny’s idea so much that I may steal it.

  5. I love Denny’s blanket idea. What wonderful baby gifts, Megan is very lucky!

  6. Ooo, oooo, oooooo, am i in the top 10? Whooo hooo!
    I love that idea from Denny! Think she’d mind if I copied it? That is very much cool.
    Side note to baby…Seriously, you can come out now. It’s about the same temp inside as it is outside, and you probably need to stretch. July 17th or 18th, really they’re both wonderful days. And, by the way, just in case you had any ideas, head first and facing towards your mom’s back really is easier. On you too. And don’t come racing out either. I know you’ve heard about those babies with the cone heads, and maybe you’re thinking if you just come jetting out you won’t have one. All moms love cone heads. And your mom’s vah-jay-jay will thank you for easing your way into the world as well. That is all. The world, and much knitting, awaits you.

  7. Oh my goodness, poor not-your-daughter Megan really is about to pop! Come out sweet baby, today’s a great day for a birthday!
    And what a great idea for the blanket organized by Denny. I’ll have to remember that! =)

  8. Wow, what an enourmos belly, I am impressed. Good thant she can carry them for so long, a friend of mine has hers a bit early and one was under 1000g. Not the point now. OK, my best wishes to her and the babies and the gifts and the wish are wonderfull.
    Humbly in english tonight ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. So many beautiful things. What an incredibly lucky baby. And with many babies coming my way via friends, you (and your friends) provide much inspiration.
    To do my part:
    Come along little one! Many presents waiting for you! You best hurry, before your mum turns into a pumpkin.

  10. Oh my goodness! I need to buy a yarn shop before I spawn!
    But seriously: great gifts. I hope the little one is born soon!

  11. Bon voyage, little one, have a safe and quick trip. Congratulations, Megan, on growing such a great group of friends and the coming baby, and I love Denny’s idea!

  12. I love the shawls as baby shower gifts. I am knitting myself one of those if I’m lucky enough to have another baby. What a great thing to have when you’re nursing!

  13. Hello little one. It’s going to be tough ride but it’ll be worth it. You’re going to get some amazing knitted things.

  14. Welcome, little one! Come soon, and try not to give your mum too hard a time on the way out. Your family and friends, and lots of knitters all over are anxious to get a look at you. Hugs and kisses are wonderful things and you cannot have them til you’re out of your cozy dark place, so hurry along!!!

  15. Positively brilliant and kudos to Denny for the wonderful step edge blankie. That is a perfect solution and a lovely final project.
    Dear Megan looks quite ripe, good thing you finished the sweater so as not to hold her back!
    Thanks for sharing the photos, I love baby showers. Can’t wait to meet the wee one!

  16. Loved the blanket concept!
    Dear Baby, with such a blanket (and sweaters, and bibs, and…), fear not the world outside!

  17. Sweet baby: I know, you’re a 21st century lady or gentleman, thoughtful and calm – but you’ve given this MONTHS of consideration, and what they all said is true: mid-July is PERFECT for a birthday! Just think, every year ice cream and sherbet and swimming…..good thinking! By virtue of La Maman you’re already surrounded by a loving community, and there are a LOT of folks out here eager to hear all about you and consider YOUR opinions! (Not-Daughter-Megan? Best advice *I* got: It’s like pushing a grand piano up a slight incline. VERY hard work, but satisfying, believe me! Denny? Stephanie? everyone else up there? CHEERS! (I am so going to try to emulate the little bib!)

  18. Wow, what a wonderful shower, I am drooling over all the goodies. I wish I have such a great shower too ๐Ÿ™‚
    Best Wishes to Meghan and the baby. Can’t wait to see some pictures.
    BTW Stephanie, I would so love to see the pictures of your finished baby gifts on Ravelry as well. Please post some.

  19. “It’s a good day to be born, we’re all waiting to meet you. Move along – and safe trip. It’s great out here.”
    Besides, if you hurry up and join us, you’ll get your picture in blogs, and be guaranteed all kinds of cute little knitted gifts . . . (don’t know if bribery works on babies, like it does on toddlers, but I figured it was worth a shot).

  20. Sweet child, the world is a wonderous place to explore. It is time for you to start exploring. And, by the way, you have a 40 week non-extendable lease, it is time for you to be evicted, because your mommy loves you.

  21. Oh, that’s awesome! All of it! But, um, close ups of your sweaters? Please? Also? A link for those cute as all get out bibs, please. You know, when you have a minute…

  22. Wow, everyone’s gifts are so beautiful. Megan and her little one are very lucky people to be loved by so many talented knitters!
    Best wishes to Megan for a safe, easy birth and a happy, healthy little bundle of joy!

  23. Dear new baby-child: Please be born soon before your mom bursts … you have lots of soft, cozy blankies waiting as well as loving arms anxious to hold and cuddle you.

  24. THAT is a baby shower to be envious of!! Such a difference from my shower where the only handmade item was a beautiful stained glass picture frame. No blankets, no booites, no sweaters… nothing. I was so very sad about that.
    Those sweaters of your were absolutely gorgeous and I really can’t wait until you’re ready to share the patterns with us. If you need anyone to test knit…

  25. Today is a great day for a birthday Precious One! Come out and see all of your beautiful presents and make your mother’s day a very happy one.

  26. Beautiful gifts!!! I LOVE the blanket – what a great idea for a knitting circle with an expectant mum! God speed wee one – I pray you have a safe journey into this world!

  27. Oh poor Megan – I’ll be repeating that saying for her all day. She’s going to burst if (s)he doesn’t come soon!

  28. Come on out sweetheart, Mommy and a whole lot of other people can’t wait to tell you how much they love you!

  29. “Behold children are a gift from God.” Psalm
    So glad to see creative, caring communaties are being gifted with babies! I prayed for a girl first for I was a sew, smock, etc. Got the girl first and then with less time in my life got the boy. Boys help us to laugh! Both have been our life blood! (30 years later)

  30. Your wish brought a tear to my eye. It is so obvious you are a true baby-lover! You must be a fab doula; wish you had been mine!

  31. I hope by the time I finish this note that Megan (of lettuce knit, not your daugter) is on her way to the hospital, cause that is one big baby bump!!
    and one lucky baby.. such lovely baby knits…

  32. That belly is bigger than her! She’s accidently been pregnant for 18 years. Get that kid to college by fall, Megan!

  33. Time to come out and play, little one!
    I remember the days before mine were born…it no doubt seems more fun now (in retrospect) than it did then. Especially with July babies.
    Congrats to Megan not-your-daughter, and kudos everyone for all the fabulous knitted things. They look wonderful.

  34. After three pregnancies and three gorgeous children, we’ve decided to adopt (and have been “paper pregnant” for our next daughter for 15 months). I often say I’m happy to have experienced it but that I’m content not to be pregnant again. BUT, Oh My Goodness!, when I see a pregnant woman as beautiful as that, it makes me a little sad that I’m not feeling a bulging belly this time. Megan, you look stunning! And what amazing baby gifts!
    Now, little bebe- It’s a glorious day to be born! Please come out!

  35. Dear Little one–
    The people waiting for you are amazing- they have a safe, warm, wonderful place waiting for you— they are baby-lovers and momma encouragers and baby passers— you will charm them- they will delight in you. It’s time- have a safe trip–
    ps-Harlot has your sweaters done….
    welcome to our world.
    it really is wonderful.

  36. May you never know a moment of pain
    May joy be yours again and again
    May the light shine forever in your heart
    May you and your loved ones never be apart
    May you travel the path to meet the dawn
    May laughter greet you when you are born
    (Just a little something I cooked up on the spare of the moment).
    Come out and say hi little one!!

  37. Oh wee sweet L’il Person! May the Lord bless and keep you; may He make His face to shine upon you; may He life His countenance to you and give you His peace! (Aaronic blessing, or Blessing of Abraham). May your journey into and through this wonderful world be safe and full of joy! ๐Ÿ™‚

  38. I love how Denny’s blanket uses the individualness of the knitting as a feature (not a bug).
    Best wishes to Megan and her new little one. Hopefully an outside baby soon.

  39. My 5 month old son Roko & I send our good luck, good wishes and happiness to Megan & her bebe! Are you going to give us your sweater patterns?

  40. She looks adorable, but Oh. My. Goodness!!! OK, kiddo (or kiddos), it’s TIME! (If it’s triplets, will you be whipping out a yellow or green sweater ASAP?)

  41. Hey little one, come out and meet us. The 18th is also a wonderful day to be born, my granddaughter was born 2 years ago tomorrow, she took her time too, was 10lbs even at birth!

  42. Dearest baby of Megan…I say to you what I say in person to all the bellies I have seen as big as your mama’s:
    COME OUT! It is time. We all are ready to meet you and welcome you into the world!
    I hope labor is reasonable and the nurses’ hands are small (for Mama Megan) and that you slip into this plane smoothly knowing there is alot of love waiting for you here.

  43. Wow – now (just celebrated) 30 years ago, when I had my son (in Michigan), anything knit/crochet we received was out of really scratchy acrylic. What blessed babies to receive lovely things in nice soft merino, and cotton….yum! ๐Ÿ™‚ Good thoughts to Megan!

  44. Woah. That is one seriously “ready to be born” baby inside LettuceKnitMegan!
    Mid-July is a nice time to be born, little one. You’ll be fascinated by the Christmas lights this year and ready to do damage next year!
    The only gift I didn’t see was a tiny little knitting bag for the baby!

  45. Megan must be an amazing person.
    First, to have friends who are as generous as you all are and
    Second, to be that heavily pregnant and not appear at all as if she’d like to kill someone.

  46. One of my all-time favorite books about babies needing to be born NOW is “Baby Come Out!” If I could find a copy of it to give to Megan, I would! And if the wee one is born tomorrow, he/she will share a birthday with my lovely sister, Chrissy, who will be 49 tomorrow.
    Baby Come Out!! Your Mama wants to meet you!!!

  47. This post taught me two things:
    1. I need more knitting friends.
    2. After I make said knitting friends, I need to get pregnant. Immediately.

  48. Baby sweaters done and delivered. good good good. I wonder if baby knows about this and will now arrive . Wake up little one it’s time to face the world and all the knitters. All the best Meagan.

  49. i love that log cabin blanket– the colors/yarn/whole package is gorgeous. whoever knitted it gets my compliments…
    ummm… can we get CLOSEUPS of your sweaters? what a tease!

  50. Dear Lettuce Knit Megan, You look absolutely beautiful and radiant – and ready to have your baby!
    Dear Lettuce Knit Megan’s Baby, We can’t wait to meet you! Come out! July is a great month for a birthday – fireworks, ice cream, sunshine … and when it gets a bit cooler, you’ll have all those great sweaters to wear and blankies to snuggle in!
    My best wishes to both of you for an easy birth!

  51. I have not yet had the pleasure to meet Megan(not your daughter,although I am sure I would love your Megan) but I have ordered from her wonderful shop!
    It’s a great day to be born-the moon is getting full-we are all waiting to meet you,so move along.
    Safe trip-quick trip.
    It looks like you may be twins-your Mommy has a big,big tummy!
    All the gifts were beautiful-aren’t handmade gifts just the best?!

  52. Such beautiful, thoughtful gifts all around, especially the welcoming message. I’m all weepy now–
    And where can I get my hands on the pattern for the cream colored lace shawl???

  53. Dear Megan’s baby,
    You are so ready to be born! I hope your journey is easy for your mama, that no one finds the “cascade of intervention” button that leaves everyone stunned and confused, and that you latch on with ease and pain-free.
    My daughter who was three weeks late received a wonderful book from my sister: Baby Come Out!
    Baby Come Out! Your world is filled with love, and glorious garments knitted with love to enfold you.

  54. Hey, little one, today would be a wonderful day to make your entrance to the world for, you see, it’s my birthday, too!

  55. “Hello, babies. Welcome to Earth. Itโ€™s hot in the summer and cold in the winter. Itโ€™s round and wet and crowded. At the outside, babies, youโ€™ve got about a hundred years here. Thereโ€™s only one rule that I know of, babies โ€” โ€˜God damn it, youโ€™ve got to be kind.โ€™ ” – Mr. Rosewater in God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater, or Pearls Before Swine, by Kurt Vonnegut

  56. Megan and her belly are just perfectly lovely! I love how the flower on her dress blooms across it!
    Time to be born, little baby! Just wait till you meet all your new friends and see what nice things they made for you!

  57. OMG, Megan, push that ginormous baby out here before you need a hand truck to carry that belly! Best wishes to everyone concerned!

  58. the fairys are waiting under
    neath the roses with rainbows
    and starlight to guide you
    into our world

  59. Are you sure there’s only one baby in there? Wow. Time to be born for sure! Denny – what a wonderful idea for a blanket. I think these ideas come to you based on your mind for kindness to others. What wonderful talent – all of the presents are great. Megan is lucky. Thanks for sharing!

  60. It is all very sweet! I love babies, I’m making one too! Maybe that’s why (no patience left) I’m finding the photos of the baby sweaters far too coy, not at all harlotty. Come on harlot, flaunt the pictures and stop being a sweater tease.

  61. What a wonderful shower! Thanks for sharing it with us. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Come on Megan’s baby! Time to be here now. ๐Ÿ™‚

  62. Dude – it totally rocks to be a yarn shop owner! I’ve never seen so many awesome handknit gifts!!! Best of wishes to Megan & her new wee one ๐Ÿ™‚

  63. OH my the poor child! Are we sure they aren’t twins?! such beautiful sweaters! what a lovely idea about the half a skein blanket! This child and her mum are wonderfully blessed by all of you. Thank them for letting you share with us.

  64. I can’t send comments to all the knitters to let them know what lovely things they made, so I hope leaving just one on here will suffice. I really enjoyed seeing all those beautiful and very different knitted items.
    Good luck to Megan and babe!

  65. God bless! That girl looks absolutey fabulous for someone about to give birth! These new moms-to-be are just too cute ๐Ÿ™‚

  66. Great job knitters. Nice work Megan, it sure looks like all systems are go. May you have a safe labor and a soft landing for baby. You are gracious and generous for sharing your image with us. I wish you, in the immortal words of Mr. McFeeley from Mr. Rogers Neighborhood – “speedy delivery”.

  67. This just brings tears to my eyes… in the best possible way.. A new baby and wonderful friends, it just does not get any better than this. It is true that the best things in life do not hold any price tag.

  68. “It’s a good day to be born, we’re all waiting to meet you. Move along – and safe trip. It’s great out here.” STEPHANIE, YOU ARE SO POSITIVE AND INSPIRING! THANKS

  69. As the mommy of a baby who was born on August 17th (and in Maine which is practically Canada) I feel for you! Near the end, I cried one day because we were out of ice cream. Hope for a big thunderstorm – I’ve heard that the change in barometric pressure pulls those babies right out! That said – you look amazing – where did you find such a beautiful dress? Obvs. you have many good friends and the baby will be showered with love from all fronts. Best of luck! – Kate from Maine.

  70. You say there’s a wee babe in there, but from the size of her bump, I don’t think there’s anything wee about him or her. ๐Ÿ™‚

  71. Oh Megan at Lettuce Knit’s baby,
    it’s time to come out, don’t say maybe
    Sunshine makes tomatoes on the vine
    it makes blossoms on columbine
    It won’t stay long and then the snow
    will make us wish it wouldn’t blow
    and you’ll be warm in items knit
    but we must throw a little fit
    and say be born, right now! with haste
    give your mommy back her waist!

  72. Striped blanket is an awesome idea!! Hope the baby comes *soon*!!
    Any idea where the pattern for the bibs came from? They’re adorable!
    As are the sweaters, the shawl, the blanket, the… oh, heck, everything’s beautiful!!

  73. Come out, come out, whoever you are. July is a splended month for a birthday, and your mommy really wants to meet you (as do tons of knitters, both in the blogosphere and your home yarn store). And Stephanie wants to see who’s right, her or mommy.

  74. Hurry up, Baby–we want to see pics of you in the sweaters and that gorgeous shawl (but no pooping on the shawl, ok?)

  75. Come along, sweet wee’un, you’ve a lovely whack of friends waiting for you.
    Lovely lovely gifts, it all had me weeping just a bit, Megan is stunningly beautiful, so very large with life. Beautiful.
    Thanks for sharing.

  76. The sooner you come out little one, the sooner you can enjoy all your georgous gifts! How lucky “not your daughter” Megan is to have such a wonderful group of friends. Is there any chance you will be making those incredible sweater patterns available? If so, please let me know when and where I can buy it.

  77. 1st: Lovely sweaters Stephanie!, 2nd: Megan go home have a soak in a warm tub, drink some wine and make love a little bit, 3rd: go into labor! Little wee one waiting to be born, may your trip to this world be easy and uneventful, may you cry lustily, and nurse greedily! Godspeed!

  78. Oh to be the baby of a group of knitters! Come out while it’s still warm out here. Your friends are very excited to keep you cozy! (and how to explain the concept of friends to someone who is both deeply connected and yet all alone?…)
    Loved the striped blanket!

  79. What beautiful, thoughtful knitted gifts! If the baby knew your sweater(s) were waiting, he/she would be on his/her way immediately! BTW, what happens to the sweater that turns out to be the “wrong” color?

  80. Hey little thing in there (well maybe not so little) I am betting its getting cramped in there. Why don’t you come out in the wide open spaces. Its much nicer out here, we have air conditioning, sunshine, clouds and lots of luvs to give. July is a good time to be born, you’ll never have to go to school on your birthday. ๐Ÿ™‚
    To Megan of Lettuce Knit
    I have never been where you are now but I have known my fair share of ladies with babies and I feel for you. Pretty soon your gonna need a sling to hold that thing up there. Now in the words of a wise woman (whos labor was never longer than an hour start to finish) “If everyone would just relax as much during the birth as they do the conception, labor is a piece of cake.”
    Now little one: OUT WITH YOU!

  81. Sending come out vibes to the wee one. No fun to be that pregnant in the heat of the summer!

  82. I have a picture taken 3 days before May was born – same exact standing & all… But I was much, much more swollen than Megan (who I happened to meet when in Toronto on some of my business trips – always stopping at Kensington Market and even got to taste the burritos !!) Anyway, I was so swollen back then, my poutty mouth was enormous !!
    Good luck Megan.

  83. Phew, and I thought my baby-belly was big!!! (can’t help wondering how tall Megan is?). But I can clearly understand why she would like the dear wee one to be born soon!
    So please little one, come see the world, it is a nice place (especially when you have all that knitted love waiting for you).
    Good luck Megan

  84. That log cabin blanket stops me in my tracks, every time I look at it. I know I have enough yarn to make one– I wonder whether I have enough patience?

  85. Wow–that’s one of the most beautiful bumps I’ve ever seen! Come along little one. The world is waiting for you!

  86. That is going to be one well dressed baby. I must say that Where is the Green Sheep book is one of my favourites. My toddler classes love it.

  87. what a beautiful belly… lovely. come out, come out little person… there are so many kisses awaiting you. those and a load of gorgeous hand knits!

  88. From the looks of that picture, whoever’s in there will indeed be great, in the sense of large. C’mon, baby, you’re big enough!

  89. That is one exceedingly pregnant woman! And that’ll be one seriously cozy and warm baby, come cooler weather. Best wishes for a smooth delivery and happy, healthy baby.

  90. Long time Lurker, rare poster here…
    Megan looks beautiful! (But so so ready.) Hey little sweet baby person, it’s a lovely world out here, and we all want to meet you! I don’t know anyone who has a birthday on July 17th or 18th. you can be the first!

  91. Oh my, still pregnant!!!
    All those knitted goodies make me want to have a baby myself! What a wonderful warm welcome you all knitted for her/him!

  92. Oh, my! With all those gifts and all that love (and all that belly), how is that woman still pregnant?
    If I ever have another baby, I’m opening a yarn store first. You guys must be the best friends ever.

  93. Dear LKMegan’s baby-person:
    It is HOT out here. Nearly as warm as it is in there. Your mama, even though she’s all smiles in these photos, is TIRED. She wants to meet you (as does The Internet) and stop being pregnant. Trust me. Being 14 months pregnant in July humidity is no picnic!
    So, if you would be so kind, please make your appearance as soon as you can, really, so your Mama can start being a whole ‘nother kind of tired. My own baby arrived two years ago on July 31 in the middle of a week of +100F degree days, so I know how your Mama is feeling. She needs you to come out. Now.
    Thank you for considering this request.

  94. Well, I know that you were worried about not finishing the sweaters and making not-your-daughter-pregnant-Megan stay pregnant for an unnecessarily long amount of time but, uh, I think you might have done some other damage with the boy & girl sweater thing.
    Watch out for twins!!!

  95. What a lucky mom is Megan of Lettuce Knits !!!
    All those wonderful knitted baby things !!!
    And with a mom that owns a yarn shop, this baby should never be anything but warm and toasty !!!
    If you are finished growing, little one, time to come out !!!
    Sending positive thoughts your way !!!

  96. The baby is going to be so covered in knitted things that it’s going to be almost a little sad to see it. It’ll drown in fiber or something. XD
    But you know, “Where is the green sheep” is a little cruel… what if the baby is a boy and red/green colorblind? That would be so sad….

  97. Wow Megan – you can count to 40 – you must be some knitter.
    From someone who never could count to 40 and hasn’t knitted lace since (for one reason and another)

  98. you can’t rush baby girls (trust me)
    i feel megan’s misery down to my soul, having birthed 3 huge skeins of yarn myself.
    take pity on your mama, baby girl, and come out to meet all your aunties! =D

  99. Oh wow! What a blessed child this is already. All those lovely knitted gifts from wonderful friends. Awesome!

  100. God bless her, I remember that stage. She looks a lot like I did…well, the belly does. Megan’s much cuter. Best wishes for an easy delivery, Megan! It will all be worth it!

  101. Oh my! That looks like my dream baby shower, pretty much. There’s a lot of love on display in those photos.

  102. Hey, cute baby, come out and cuddle with that super blanket with the uneven edges! It’s a one-of-a-kinder, just like you’ll be!

  103. Maybe it’s just me projecting,
    but does she have a vaguely startled, vaguely nervous look on her face?
    Hope I get to see some of those yummy babies when I’m at the shop during the VK tour!
    Happy happy babies-
    may they emerge easily, and may they revel in knitted things.

  104. Baby, today is the PERFECT day to be born. Know how I know? I know because I was born on this day thirty years ago. Come out baby, its fabulous out here. ๐Ÿ™‚ Another little Canuck! Hooray!!

  105. Come on out…there’s tons of yarn!
    Long live the Lettuce Knit babies
    (there has to be something in the beer)

  106. The miracle of pregnancy, birth and life, always takes my breath away. Your friend looks stunningly beautiful-so heavily pregnant with her babe-please tell her so. I’m sending them all good wishes.

  107. Seems to me, a little more like a blessingway (with gifts) rather than a shower… surrounded by loving supportive women… all wishing her a safe and joyous journey.
    I’ll add in my blessings for her labour to go safely and swiftly. and the doula in me hopes for a midwife in the picture too.

  108. Don’t forget little one, when you are being born, keep your knitting in your bag during your journey–Ouch! I promise, you can get back out after you meet your Mom…

  109. Hey, I recognize that woven shawl! That’s from Steph, isn’t it?
    And, oh, my, yes, do hurry up, little one. No one should have to haul around a belly like that in the middle of summer.

  110. I want to know if Megan even looks pregnant from the back…I birthed an 11 pound, 12oz baby and didn’t have a belly that big! Best wishes to you for a smooth and safe delivery – we are all waiting to meet the world’s newest knitter!

  111. First, there are some seriously talented knitters in your group. All the projects were beautiful.
    Second, that Denny is a genius! What a clever way to make a group blanket. I’d like to shamelessly steal her idea (giving her credit, naturally) if anyone in my circle a) gets pregnant, and b) knows more knitters than just me.
    Third, Megan looks amazingly cheerful for being so Very Pregnant. I bet she’s a delightful lady.
    Last, c’mon out, Megan’s Baby! You might not know it yet (or maybe you do), but the whole Blog is waiting for you along with your parents… and your family… and your parents’ friends… That’s an awful lot of people to keep waiting. Hurry up, move along now…

  112. This young lady wears the look of utter desperation that only a 9-month-pregnant lady in hot humid weather can wear. I hope that she has a bouncing happy baby very soon! Congrats to her and her family!

  113. Give Megan my best wishes too. I got to meet her briefly at the beginning of the month when I went to Canada to go to Lettuce Knit.
    That’s not how I sold it of course, we were already flying into Rochester NY. And once you’re doing that it is criminal not to take the child to see Niagara Falls before driving south most of the way to Pennsylvania to visit relatives. And naturally, once you’re in the area of Niagara Falls you have to go see it from the Canadian Side (although actually we ended up not really doing that). And once you’re already in Canada, it’s not far to go check out Toronto which we’ve been to only if you count changing planes in airports which we don’t. And once you’re in Toronto it’s cruel to deny mommy a trip to a yarn shop (especially since Toronto appears to have *acres* of them). Lettuce Knit was my first choice and it is a great shop in a fantastic neighborhood. I kinda had overload of joy issues so may have seemed a bit out of it since I got some DiC yarn I have been hunting for for a year, and one of the DiC baby sweater kits which I have lusted after since I saw one on your blog. Apparently I was too effuse in my praise of the shop, the neighborhood, Toronto, and Canada because my daughter had to scold, “We’re *not* moving to Canada!”
    Lovely gifts for the new baby there. My very best wishes for all wonderful blessings for baby and family.

  114. what wonderful gifts, all of them so beautiful! Baby, you better come soon so you can use all of that amazing knitted stuff!
    And when can we see portraits of your sweaters? ๐Ÿ™‚

  115. Having just (9 weeks ago) delivered a beautiful girl I totally understand how Megan is feeling. She looks beautiful with that glorious pregnant belly!. So I’m sending happy thoughts out to Megan and her family…come on out little one, the world is ready to greet you tenderness and love when you are ready to arrive.

  116. Okay, the baby shower is over and the required “My stars, what a pregnant belly you have!” photo has been taken. It is definitely time for that baby to be born!
    One of my few regrets is that even though I have four children I don’t believe I have a single photo like that one. I am usually the one who snaps the photos, and it did not occur to me to either use the timer or make someone else run the camera. Oh well, I have the live evidence here messing up my house, if there were to be any doubts!

  117. If that little one knew what was awaiting him/her then s/he would be out in a flash! My sympathies Megan, especially with this heatwave. Baby it’s just as hot out here as it is in there!
    Denny (if you ever read this), that’s a brilliant idea for a baby blanket!

  118. Oh, and tell whoever made those bib that I really need to know how it was done. Is it just a variation on a knitted bag pattern that I think I have seen somewhere, or is there more I need to know? I want to make a few dozen!

  119. Come on out, baby! Breathing air is great – you’ll love it. Not to mention that you’ll have much more room to stretch your baby feet. I know being inside mommy is warm and cozy, but I imagine it’s getting cramped in there amongst all of mommy’s eplemus*. There will be warm milk, cuddles, love, and new clothes made with love in every stitch. So come on!
    *eplemus is 2-year-old for “internal organs” it was so descriptive, we decided to keep it. “Nosh fries” is another of those and, frankly, is far more accurate than “french fries”

  120. It probably says something about me when I start to recognize several of the names on the comment list, and have even met a few. We just won’t think of WHAT it says, okay.
    All the gifts are beautiful. Stephanie, your sweaters are lovely, as I knew they would be. Love, love the blanket idea. And where can I get a pattern for that bib? I can almost figure it out, but not quite.

  121. What beautiful gifts and the sweaters are just lovely.
    My sister in law had a baby last night – a little girl – so I am pretending you vibed her a girl as to quote my brother ‘she didn’t sleep yet cause she can’t beleive it’. (2 boys already).
    Best wished to Megan.

  122. Wow! Unless Megan is about 4’2″ tall, she may need BOTH those sweaters you made. Is she sure there’s just one baby in there???

  123. “Bigger than Dallas” as we say–both re: mama-to-be and the stash the tyke will receive upon entry into this world.

  124. Man, I really miss that part of my life, right before my daughter was born. There was nothing more than that feeling of wiaiting. And then that first gaze. The first time your eyes meet that little one’s eyes and you see your reflection in there eyes.
    I wish her gentle, easy labor wishes. There is nothing more beautiful in a woman that a belly full of baby. Always reminds me of the full moon. So full of life, full of light, full of love.
    But you can come out baby!
    And I want a knitting party baby shower!

  125. Man, I can sympathise! I’m still 4 weeks from my due date, but after a nasty fall on sunday where i did a belly flop, I’m ready to have this baby!

  126. Megan ~ You look beautiful! Enjoy your last days of pregnancy. They are a really nice gift before the most special gift of all.
    PS – Good haul

  127. Wow. What baby could resist all those handknits? Baby should be showing up any moment now that there’s such a soft, warm, wonderful pile of knitting to live in.
    That collaborative blanket is adorable. And such a good idea.

  128. Please confide what yarn was used for the log cabin blanket. HEAVENLY. Might be worth having a baby for… except that’s just not possible!

  129. Oh, baby–
    It will be squishy and strange on the way out, and you will no doubt be ROYALLY pissed when you get here–but don’t worry, it will pass.
    And then there is wool, and bright colors, kitty cats, butterflies, blue skies, belly-bubbles, swings, baths, getting a baby-lotion rubdown, summer days naked in the wading pool, ordering mum about (cause that’s your job), brightly colored picture books and the occasional useless plastic toy, plus kisses on the neck, the downy little head, and the tiny piglet noises you will make when you are eating, that your mother will remember forever–and the list goes on.
    It’s a good world, little one–a gorgeous, confusing, amazing world, and you will be a wonderful part of it. Hurry soon–Mum looks so VERY ready for you to arrive.

  130. Gorgeous gifts for a very beautiful yet very big Megan. Please pass on the good mommy vibes for an easy birth and a healthy baby. I was that size with my second and he was a rather healthy 10 lbs 10 oz … it wasn’t a piece of cake but it wasn’t bad enough to need an epidural. She’s a knitter and a business woman and therefore strong … she’ll do just fine with the baby stuff.

  131. Come out, come out and play, dear little one. July is a wonderful month to be born. Slide easily out to join us, so you and your lovely Mum won’t be too tired to get to know each other.
    All your aunties at the shop, and all your “other aunties” on the blog, can hardly wait to meet you.

  132. Hey, Steph, I am 43 and my first grandson was born shortly before midnight on July 16th so I am rooting for your friend Megan!!!
    My daughter and I only had ourselves to rely on for knitting, so Megan’s-Baby, feel happy and loved that so many people were so keen to provide for you ;))
    All the very very best and I hope it goes as well for you as it did for my loved ones!

  133. Be careful with shawls that have big loops in them – young babies fingers can get caught in the loops.
    You look massive! Sooner the better! Good luck to baby and you.

  134. Oh, I LOVE Denny’s idea. Sadly, I don’t think I know enough knitters that I can safely boss. Must work on getting nieces and nephews (almost all easily bossed by Crazy Aunt) knitting.

  135. Denny’s idea is wonderful. Not only is the little person going to be a wonderful human it is evident that this human will be loved so very much! Best wishes to all!

  136. I’m a believer that babies come after showers – my first was born 4 weeks early, the day after my baby shower. So now that you have finished the sweaters, and the shower is done the baby may arrive.

  137. What a lovely bunch of baby gifts for a canadian baby! Besides, with air conditioning, my baby was wearing sweaters and tights from day one. you just don’t like feeling that chill that feels so refreshing on your own skin on a newborn.
    I totally feel for Megan. That was the temperature when I was a week overdue last year. The day I gave birth it was about plus47, and the town an hour away set a new heat record at 50!!!!

  138. I’ve always loved having a July birthday when I was growing up (still do). Just when I had finished all my books and was getting bored with the toys I had gotten for Christmas, I received a whole new batch ๐Ÿ˜€

  139. Lovely presents and beautiful mom-to-be :). July is a perfect month to be born. Welcome, soon! P.S. A book with those gifts and your pics would be wonderful.

  140. I have just emailed my mother to apologise for being three weeks late to be born, twenty seven years ago – it has just occurred to me, reading today’s post, quite how inconsiderate of me that was!
    Note to self: before having any babies, make friends with a lot of highly skilled knitters, in order to ensure excellent knitted baby gifts such as the ones pictured.

  141. I remember being that size in this heat with no AC
    I also remember my husband taking me daily to the pool where I could cool off and feel 20 lbs lighter I highly recommend it (you just need to bite the bullet on the maternity bathing suit thing). Didn’t give a dang about 50 screaming kids in the pool and I could feel my baby relax and cool off along with me

  142. Megan, I wish you a speedy delivery (I’d say painless, but I know better) and a healthy, bouncy baby. Your baby needs to hurry up so he or she can model those designer duds!
    Best Wishes, Megan!

  143. Do you happen to know if there is a pattern for the first triangular shawl shown? It’s just what I’m looking for to knit for a very special baby.
    Thank you.

  144. What a wonderful sentiment – I will have my sister, the cross-stitcher, embroider it so I can have it for any wee ones that enter my life.
    Would the bib knitter be willing to share or sell a pattern? The bibs are so precious and I could produce those much quicker than sweaters. Fantastic alternative to booties.
    The big wide world of knitters is waiting for you, little one! Come on out and join us!

  145. What a great bunch of friends you are! Here’s hoping:
    A. That poor woman has wonderful air conditioning
    B. That the little one was really just holding out for the wool gifts before deciding to make his/her entrance

  146. July is the best month for birthdays…I know cuz mine is coming up next week! I love Denny’s baby blankie! I have a co-worker who’s pregnant & may end up getting one like it. I thought I saw a Baby Surprise Sweater in there. The bibs were so cute! It almost looks like a pattern that Carol Anderson of Cottage Creations created except she didn’t have a cabled border. The pattern is in her newest booklet…can’t remember the name of it but it is her newest pattern booklet. Unfortunately she doesn’t have her own website but you can google “Cottage Creations” by Carol Anderson & find sites that sell her patterns. She created the Wonderful Wallaby & lots of others including the Log Cabin Blanket. I hope with Megan’s belly as big as it is that her lovely babe will fit into newborn clothes.
    Harlot, your baby sweaters were just so precious!
    Happy Birthday little one, we’re waiting for you to come to your own party! Hurry!

  147. Wow, that is one pregnant Mama! *Shudder* I remember being that pregnant, and I’m sending out vibes for a safe and speedy delivery.
    Beautiful shower! That group blanket idea was brilliant.

  148. I keep checking for the ps that says the baby has been born. Then, I dreamed that I “found” a baby, and decided to keep him.
    It’s your fault, for posting all the yummy baby stuff.

  149. Ohhh such a wonderfully pregnant belly… I am bubbling with well wishes and just a bit of baby envy… We are working hard at it though and I intend to waddle not walk up to The Harlot for my next signed book!

  150. Dear Little Charmer:
    It’s time to come out where Megan (not Stephanie’s daughter) can keep an eye on you. When you get here, please sleep through the night as soon as possible. Eat all your vegetables, do your homework, pick up your socks and be home before midnight.
    Dear Megan (not Stephanie’s daughter):
    Heartfelt best wishes. Contractions aren’t the first sign of impending delivery. Cleaning cupboards is.

  151. July 18 is my husband’s birthday, and since he is such a fine chap, I hope Megan’s bundle of joy arrives today!

  152. With wonderful friends such as Megan has, she is one lucky woman. The ribbon blanket is about the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen.

  153. My God, Stephanie! If you are indeed the catalyst of birthing by virtue of sweaters knitted, why on earth weren’t those things done in mid May??? Poor Megan appears ready to POP! As one who suffered through one of the hottest summers in Wisconsin history and was three weeks overdue, my sympathies and prayers for speedy delivery…come out and play wee one.

  154. Go, baby, go go!
    What a great preggie picture. I don’t remember ever being quite that pregnant (although I must have been. Twice!). Wish someone had taken a picture like that of me (although I might have fought them off with a stick at the time).

  155. Oh wow, look at that blanket [the first one]. Classic patchwork knit. I love it.

  156. I AM SO jealous!! My third child is due in early October and I’m the only knitter I know will be making him anything. Sigh. I really need to expand my circle of knitting friends. Or buy a knitting shop. In Canada…
    Beautiful knitting for this sweet babe! Congratulations to Megan (of Lettuce Knit, not your daughter!!)!!

  157. What a fine, wooly and welcoming baby shower. Genius baby blanket by Denny too. Come On Baby…lots of people to know and laugh with are ready to smile with you!

  158. Oh, my. I was huge at the beginning of August. Poor Megan, but what a wonderful shower. I wish I had that many knitter knitting for me! ๐Ÿ™‚

  159. I love the baby shower gifts, what a lucky baby. Do you know the bib pattern? It’s adorable. Good luck Megan (not your daughter). She looks ready.

  160. Despite being an hour north of your city, it is also hot hot hot here. But my toddler is wearing longies right now, over her cloth diaper. Wonderful stuff, wool.

  161. i’m so jealous! i wish i had knitter friends to shower me when i was pregnant. and those sweaters might be a tad bit small. it looks like there is a grown ass man in there!
    but seriously, all the best to her!

  162. To paraphrase a line form my fave movie “Oh Brother”
    “Come on in “Megan’s Baby”, the water’s fine…”
    Prayers out for a safe arrival for the lil’ one & his Mom ๐Ÿ˜ฎ )

  163. Wow, that is one big baby!!! I hope the sweaters can be worn for more than a month or two. Best Wishes to Megan and a safe and healthy delivery.

  164. It’s a good day to be born, we’re all waiting to meet you. Move along – and safe trip. It’s great out here.
    is that an original quote by you, stephanie?
    i love it…
    the last picture of megan…. wow… just wow.

  165. What a wonderful shower! It felt like I was there myself. Megan must be one heck of a nice person to receive so many beautiful hand knitted gifts. Her baby is going to be loved by everyone I think.

  166. She looks ready to pop! Come on out, sweet baby, you’ve got plenty of hugs waiting for you!

  167. Oh the happy hand knit baby yum. Why wasn’t I pregnant when I knew knitters? Maybe I could squeeze one more in…or, rather, out…

  168. Gads, but that would have to be the most intimidating knitting for me to do! Knitting for knitters when a bunch of other knitters are also contributing has got to be the worse thing! I was so glad I didn’t have to have my knitted booties and hat opened publicly for Nathania’s baby Elli! Actually, I didn’t even personally deliver it! What treasures Megan’s baby wlll have! And that stripped blanket is only the most clever, simple idea I’ve seen!

  169. What….I saw no baby socks! Where are the socks? EVERY baby on planet earth needs at least ONE pair of hand knit socks!
    What kind of knitters are you?….
    Seriously though..Meagan of Lettuce Knit, May God and his holy providence shine down upon you and your little one! Many congrats!

  170. Wow! What a fabulously lucky baby! I adore the cotton blankie! I imagine that wee blankie someday being shrunken up, muddied in color, very much loved and snuggled by said recipient (can you tell I have one of those myself ๐Ÿ˜‰ hee hee)!! Megan’s belly is just a gorgeous wonder too ๐Ÿ™‚

  171. Okay, I’m sure someone said this already but. . . is she sure there aren’t two babies in there? Goodness gracious!!!! Best of luck Megan (not Stephanie’s daughter).

  172. Hey, baby? Come out, come out, wherever you are.
    Good grief. And in this heat, too. Good luck, Megan and baby!
    I have 3 blankets under way — one of my nieces is due tomorrow. Another is due on the 26th, and another is due August 3rd.
    Apparently, there was something in the Thanksgiving turkey.

  173. Looks more like Megan is carrying a Thanksgiving turkey!!! Baby come out of there. You’re Momma looks like she could explode any time!! And we want to see pictures of you!!!

  174. What a lucky baby and mama! Everything is so beautiful and I hope the pair of them have a wonderful delivery.

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