Not my best colour

It turns out that earlier, when I was quipping about all this spinning for the Tour de Fleece giving me a limp, I wasn’t really fooling. What was a vague ache turned into a bona fide inability to lift my toes without a pain screeching up the front of my shin. It was a curious muscle pain in a place where frankly, I didn’t even know I had a muscle.

I really want to win the Maillot Jaune (Yellow Jersey) but I’m not quite masochistic enough to hurt myself to do it, and that means that I had to take a spinning break for a few days until it didn’t hurt anymore. (I figured that trying to explain to the my family that I was crippled up and unable to do stuff with them on account of a “hobby” was going to be another one of those moments where they looked at me like someone had better find a really gentle way of telling me it’s all gone too far again.) Luckily for me, this break coincided with the need to re-knit the Flow tank, so I was distracted. Yesterday afternoon my leg didn’t hurt at all, and I went back at it with a fury. (Well. A fury who doesn’t want to limp.)

I plied all the singles kicking around and spun some more and here’s what I’ve done.


That’s one of the beautiful Grafton Batts that I got at Rhinebeck a couple of years ago. I love these. The prep on them is outstanding. As my buddy Denny would say, you put one of these in front of the wheel and say “spin” and it just does it all by itself. Free flowing, delicious, soft and lovely. One of the things I love best about these colourways is that they are graduated, and if you spin to preserve that…


You get a singles that does that same thing. Now, I adore that (you can see the last time I tangled with one of these here) so I chain (or Navajo) plied these to preserve that same graduation.


This yarn is lovely. Exactly what I wanted, and I’m totally impressed with how much better a spinner I’ve become since the last time. 100g (I didn’t measure the yardage) of 3 ply gorgeousness.

Next up, a merino/tussah silk roving from The Fiber Factory in Arizona. (I think the colourway is “rose”)


This was dreamy too. The singles was pretty..


but the finished yarn is a beautifully subtle thing.


This ended up being spun very thin.. this 110g came out at 260m of beautiful two ply – and far less underspun than my last shot at two-ply.


This brings my grand total for the Tour de Fleece to 970g of fibre spun.. which is still (heavens help me) 530g short of my 1500g goal. Since the Tour ends on Sunday, that leaves me only four days to finish, and that means I would need to spin a rather whopping 132g a day to be done. That’s a lot. If I hadn’t lost the time to the wicked case of spinners limp I might be a contender, but now? Now I’m reminded of more of Denny’s immortal words.

“Never mind. You look like s**t in yellow anyway.”